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Why Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process Makes Eminent Sense?

June 30, 2015 in Services

Why Outsourcing Your Recruitment Process Makes Eminent Sense

As an HR manager of a growing enterprise, you’re fully cognizant of the importance of quality manpower. Concurrently, you would readily agree that quickly acquiring qualified personnel while simultaneously keeping the hiring costs low are onerous tasks and demand tremendous diligence, dedication, and coordination.

This is where Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) can prove a savior. Various excellent recruitment consultants have sprung up and provide a plethora of splendid manpower services to help your organization truly redefine your hiring function.

ManEdge is one such consultant which has acquired legions of satisfied clients by helping provide first-rate manpower expeditiously and inexpensively, thus saving precious time and costs. A closer look at how your company too can benefit from the outsourcing services provided by ManEdge and its peers:

1. Reduced Hiring Costs

Leading recruitment consultants like ManEdge have a significantly specialized system that executes all recruitment activities optimally. The accent is always on premium work implemented swiftly and in consonance with tightly supervised budgets. Moreover, their system is considerably spontaneous; impediments and wastages are flawlessly detected and nipped in the bud.

The upshot is that your overall recruitment costs are substantially decreased well beyond the their moderate commission.

2. Trained Manpower Availability

Top recruitment consultants possess experienced HR specialists who are adept at identifying, contacting, and procuring the best Indian and international talent across all divisions. Further, contrary to popular belief, these consultants are even proficient at locating latent talent spread across non-metropolitan and smaller towns.

Also, platforms like these have trademark tools to facilitate key functions like bulk hiring and proficiency-based recruitment. This means that you will never lose out on qualified employees – at all times!

3. Boosted Retention  

Employees hired through the consultant’s route are inherently assiduous, motivated, and goal-focused. They are more likely to adhere to company guidelines and also remain with the company longer. This leads to high retention and negligible attrition along with their attendant merits.

4. Convenient Delegation

By employing a recruitment consultancy, the top management is freed from operating and controlling day-to-day HR activities and can thereby concentrate solely on strategic goals.  Not only this, consultancies instantly establish a quasi-organizational structure complete with assigned roles and responsibilities that can easily be controlled and monitored by you, the client.

5. Super-Quick Hiring

RPO firms use an amalgamation of cutting-edge technology, trained in-house experts, and exemplary internal procedures to facilitate speedy interview schedules, offers, and final selections. Your firm’s key recruitment indices such as ‘offer to join’, ‘time to hire’, ‘document collection’, and ‘scheduled to interview’ are bound to improve appreciably.

6. Impeccable Position Matching

Recruitment process consultants have a robust communication and real-time documentation system. These two facilities allow the them to seamlessly fill vacant positions with precise employee matches. Indeed, the consequences of failed hiring like re-training, employee insubordination, premature exits, and non-performance are virtually negated.

The message is clear: Join forces with recruitment process outsourcing to get the best out of human resources!

Decrease Recruitment Costs with Ease – Here’s How a Leading IT Company Achieved It!

June 26, 2015 in Services

ManEdge - Low Cost per Hire

A growing company’s workforce is in a constant state of flux – invariably changing in line with the organization’s development. Consequently, it’s understandable that personnel recruitment and its attendant costs are key focus and concern areas for the management.

Fortunately, modern solutions are now available to tackle onerous recruitment responsibilities and costs courtesy of equally advanced recruitment experts such as ManEdge. This leading recruitment  consultancy has helped many top enterprises harmonize their recruitment function by:

  1. Expeditiously providing access to highly trained manpower.

  2. Dramatically reducing costs and time per hire, and

  3. Flawlessly rendering a slew of corroborative recruitment services.

Recently, ManEdge ably demonstrated its operational prowess by helping a top 3 IT Service Company fill 1000 positions across 9 locations in just 3 months! What’s even more impressive is that not only was the target achieved but the costs per hire were kept appreciably low and the client’s recruitment system greatly strengthened overall.

Here’s more on the methodology, execution, and results of this engaging case:

The Objectives

As mentioned, the primary aim was to help the IT firm employ 1000 new employees of discrete capabilities in 3 months and reduce hiring costs in the process . Other major aims were to enhance the ‘offer to join’ percentage and considerably speed up the hiring process comprising pre-assessments, interviews, and selection.

The Approach

1. Planning

Devising a quick and effective plan was the first step. For this, a speedy client interaction was conducted wherein the business was minutely studied and the precise requirements were known.

This was essentially followed by finalizing the personnel to execute tasks, determining the financing sources, and outlining the methods to be implemented.

2. Detailed Measures

a) 800 profiles of potential employees were processed daily in accordance with the profile duplication and shortlisting guidelines formulated by the client’s HR department.
b) Multifaceted weekend recruitment programs were regularly commenced to attract the maximum number of candidates.
c)A seamless scheduling system was implemented whereby candidates matching the desired job profiles were immediately given interview calls.
d) An equally watertight job-offer system entailing constant candidate interactions was executed.
e) A comprehensive and swift employee satisfaction procedure was established to indoctrinate and retain newly joined, successful candidates.

To help accomplish the aforementioned activities, ManEdge harnessed modern tools and strategies mainly being:

  • Flash – a unique bulk recruitment solution.

  • Niche – a one-of-a-kind hiring technique focused on capabilities.

  • Failsafe documentation, internal check, and client feedback procedures.

3. The Outcomes

Owing to the above finesse, diligence, and coordination, the IT Company was fruitful in achieving its principal targets of 1000 selections within 3 months and significant simultaneous cost savings. The expense reductions were predominantly due to prompter hiring schedules, better work specialization, and more streamlined overall procedures.

Auxiliary specific benefits included an ameliorated ‘offer to join’ percentage and reduction of position-filling time from over 155 day to just 70 days.

