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5 tips to build a high performing HR Delivery Function

March 20, 2018 in Services


As stated in the Mancer’s report, there are only 35% of the industries who implement the crucial elements of the high performing HR delivery function. The three major elements of the high performing HR delivery function are Centers of expertise, HR business partners, and HR shared services. In today’s scenario, the organizations are facing a high amount of talent crux.  The need for talent surpasses the number of job applicants who meet the requirements of the open positions. In this situation, the HR is required to play a vital role in the companies. They have to work intimately with CEOs to address rising difficulties. The research conducted by Mercer has discovered that the companies which manufacture a constantly advancing HR group beat others. In this manner, it is a basic need for companies to make high-performing HR groups. The center business and HR roles must be adjusted and advanced at the same time to construct a practical execution culture and remain applicable for the long haul.

 The companies need to follow the five below mentioned tips to build a high performing HR delivery function:

  1. Develop internal HR practices: The system of HR services is consistently evolving. The HR organizations must invest a considerable amount of money and time to make sure that the competition of the group members increases in such practices as relationship management and change management. Companies must also include business acumen, command, and industry knowledge of the present best areas of the skills management and also make use of the social networking skills and the other HR technologies.


  1. Measure the business and HR operational metrics: These two measurement practices have been developed to ensure effectiveness, business alignment, and efficiency. These strategies help develop the measures to support critical business needs and to manage the HR function.


  1. Improve employee-centric HR services: The most noteworthy contributions of the whole HR community comes from the relation-building and the self-serving factors. HR services with employee-centric client services are known to be more efficient and effective.


  1. Implement flexible HR structure: The high impact HR organization structure companies are agile and flexible. They are designed to allow an adaptive movement. Trendy designs and quotations are all fine unless you also have a culture that identifies the need to adapt accordingly when the challenges and the business need change. There also should be an HR team who can amend those changes.


  1. Use the technique of outsourcing HR services smartly: Companies must implement this practice to make their internal team to work closely on things that cannot be outsourced. The companies must outsource the areas that require expertise and global coordination.

The organizations must follow the above five tips to build a high performing HR delivery function to benefit the employees as well as the organization. The companies also must pay attention towards the long-pending HR requests to help them learn and develop the skills, and align and prioritize the HR techniques with the business and achieve the highest return rate.


7 Underestimated personal skills you should master

March 19, 2018 in Services

002 Excellence

Skills and talent are often misunderstood and sometimes even used interchangeably. But they are not the same.

 Unlike talent which is inherent, skills can be acquired from others or by self-teaching, obviously over a period. As it is said by famous Hollywood actor Will Smith “Talent, you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.” To acquire any skill you need to work on it actively and repeatedly.

Here are a few Skills one should master to grow in life:

1.Learn to start an exciting conversation

We are always told that you need to be an excellent communicator to succeed. With being an excellent communicator, you also need to know how to strike the first conversation too. The first discussion is crucial whether it’s about your first meeting with the client or your first date. The first impression always matters! As it’s said, it only takes 3 seconds to evaluate anyone for the first time. So, to get the right first impression you need to learn to ask open-ended questions, those whose response doesn’t end up in yes or a no. Engage your partner into the conversation and be an active listener, which we will discuss next.

2. Be a good listener

Everyone talks about being an excellent communicator but being a good listener is also equally important. “Good listeners, like precious gems, are to be treasured,” said Walter Anderson, German writer. As most people focus on being a good communicator but very few give importance to being a good listener. It is also vital that one doesn’t listen with the intent to reply but to understand. As Julian Treasure, who is a sound and communication expert and also teaches businesses how to benefit from it, recommends that you apply the acronym RASA.

RASA stands for:

Receive — means to pay attention to the person speaking;

Appreciate– letting the speaker know that you are actively involved by responding with words like “hmm,” “oh,” “okay”;

Summarize—summarize and let them know what you understood; and

Ask–ask questions afterward to make sure that you understood their message as they intended it to be.

 All this will eventually help you to become a good communicator and also build better relationships in life.

