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Job Change Decisions and Employee behavior

October 28, 2013 in Services

 Job Change Decisions and Employee behavior

Incident 1

Candidate 1: I am so fed up with this job. Continuous shift changes and continuous travels….Thinking off putting down my papers by this month end.


Candidate 2: Can understand your frustration, but please think about your family, financial stability once before going ahead with your decision.


Candidate 1: Well I am in touch with few recruitment consultants, they will definitely help me to find a job immediately with a better compensation.


Incident 2

Candidate puts down the papers at the same time gets touch with consultants. However he is not able to find any relevant job in the market, neither on his own nor with the support of the consultants he is in touch with.

Such kinds of scenarios are been experienced by some candidates and also by most of the recruiters.


Before going ahead let’s have a look over the situations: why such conditions occur in the market?

  1. Here are some assumptions which are often considered about the market and the recruiters. Let’s have a look at them

new hire

  • It is been often considered that recruiters have solutions for all types of job hunters. Along with them  candidates can  meet  the requirements of all candidates irrespective of their job field.
  • Recruiters can easily provide a job opportunity to an unemployed candidate
  • Candidates most of the times consider that they have job market reality check before taking any important decision.
  • Candidates generally expect too much out of themselves (relating to their education or job profile and their current/prospective employer while looking for the job change)



Recruiters are often considered as well-wishers by the candidates as they are always been engaged with each other during  the whole recruitment process. On the other hand these assumptions start to vary when candidate is not been able to get placed by a recruiter due to certain circumstances like unavailability of suitable opportunities, profile rejection by client etc..

  1. To avoid such kinds of situations recruiters as well as candidates should consider below scenarios before going ahead with any firm decisions:
  • Candidates who are looking for job change may go through market reality check  for certain  things which includes: current market scope for their profile, existing available opportunities in the market, compensation structure ,  location constraints


  • Recruiters should always help their candidates by assisting them with the existing market scenario


  • Recruiters should not be a “yes Person” and should be always be prepared to convey a strong message to candidates about the existing market situation even if it’s negative which will refrain the candidates from taking wrong decisions regarding their careers.
  • It is been always suggested to not to leave the job if candidate doesn’t have any opportunity in his hand, reason been such scenarios which lead to frustrations indirectly affecting   behavior of the candidates not just on the personal front but also it impacts the behavior of the candidate at the time of appearing for  job interviews which in turn could lead to lowering  the morale of the candidate


  • It is been always said in the market, “if you have job in your hand, you can  always perform better and appear more confident at the time interview while looking for the job change”



So think before you leap…

As very well quoted byour CEO Mr. Satya D. Sinha “It’s not about the decisions you make, but also the time and situations when the decisions are been made”











Recruitment or Relationship Management?

October 25, 2013 in Careers, Industry Verticals, Knowledge Cell, Services

Recruitment..not less than Relationship Management.. A few days ago I read a post shared on MANCER webpage on Facebook, a very good saying which mentions that “if you treat your candidates as CVs well then they will remember you as phone calls.” As per my understanding the thought highlighted the fact that it’s not just about how quick you are in sourcing profiles or closing a mandate it’s also about how you manage that entire process and how you go about it post that as well. This update also took my memory back to something that happened just few days ago.

It was a usual day at work.. There rang my hand phone with an unknown number flashing on it, I answered the call with our usual “Hello.May know whose calling..?”


The reply from the lady on the other end was enough to make my usual day a special one. She mentioned her name and it took me not more than a second to realize who she was. How could I not recall her for she was my first ever closer? She was my candidate who I recruited exactly a year before in one of the leading private sector bank in India.


That one introduction of herself and she made me go back to the time when I joined a recruitment firm in Mumbai as a campus recruit.


A fresher I was then, all new to the world of recruitment. As I started working on my first Recruitment mandate I never knew that the first person I had lined up for an interview with the client will also be my first closer.


Wow that felt great and what felt even more special was the same candidate reaching out to me after a year of me recruiting her not because she was looking out again but to let me know that she was happy and content in her present company that I placed her in and wanted to thank me for that.

It’s not unusual of us recruiters to be in touch with our candidates long after we have placed them but it’s a lot more special when candidates themselves come back to you stating how glad they are that they got in touch with you, their words of appreciation, their confidence in your abilities as a recruiter are the brownie points that you earn.  This one phone call and here I am thinking that aren’t we talent acquisition or recruitment  professionals more than just a link between the aspiring candidate and the hiring managers..?? .I feel our job responsibilities stretch way beyond the recruitment cycle of sourcing..Scheduling..Following up..Closing the position.. It’s a lot more. Can we not add a term call “Relationship Management” to our area of expertise..???


You need to make sure you remain alive in the memory of your candidate for they could help you with recruitment  references in future . True and justified. However you can definitely get more out of it, you just need to sit back and think. Don’t we feel happy, proud and content when appreciation pours in from clients for doing a good job in closing a position, yes we do? And now add to it the feeling that you get when your placed candidate is all praises for the work that you have done, you don’t just feel happy and proud but it also motivates you for working even better and here lies the catch. “Motivation” for without the jest and motivation to do something one seldom reaches to the height they want to.

That’s exactly what I felt when my candidate called up after a gap of almost one year of me recruiting her, I felt motivated to keep going strong, make a name for myself and my organization for people to say “when it comes to hiring they are the ones.”. As Mr.Vijay Varier, Director Mancer Consulting Services rightly once said to me, “don’t just work. Work in a way that you make a name for yourself and your organization” and what better way to do that than being the preferred one with both your client and the candidates.


Right from getting in touch with candidate to scheduling the interviews and then continuously following up with the client, accordingly updating the candidate and then making sure the shortlisted candidate takes up the offer and joins. All this while it’s but natural to develop a good rapport with your candidate for it makes things easier.


 Maintaining this relationship even after you have successfully placed the candidate will make sure that whenever you go back to the time when it all started for you will realize that you have done a good job and you need to challenge yourself to keep up the good work. You need to make sure that your work gets recognized time and again and get you and your company laurels that are well deserved.

Our clients are our business providers but each and every candidate  you get in touch with irrespective of whether they ultimately manage to get placed through you or not, becomes a brand ambassador for you and you company. We need to ensure as recruiters that we maintain good connect with our candidates, our hires for it provides you references, praises, recommendations, appreciations and parameters like motivation and jest to keep up the pace of good work, a feeling called job satisfaction. To sum it all up It’s not just recruitment, it’s a lot more.It is Relationship Management.

Sighing off….

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