This case study amply manifests who holds the ‘edge’ in furnishing immaculate recruitment solutions!

6 Cutting-Edge Ways to Hire the Best Talent

June 24, 2015 in Services

6 Cutting-Edge Ways to Hire the Best Talent

That technology has rapidly changed the way we conduct our lives, is a veritable understatement. Nowhere is this change more prominent than in the business domain; with enterprises wholeheartedly adopting technology to operate, sell their offerings, and engage with customers.

In this regard, modern technology has paved the way for companies to recruit the choicest candidates for their workforce. Presenting six ways in which technology can and is currently facilitating high-quality recruitment:

1. Recruitment Consulting Firms

The power of the internet coupled with the growth of job portals have greatly aided companies to procure excellent employees. Many entities, especially startups, don’t have sufficient wherewithal to have their own recruitment software systems. That’s why they have wisely delegated the recruitment work to reputable recruitment consultants.

Pre-eminent recruitment consulting services like ManEdge harness state-of-the-art recruitment systems and software that collectively:

i) Provide clients superior workforce personnel
ii) Considerably help decrease recruitment time and expenses, and
iii) Furnish prompt and high-quality customer support

A client needs to simply state the recruitment requirements or place it’s job vacancies on the consultant’s portal and allow it to deliver first-rate recruitment solutions.

2. Social Networking Sites

Technology has made social networking an intrinsic component of our existence. HR managers can now exploit the potency of social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to quickly find highly qualified prospective employees.

Recruiters are advised to manifest job vacancies clearly on their dedicated networking sites, allow visitors to smoothly share links, and keep all relevant information regularly updated. If budgets permit, paid subscriptions can help provide more sterling recruitment options like resume uploads and real-time interactions.

3. Mobile Phones  

Mobile phone usage has developed to such an extent that electronic devices like desktops, laptops, and even tablets seem like primitive! Thus, a company’s HR department can greatly employ mobile phones to hire the best talent in the ensuing ways:

i) Informing potential candidates via SMS about current job openings, company policies, and precise job prerequisites.
ii) Developing and using mobile phone apps to attract a wider employment resource pool.
iii) Maintaining a mobile-friendly website to facilitate resume submissions, employee tracking, and mutual communication.

4. Video Calling  

Modern software and faster internet speeds have given video interviews a fillip. Through video interactions via software like Skype, MegaChat, and Wire, recruiters can speak directly and in real time to candidates, garner quick feedback, and uniformly assess aspirant credentials in an enhanced manner.

5. Online Questionnaires  

This is another excellent technological tool for recruiting top talent. Recruiters simply need to furnish detailed questionnaires to potential candidates via email or social media. The management can then gauge the responses minutely and select the best respondents on predefined criteria.

6. Viral Marketing  

New-age technologies like algorithms, podcasts, RSS feeds and blogs have become essential recruitment instruments. Companies can use them to highlight their requirements, reach out to would-be employees, and help glean the choicest human talent.

So now you know how to use knowhow to find the best!

6 Behaviours to Toss When You’re Working With a Female Boss

June 22, 2015 in Services

blog image-1

Women have proved equal and even superior to men in many a sphere – and the corporate domain is no exception. Today, female managers have truly positioned themselves in the highest echelons of many companies. Much of this credit also goes to enterprising workforce consultants like ManEdge, which through its progressive policies, have greatly encouraged gender diversity and interaction.

Hence, you’re very likely to be directed by a lady manager. Since gender dynamics definitely play a role, you need to follow certain guidelines to interact and prosper with a female supervisor. Presenting six mistakes to avoid if your immediate boss is a lady:

1. Considering Her As a Personal Friend

If you’re a lady subordinate, this erroneous behaviour happens all too naturally. You commence working with your new female superior, discern that her individual characteristics and preferences match yours, seek to develop a personal ‘ladies-only’ kinship, and – before you know it – you’re struggling to accomplish your job responsibilities.

Remember that a corporate setting calls for single-minded focus on the company’s goals and also that during working hours, your boss is solely your manager, not your special acquaintance. Thus, concentrate on your job and limit the socializing strictly to out-of-office gatherings.

2. Expressing

This specially applies if you’re a male subordinate. Many men tend to unfairly and irrationally view women superiors with contempt and jealousy – leading to bigoted views and behaviour.

You should realize that your lady manager has reached her position with demonstrable prowess and diligence after probably enduring societal pressures. Therefore, shun your negative orthodoxy and treat your female superior with respect and equality.

3. Being Intimidated and Silent

Sometimes, subordinates – males in particular  - are needlessly overwhelmed by working under a female manager. This results in juniors hesitating to act decisively as well as being silent during daily exchanges.

One would do well to discard the aforementioned attitude and interact closely with one’s female superior.

4. Ignoring Her Individual Work Traits

Due to gender interplay, many aides fail to minutely take note of a lady manager’s tastes and aversions. Consequently, many manager-junior conflicts arise and work gets unnecessarily hampered.

Therefore, to succeed at work with a woman boss, you must be aware of both her predilections and dislikes and modify your work accordingly.

5. Being Indirect and Evasive

The general impression is that women bosses are not as upfront and forthcoming as their male counterparts. This rubs off on subordinates who tend to assume they know their superiors’ thoughts and actions. This should be avoided – juniors should invariably enquire about the precise expectations their female bosses have of them.

6. Mistaking Her Assertiveness For Hostility

Owing to gender stereotyping, subordinates routinely misconstrue a female superior’s assertiveness as antagonism whereas the same conduct is perceived sanguinely for a male superior. Subordinates should realize that women bosses are displaying positive aggression and only want what’s best for the company.

In conclusion, adopting a sincere, gender-friendly approach is the best way forward – for all kinds of bosses.

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