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How effective leaders should deal with incompetent people

February 20, 2017 in Leadership

Incompetent People

Working with people and managing them is inevitable for a person in a leadership position. To succeed in this role, leaders have to deal with all types of employees, and each one of them poses different opportunities and challenges. While some of these employees are excellent people to work with, some others are the most incompetent. Managing good employees is relatively easy. The real leadership challenge is managing incompetent people. However, by following these steps, a leader can effectively deal with incompetent people.

Patience and a calm mind

These are the prerequisites for an efficient leader to manage incompetent people. If you’re a leader dealing with such employees, you’d already know how they can get onto your nerves and cause frustration. But the last thing you’d want other employees to see is you losing your temper. Stay calm and be patient. Getting angry or frustrated won’t solve a thing. Rather, it would only aggravate the situation. By keeping a calm and cool head, you can view the situation more objectively and take calculated decisions.

Communicate effectively

Improper communication is one of the biggest reasons for the lack of understanding of the work role, thereby rendering people incompetent. A Work Management Survey conducted by Wrike in 2015 involved 1,464 participants. 52 percent of the participants said that the lack of information was one of the main reasons for workplace stress. 44 percent said that improperly defined accountabilities added significantly to the stress and 44 percent responded that if the leadership hierarchy is unclear, it leads to stress. It is highly likely that the employees you as a leader have termed incompetent might themselves be stressed due to ineffectual communication or access to information, thereby making them look incompetent. Hence, improving the communication process and introducing clarity at every stage of engagement among the employees can help effective dealing with incompetent people.

Maintain proper records

A common trait of incompetent people is that they indulge in blame game by referring to some vague antecedents. And, since human memory can’t record everything, you or their peers might be unable to refute their claims. It is necessary to record every important interaction with people you believe are incompetent so that they can’t play around with you.

Garner strength to take tough decisions

Despite your best intentions, you could end up in a situation where taking a tough decision including firing an incompetent employee might be unavoidable. It is, therefore, necessary that when the time comes for a tough decision, you should have the right mental strength.

Even among the incompetent employees, there are different degrees of in-competencies. Dealing with them requires a subjective approach. The above points cover most of the right things to do while dealing with them.

Four ways to avoid burnout at work

February 17, 2017 in Careers

Feeling tired and stressed

Burnout at work is one of the main reasons that lowers your productivity, which can potentially hamper your career. To succeed in your professional life, it is critical to avoid it by devising actionable methods that suit your professional requirements. Here are four ways that can help you avoid burnout.

Change the work environment

Alter the environment of your office and workstation regularly so that it seems different. Do it every few days. Use your creativity to modify the way your office looks by adding few paintings or photographs on the wall or change the flowers in the vases frequently. You may also try with different fragrances of room fresheners so that the work environment would look and smell different every few days. These simple techniques will make your work environment feel fresh, which is one of the most efficient ways to avoid burnout.

Rework the desk

If you can’t change the work environment, then try to change at least your desk. Add things such as family photographs in a digital frame and other stuff that keep you motivated. Use your creativity here and keep changing the desk arrangements frequently so that it keeps oozing a fresh look. An excellent way is to personalize your desk to reflect your personality. If you love football, keep a few football memorabilia on your desk. By making your workstation a reflection of your personal life, you shall be able to maintain the stress and burnout at bay.

Indulge in recreational activity

To do this, first identify what’s your calling. What do you like to do if you aren’t working? It can be a sport, music, star gazing, or reading. Find something that’s close to your heart and spend some time every day or at least two or three days a week spending time doing it. Doing what you love doing, even for a few minutes in a day, is the perfect way to “burn” the burnout.

Make your passion your career

It’s easier said than done, but we live in the 21st century, and there are more opportunities to do things you love plus make money doing it than ever before. Like writing? Write blogs and start making money. If you’re a musician, try to form a musical group and release your music on YouTube. There are numerous ways to express your creativity. And, if you figure out a way to convert your passion into your career, the chances of burnout are next to minimum.

Avoid burnout at work by following all of the above steps or at the minimum those which you find feasible. Try to implement them mindfully and keep a check on your emotions.

