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Freshers! 7 Killer Tips For An Outstanding Performance

October 29, 2015 in Services


Congratulations, you landed your first job post a nerve-wracking interview and today is your first day in the office, but the pile of work thrown at you makes you nervous and wonder how to begin? Welcome to the corporate world!

College were the hay days when your focus was on obtaining a degree and improving or expanding your social network. However, as you step inside the office, things change, because now you must execute the tasks assigned quickly and with intelligence. Now that’s highly challenging; especially when you are a fresher.

Today, offices are high pressure zones because they have a high expectation of their employees, putting them under a constant pressure to perform; failing to do so would lead to a pink slip. Thus, adapting to the demanding workplace is the first challenge that a fresher must face; if they seek to be professionally engaged in the long-term. To swiftly adapt to the office environment, freshmen must interact with their seasoned colleagues to understand how they handle the work pressure and  learn the work best practices to incorporate into your routine for productively managing work. Here are a few suggestions on how to approach your first day in your first office.


Each office promotes a different work culture and thus generalizing corporate practices is impossible. Although, you learnt several theories in your professional study program, but applying them in the workplace is completely a different scenario. Simply observe your colleagues on your first day to confidently handle your job responsibilities and people in your office.

Never Jump the Gun

Proving mettle in an interview is different than proving it on the job. It is only after you have learnt the tricks of the trade are you prepared to shine your skills. Show your enthusiasm at understanding the task and learning the possible ways to handle it efficiently. However; balancing your enthusiasm with due diligence is critical for your success and your company’s too. Simply blabbering your answer without thinking won’t put you in the good books of your bosses.

Know Your Boss

Sharing a cordial relationship with your superiors will help you to show your creativity. When they learn about your different skills, mental aptitude and eagerness to work in new avenues, they might offer you a new role in their company, matching your new skill set; eventually culminating into an upward career graph.

Inspect Your Responsibilities

You may feel nervous on executing the role and responsibilities of your job because there is a slight variation in what you were told and what you are expected to do. Does that mean you will run away from the workplace? Absolutely not! Hold your nerves, indicate your willingness to learn about the new process, and do not hesitate to talk with your colleagues and seniors, if in doubt. Remember to be polite and assertive to accomplish your task successfully.

Exercise Your Authority

Consult your boss to know the power of your authority. It is important to comprehend the degree to which you can exercise your authority, because rubbing shoulders the wrong way will cause you more harm than good.

Tactfully Handle Pressure

Results and efforts are the core principles of any organization, and therefore your manager may employ pressure tactics to finish a task in a stipulated time-frame. You should be assertive in expressing the terms and conditions of completing the job, including the time, and ask for resources to efficiently complete the project, never burden yourself.

Communication is Important

Keep all your communication channels open to successfully complete the project. Remember, team interaction is critical.

With these pointers in mind, you will climb the ladder of success easily, even if you are a freshman.


Do HR Professionals Lack The Skill To Succeed?

October 29, 2015 in Services

Do HR professionals lack...

The productivity and influence of the Human Resource (HR) department have often been questioned. Organizations consider HR as an administrative unit that adds inferior strategic value. Some debate that HR personnel have a different opinion of the employees working in the organization because they lack an understanding of the business model and its operations. They are adept at Hire & Fire policy, but are poor in identifying the strategic competencies to make the company more profitable. Furthermore, industry experts assert that often unskilled people opt for  HR as their profession, they believe it to be a comfortable job, with a 9-5 appeal, and standard protocols to work with. However, the business dynamics are rapidly evolving today, and HR professionals must evolve too, in order to achieve organizational development.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.” – Steve Wynn, Founder & CEO, Wynn Resorts Ltd., Las Vegas

An organization achieves success with effective utilization of its human resources, and that is what the HR department aims to achieve. Successful employee management, retention and growth are the key responsibilities of an HR manager, and thus formulating relevant and operational HR policies is imperative. HR must thus evolve their skill sets to drive the bottom-line impact for companies by establishing the highest standards for hiring, training, evaluating, and rewarding the workforce.

