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Five Offbeat Career Choices in the Current Scenario

August 16, 2017 in Services

Different ways of business

Earlier, there were limited career options for children to pursue- one was to become a doctor and the other an engineer. Even accounting and law stood at a distant third. As these careers were considered more respectable by the society, an individual with an exceptional aptitude like drawing was forced to relegate that to a hobby and follow the crowd.

But, now the attitudes of both parents and societies toward this belief are changing. Everyone is dreaming different and looking for exciting careers than going for the conventional ones.
So, here are five offbeat career choices that have far better employability rate in the current scenario.

Ethical hacker
The work of an ethical hacker is ethical because it is performed to increase the safety of the computer systems and prevent malicious hackers from attacking it.
According to Nasscom, India will require 77,000 ethical hackers every year, compared to the present figure of 15,000. Thus, with the increasing use of the internet, ethical hacking is growing at a tremendous pace and offers a plethora of lucrative job opportunities.

Oceanographers and Marine biologists
Oceanographers study every different aspect of the ocean, conduct experiments, write about their results and share them with the world.
This career is relatively a new field that has vast job prospects. After acquiring the required qualification, one can get employment in some of the government agencies- Oil India, Geological Survey of India, or in corporate private sectors as a geologist or mining engineer.

Marine biologist studies various life forms in the ocean, their interactions with each other and the environment. They are trained professionals who examine various sea creatures. Since the demand for marine biologists is on the rise, there are multiple job opportunities for them as an environmental consultant, biotechnology specialist, fishery biologist, etc.

Image consultant
A person’s image is a combination of several factors-clothing, public speaking, and social etiquette. Only an image consultant can help individuals and organizations cultivate a professional appearance and project a winning image in all aspects.
Image consulting is being reported in the business books as one of the fastest growing businesses in today’s service economy, and therefore it serves excellent job opportunities.

The animation is an art where inanimate objects are brought to life with the help of various modern computer based sequencing techniques. Job prospects for animators have continued to grow at a rapid pace across the world because of the boom in entertainment and gaming industry.

Wildlife photography
It deals with taking photographs of wildlife which requires a sense of composition and technical knowledge to use cameras and lenses creatively.
Wildlife photographers are employed by various publications like newspapers or travel and tourism magazines. Other options that include are joining a wildlife channel, curating exhibitions and art galleries or conducting tour operations for wildlife enthusiasts.

Choosing a unique path is intimidating in the beginning, but when you are passionate about your profession, success is more likely and so is the contentment out of it.

One Essential Element of a Winning Mindset

August 14, 2017 in Services

Comfort Zone - Success signpost drawn on a blackboard


Most people associate learning with the formal education. They believe that the educational qualification is the only road to success. But, the secret to success is more than just formal education. It is all about never stop learning. Whether a person has an advanced degree or a great career, it is always better to continuously acquire new skills that will help in sharpening practical knowledge.

How continuous learning and improvement leads to success?

Sets you apart from the competition

In a rapidly evolving environment, where technologies and best practices are changing at breakneck speed, it is essential that you stay updated with the latest trends. Continuous learning will help in equipping yourselves with required competencies to maintain pace with the innovation.

Thus, by demonstrating how you have applied your learnings to deliver real and tangible results will set yourself apart from the competition.

Fuels your curiosity

Learning is vital to your brain in the same way as exercise is to your body. For curiosity to work its wonders, it must be paired with continuous learning, exploration, intelligent action, and ultimately, improvement. Thus, lifelong learning helps you in having an active mind throughout the life. It can alleviate boredom and enable a more fulfilling life at any age.

Leads to professional development

Learning something new and improving it over time can pay-off with new opportunities that will have long term benefits through

  • Demonstrating that you are keen to learn and develop skills,
  • Monitoring what techniques didn’t work during the previous failures, and
  • Finding more innovative approaches to address challenges in the future

Since employers look for the above transferable skills, learning and improvement will be the primary way to increase job prospects and enhance your professional development.

Makes you smarter

Dr. Carol Dweck explains its importance with the help of her findings, “every time you push yourselves out of the comfort zone to learn something new and arduous; the neurons in your brain form new and strong connections. And over time, you get smarter”.

Thus, by feeding knowledge and skills learned from the experience back into yourself, you will be able to lead a secure path into the future that would create greater persistence.

Develops a growth mindset

Having developed a growth mindset helps you focus on the process rather than the outcome. You consistently learn and improve without feeling the weight of other people’s expectations and keep on following your passions. A growth mindset enables you to believe that talents and abilities can be developed over time with experience and learning.


Continuous learning and improvement is not an event with a beginning and an end. It is a process of transforming the meaning of effort and difficulty from ‘giving up’ to ‘pushing yourself to be more streamlined.’ The above traits will keep you ahead of the game and thus form the keys to developing a winning mindset.