6 Things you should give up to become successful

February 14, 2017 in Careers

Do something today that your future self will thank you for

More often we need to give up – and not add – to become successful. Here are six things that you should give up immediately to become successful:

1. Give up Toxic People

Some people around us have a habit of cribbing. They complain about almost everything. To them, the life and this world itself is a problem.

As John Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Give up these toxic people around you before you subscribe to their negative rant about almost everything.

2. Give up your urge to control everything

You are not meant to control everything. In fact, no one in this world controls everything. Thus, act on things that are under your control. Try to influence those which can be influenced. And stop worrying about things that you can’t control.

3. Give up believing in Short Term Gains

There is no magic bullet. We can’t become successful overnight. It takes years of hard work and dedication to accomplish life goals.

So, set long-term goals and work hard every single day to achieve your goals. Develop habits that help you achieve your goals and objectives.

4. Give up unhealthy lifestyle

Keep your body fit. It is the place you can’t leave, however, rich and wealthy you become. And therefore, maintain a healthy diet and do some physical activities on a daily basis (not weekly or monthly).

5. Give up Multitasking

As Winston Churchill said, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

You can’t accomplish your goals if you do a lot of things at a time.

Improve your attention on one thing. Focus. Focus on your work, business, studies or whatever you are doing. Plan and organize your time in a way that you don’t get distracted every once in awhile.

6. Give up your urge to become Mr./Ms. Perfectionist

A great PR campaign can manage to give a Mr./Ms. Perfectionist title to a cine star, politician or a high achiever. However, successful people know that “nothing is perfect.” That is why they start with a basic version of something, and then work hard continuously to improve on it.

Check the first release of Google, Facebook or iPhone to get an inspiration of how iteration can help you make great things. So give up your idea of doing things perfectly. Believe in iteration and continuous improvement to make things near perfect.


Knowingly or unknowingly we develop habits or a style of thinking that becomes an enemy of our growth. You need to give up these unwanted guests to realize your real potential. Do remember that personal development, success, or growth is an ongoing process. And therefore, you need to make ongoing efforts to keep cleansing your internal enemies that impede prosperity and growth.

Did you like this article, share with your friends and through comments let us know any other thing that you would like to give up to become happier and successful.

Why Focus is more Important than Multitasking Abilities

February 9, 2017 in Careers

Improve focus

As human beings, we are gifted to create new things. We can do things differently. Everyone is unique and has ability to do certain things better than others. Our desire to accomplish more and do things better makes us a unique creature of the world.

Advancement in technology has enabled to do multiple tasks in few clicks. However, it has also reduced our attention span. Reduced focus has not only reduced the quality of the work that we do, but it also has made our lives more stressful.

Most of the jobs require people who can do multitasking. Thus, we can’t ignore the aspect of multitasking, and focus on one thing in any job. However, giving more importance to “attention span”, you can do multiple tasks easily. Let us see how:

1. Do one thing at a time

Divide your work schedule in such a way that you allocate a particular time interval for daily tasks like checking and replying emails, making follow-up calls, small tea breaks, regular team huddles, etc. Resist yourself from checking emails while preparing a presentation or report. Put your phone on silent mode while working on important tasks. You can always call back after completing the task in hand. In this way, you can do multiple things in a day without any feelings of burnout.

2. Stop Casual Browsing

Casual browsing eats a lot of productive time and impacts brain adversly. Unknowingly, we process extensive information through casual browsing. This also reduces our brains’ ability to focus on things that matter. Emotional news items affect our thought process. You may not be able to focus entirely on your work if you read a disturbing news piece. Thus, allocate a particular time to do casual browsing or read the news. Don’t just open a random site because you are stressed or free for the moment.

3. Prioritize your Social Media Presence

Many people can’t live without checking their Facebook or Twitter timelines frequently. It is okay as long as they can make their social media presence more meaningful and productive. Do some activities that make you happy. Engage in the fun conversations. Connect with influential people and improve your knowledge. However, don’t do nothing by just scrolling down the timelines. It eats your productive time and makes you dumb. Thus, utilize the power of social media to make your tomorrow better than today.

If you are a focussed person, you can be a great multitasker. Thus, improve your attention span to increase multitasking abilities. And it is applicable not just in the job or in the business but in almost everything that do.


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