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We “The” Consultants

July 28, 2014 in Services

We “The” Consultants

Consultants work as head hunters sharing the personal network of each of us and monitoring and updating direct contacts. Consultants build up a personal and warm relationship with the people they meet, because they are led by strong values in assessing individuals. Researchers have a broad market approach, aimed at identifying executives with an extensive experience and at ensuring a thorough bench marking of the labor market.

It’s a guarantee we provide of quality with reflection of strengths and flexibility to work as per business needs.

“Managing change in any industry and any level is apparent, and one of the element that we face daily. Understanding this at the time of origin, or even before, addressing it rapidly and practically is the key to generate effective action.”

The mission is to be in between, to listen to everyone and to help both parties come to a successful match up.

We are convinced that work is a precious good that allows each one of us not to grow and achieve success, but also to bring principles and values to the welfare of the whole community.

We have to match up the client’s satisfactory level, as it depends on the attention paid to the candidates respect as an individual. Only this way we can assure both of their mutual success.

What do we do!! How do we do!!

Recruit and advice key people: leaders, a manger and teams through our services.

Executive search is positioned on the assessment of the right leadership for the client with rare profile and niche features.

Management selection advices companies and builds comprehensive recruitment models.

“The conventional definition of management is getting work done through people, but real management is developing people through work”

Search Process:

Rigorous analysis of client’s needs and definition of requirements.

Identification of target companies and information sources

Presentation of shortlist of candidates after a rigorous competency based interview process.

Assisting during the mutual “getting to know you”; meeting and advising on remuneration package.

Continuous soft monitoring during the “start up phase”.

Also assisting our clients with benchmarking for the right candidate. Assessing and coaching the right skills, and counseling the candidates to ensure closures.

The idea of selection is to know what is being expected to chose the right people implies, and what takes to convince others to be “the one”.

The strength and the success of a company depend on the ability to develop and motivate its “unique” people.

The job is not to present our clients with candidates but passionate, ethical & leading people ready to face present challenges.  To find competent and professional consultancy aimed at identifying executives who can meet their specific needs.

“The art of getting the right people halves the effort of completing the work thereby enabling the chosen ones to attain their full worth”.







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