3. Dealing with rejection

Rejections are part of life and accepting it is essential for becoming successful. “I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat,” says Sylvester Stallone. One should learn from rejections and improve rather than being depressed about it. And most importantly they are not the end of the world. You will get another opportunity which you have to grab with both hands.

4. Learn to Sell yourself

“Being able to sell yourself to others is a vital skill in any area of life,” writes Lukas Schwekendiek, who is a famous life coach, speaker, and a writer. Selling yourself is not only about impressing potential clients or employer. It’s relevant in many aspects of your life. Like it can help you find a partner quickly if you can communicate that you add value to their life. You can also make acquaintance with unknown person easily.

5. Accepting feedback gracefully

The fact is feedbacks help you improve. Though you may not like how and who provides you feedback but it is essential that you take note of it and look what can be done which will eventually help you improve and increase your chances of being successful. The most successful people are not the ones who never received criticism but the ones who grow themselves with their help. Anyone would love positive feedback, but one won’t always get them. Also you should never think ill of anyone providing you negative feedback. Actually, you should thank them because they are helping you improve.

6. Focus on Body language

Body language is the most ignored aspect of communication as it’s non-verbal and mostly involuntary and a natural response to the situation. In fact Albert Mehrabian, currently Professor Emeritus of Psychology, UCLA, stated in his research which was done in 1971 that body language accounts for nearly 55% of the overall message that is received and spoken words only account for 7% of the total message received and rest is conveyed through tone of voice. Undoubtedly, right body language can make you feel more confident and will help you communicate your message correctly.

7. Be more assertive

 It’s not easy to open up and speak up your mind or always try to do the right thing. Maybe you are shy or have a fear of confrontation, or you don’t want to be in the spotlight. There can be numerous reasons that people don’t speak up. But because of this, you can let a great opportunity pass by. Above all, it can also lead to miscommunication.

Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker said: “The only healthy communication style is assertive communication.” As by doing this you are speaking your mind and it will help in effective communication, also the other person will know what your actual thoughts are and what you stand for. Being assertive doesn’t mean being dominant. It means standing behind what you feel is right and speaking up your mind.

 Practice makes you perfect!

It is not just about knowing what skills one should implement. It’s about making them part of your daily routine and practice them consciously everyday. Eventually, you will notice that you have incorporated these skills into your life and they are reaping amazing fruits for you. Remember, the point is your improvement in personal as well as professional front. So keep practicing, keep focusing and keep achieving.



Trends in improving well-being in the workplace

March 15, 2018 in Services


In the recent times, more and more organizations are taking the wellbeing of their employees a lot more seriously. And why shouldn’t they? Research has shown that a healthy and engaged workforce can cut down the cost per employee more than $1500. If yours is a large organization, this means a lot of money can be saved, which in turn translates to an increase in the return on investments. Improving the wellbeing of your workforce has a lot of obvious benefits.

  • It increases the productivity of your employees —  With the help of wellbeing initiatives, employees feel a lot healthier — both physically and mentally. With the reduction in stress, increases the energy to perform better.

  • Brings the team in cohesion — Wellbeing initiatives involve team-building activities, that bring your team together.  It gives the whole organization a shared purpose for which they work.

  • Creates a positive work environment — Practicing mindfulness and meditation are facets of improving wellbeing in the workplace. These activities will decrease the stress levels of your employees and create an overall positive work environment within the organization.

In this article, we cover some of the top wellbeing trends that you can implement in your organization to improve employee productivity and generate a higher return on investments. Take a look.

1. Implement on-site yoga classes

A lot of large companies are outsourcing Yoga experts within their organization to create an environment of meditation and mindfulness. You can put in an hour before work for employees that are interested in the same. For companies that function on a large scale, this can be extremely useful. Since they can afford the assistance of experts, they won’t have to spend time on coming up with other cheap (and sometimes ineffective) plans.