So, get started with this process today and reap benefits forever.

Five jobs that require little to no experience

August 10, 2017 in Careers

Student with question sign on the road

A common dilemma faced by thousands of college students across the country is how to get that first job when you have no experience. If you find yourself in this predicament, do not give up. There is no dearth of career options that pay you handsomely without having work experience or advanced education.

So, here are five career choices that require little to no experience.


The primary qualification that is essential to join a BPO is 10+2. BPO is categorized into

  • Back office outsourcing which includes internal business functions such as human resources and accounting, and

  • Front office outsourcing which includes customer-related services such as contact center services.

Although both the above profiles require basic computer knowledge, awareness about internet and ability to interact with the customers.

Radio Jockey
There is no formal training required to become an RJ since it is a talent-based profession. However, you can take up courses that allow you to have a better understanding of radio jockeying.
There are various leading FM channels and public broadcasters such as All India Radio (AIR) that offer job opportunities through conducting auditions.

To become an RJ, you need to have a proper diction, accurate pronunciation, and fluency in the language. You should also learn to provide modulations in your voice according to the situation. Apart from these, good sense of humor, spontaneity and an intensive knowledge of music can add value to your personality.

Stock broker
The minimum educational qualification to become a stock broker is graduation with at least two years of experience in a stock broking firm. However, you can still look for trainee positions if you do not have any expertise in this field. There are reputed training institutes offering courses in stock broking and investment that help in enhancing your job prospects. Experienced professionals can become consultants and can handle an independent group of clients.

Event managers
The essential qualification to get into the realm of event management is to be a graduate in any discipline. However, you must possess certain skills that would help you in the long run such as public relations, creativity, marketing skills, etc. These can be honed during the academic years by organizing events for your college or joining internship programs. Once you have garnered ample experience, you can either work in an event management company or set up your own event business.

Fitness instructor
It is important to get equipped with quality training from any reputed institution such as Reebok Certification program to become a qualified fitness trainer. Also, starting off as a trainee at a fitness club will hone your skills and help you move to better avenues in the job market.
This field requires you to keep abreast of the innovations in fitness sector and implement that knowledge in helping others achieve their fitness goals.

When you are out of college and embarking on finding a career path, it’s obvious to have apprehensions. It can be frustrating in the beginning, but with hard work, a lot of ambition, and self-confidence; you can get your foot in the door.


How to self-evaluate your performance at work?

August 8, 2017 in Careers

Self Evaluation

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable”- John Wooden

Self-evaluation is an effective approach to gauge your performance and figure out the areas of improvement. It helps you stay on track and also in bridging the gap between expectations and performance. It is also an essential element of the appraisal process for many companies. Thus, a well-planned self-evaluation can boost the prospects of promotion significantly.

Here are four strategies that can help you in self-evaluation:

Take time to contemplate your career

Self-appraisal is like a work of art that builds over time. Therefore, do not skimp on the amount of time you take to evaluate yourself. Your personal, as well as career development is worth the effort. Therefore, spend time in jotting down the important milestones and your contributions in the same.

Be objective

Use this opportunity to do an impartial self-assessment by answering the questions related to your strengths and achievements.
Do not embellish your accomplishments which will make you sound like an arrogant person. Also, do not undermine them in an effort to remain modest because that might influence your boss in the same direction. Be objective and write your accomplishments clearly. Use facts and figures rather than adjectives.

Discuss challenges that had an impact on your performance and how you overcame them. Also, how you are planning to address such issues in the future.

Use examples, wherever required, to support your assertions and before submitting the copy, ensure that you spell and grammar-check the documents assiduously.

Document your achievements

List out the major goals for the year and reflect on the progress you made against them. Be specific about your accomplishments. For instance, mention the objectives your project had, how you achieved them and how it had an impact on your company’s success.

Thus, maintaining a ‘success file’ or an ‘achievement journal’ throughout the year will keep your performance right in front of your manager. Since Self-Evaluation usually affects bonuses, promotions or rewards, it will significantly increase your likelihood of receiving these incentives based on your documentation.

Focus on your career development

Do not use this opportunity to bash your boss or your co-workers because this could backfire on you. Instead, think about what you have learned this year, analyze it and then identify the ways you could have done that task better. This gives a new scope to brushing up on your skills and learning new ones. Thus, focusing on your career and professional growth will help in assessing your performance even better.


Self-evaluation plays a crucial role in career development, building your skills, moving your career in a new direction and also managing it efficiently. So, follow these steps to reflect on your successes and challenges constructively. Work closely with your supervisor and seek continuous guide and feedback.

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