2. Give gym discounts

This trend is a great way to render incentives to your employees while ensuring their physical well being. Since it would be given out as an incentive, they’d be naturally motivated to work better, and their physical well being will also, in turn, improve their work productivity. Two shots from the same arrow, wouldn’t you say? Another aspect you can work on is redesigning your office layout. Keep ample space for the employees to move around and freshen up once in a while. Use of ergonomic chairs, standing desks, etc. can also be imparted. This will keep the work culture non-monotonous and keep the workforce active!

3. Be flexible in working hours

Rigidity in working is a lost cause now. Organizations are becoming more and more open-minded about a lot of things. One of those things is the flexibility in working hours. Every employee is different. They have their different situations and problems. Therefore, if it is possible, you should be more flexible in assigning work hours for your employees as long as they do the work right. This will inculcate a natural sense of loyalty and satisfaction towards the work and reduce stress.

4. Incorporate team activities

Team bonding activities have always happened in organizations, and they will continue to happen. However, most team bonding activities fall flat. Employees get the feeling that there may be a hidden agenda behind it, and they end up becoming formulaic and meaningless. Make sure that you spice up these activities with new, creative ideas so that your team remains interested and it feels organic. Perhaps do not assign a rigid time for it? Surprise your team with a weekend getaway with the whole organization. I’m sure you can think of great ideas.

Right after you implement these initiatives, you should always run a survey to see whether your plans are working or not. Feedback is critical. If one initiative is not working, try another. Keep trying till you find the sweet spot, and achieve the desired work-culture dynamics for your company.

How to develop a growth mindset in your employees

March 14, 2018 in Services

Successful leader

As stated by Dr. Carol Dweck, growth mindset is something that spins around the conviction that you can enhance knowledge, capacity, and execution. The inverse, a fixed mindset, alludes to the conviction that a person’s abilities are an unchangeable reality. A long time of research has shown that mindset is pliant, implying that we can help employees to understand and learn more adequately and proficiently by changing their outlook from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

Points of interest OF A GROWTH MINDSET

People have conducted lot of research to explore the benefits of developing a growth mindset in the employees. These include:

  • They will search out better criticism and endure for more

  • They adapt better to advances and grow better self-control

  • It diminishes pressure and hostility in employees and also expanding prosperity and passionate working

  • It improves confidence, learning orientation and lessens vulnerability.

Importance of developing a growth mindset

Having a growth mindset indicates that the mind is equipped for beating the difficulties it faces in new zones of learning. It is credible to build up a development attitude, and doing as such can enable an employee to beat the hindrances they look in learning and build up the vital abilities to hold on. Having a growth mindset in the employees would enable them to persevere in their endeavors and attempt new learning methods keeping in mind the end goal to enhance their performance, as opposed to surrendering since they trust that they are hereditarily destined to come up short at the subject. Thus, an employee with an unproductive condition can, with the assistance of a growth mindset, figure out how to take his or her challenges in their life keeping in mind the end goal to defeat those problems.

Moreover, a growth mindset also leads to a winning mindset as well. It infuse a positive energy  which helps you reduce stress and boost productivity without making much efforts.

Step by step instructions to DEVELOP A GROWTH MINDSET

There is no set route on to build up a growth mindset in employees. However, to mention a few:

  • Kinds of Praise – Applauding the procedure, their exertion and individual advancement over the outcome, Encouraging your employees to request and follow up on input. Empowering a feeling of interest.

  • Level of Expectation – Having high, difficult yet practical desires of their execution and conveying this to your employees. This can likewise battle against Impostor Syndrome.

  • Positive Group Norms – Building a development culture that esteems learning, training, and improvement.

  • Accommodating Self-Talk – Training employees to oversee how they converse with themselves and to do as such in a positive, supportive and invigorated way.

Summing up, it is essential to understand that developing a growth mindset isn’t only gainful to youngsters; it’s similarly relevant to grown-ups also. Instructors have an enormous obligation on their shoulders alongside mounting workloads. It’s vital to stretch out an indistinguishable generosity to yourself from you do to your employees when they commit errors. Building up a strong growth mindset isn’t simple, so remember that you too will make mistakes. It’s similarly as important to learn from your mistakes as it is for your employees to learn from theirs.


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