Industry experts such as ManEdge Consultants assert that HR personnel must utilize scalable and flexible strategies in tandem with optimized technology to reduce time-to-fill vacancies, maintain uniformity and consistency in discovering and recruiting elite talent, and successfully contribute towards saving the overhead costs to the company.

Reorganizing the Human Resources

To thrive the stringent market competition, companies greatly depend on their agility and creativity to manage their workforce. These forces have created a new opportunity for the HR to showcase their expertise and become a significant contributor to the organization’s performance.

However, HR roles must now be well-structured and managed to allow them to comprehend the business strategy and use the talent pool data to positively impact the organizational effectiveness.

Engaging Top Talent in HR

HR must today recruit and cultivate individuals with similar business competence levels at par with other departments in the organization such as, Sales, Marketing, and Finance. To engage premium talent in HR, their salaries must be competitive; at par with other departments in the company.

What’s more, HR supports a linear career progress, i.e., HR professionals are promoted within their departments; specializing in a single area of expertise like salary and compensation or training and development. Thus, talented HR professionals do not rotate out of HR roles into other organizational functions, and rarely become CEOs or GMs.

Evaluating the Corporate Structure

The primary role of HR is to execute administrative tasks, assist managers with their personnel management responsibilities. Since, their role is demanding, they fail to contribute their focus, their talent, and their energy towards strategic development and evaluating how aptitude transforms organizational performance.

Information technology has automated the HR functions, and improved their efficiency in responding to tasks. However, organizations must re-structure their business strategy, roles, and hierarchies to encourage significant contribution from HR in a strategic role, and in the process improve their job functions.


Don’t Let Personal Relationships Command Your Hiring Decisions

October 29, 2015 in Services

Don't let your personal ....

Recruitment is a perpetual challenge for companies to sustain a competitive edge amid stifling global competition. Unfortunately, talent-crunched companies’ often experience a slack attitude from recruitment vendors.

Does informal alliance breed fortune?

Even though business decisions should be based on merit, many companies frequently transgress to easiest options, first available. For instance, many people rely on their close friends, or confidantes to fulfil their recruitment needs. But do such handy and quick solutions actually benefit the stakeholders? Yes, but not in long run. For that matter, it’s not a sustainable solution. Perhaps the reason why ambitious companies prefer top notch professional recruitment firms to take care of their manpower needs. In fact, fearing a dent in their personal equation with the vendor, many people don’t even bother to question the lack of professionalism exhibited. Hence, it substantiates the need of having a result-oriented professional recruiting firm to access and acquire the talent in the market.

Some just know how to do the job:

ManEdge is one such seasoned recruitment consultant which has established an envious position in the industry more so for its immaculate approach towards providing effective recruitment solutions.  And for those who want to do serious business, ManEdge has to be one of the wisest calls to make, for the reasons discussed further:

  1. Handles one and all: It provides efficient staffing and recruitment services to companies, of all sizes and nature. From hiring in large numbers to candidates with special skills, it knows some of the most secure methods and practices to optimally reduce time and cost for hiring. With its proven expertise to customize its recruitment process, ManEdge has successfully fulfilled diverse recruitment needs of its esteemed clientele.

  2. Professional dealing: Its streamlined and systematic recruitment process, from the first point of contact till the closure of vacant job positions, reinstates commitment towards maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity with clients.  Apparently, they are pro in establishing unbiased connect with hiring managers to understand the exact recruitment needs, and resolve it subsequently.

  3. Sharp and swift access to talent pool:  Whilst quantity matters, but so is quality for the ManEdge team. It boasts of continuously developing effective conduits to reach out to the skilled and talented candidates. Give credit to their extensive domain knowledge and widening recruitment network that they had successfully closed a whopping 1000 IT jobs for one of its elite clients, within a time frame of only 3 months. All this without inching up the tentative recruitment cost!

  4. Boosts joining ratio: ManEdge is proficient enough to increase candidate’s’ acceptance ratio with its indomitable conviction and persistent efforts. Its much-approved SLA-driven ecosystem improves recruitment process from redundancy, thereby achieving designated recruitment outcomes.

Rightly so, ManEdge has consolidated its position as one of the most sought-after choice among the big and SMEs across various industry verticals. Armed with the latest and sharp-edge recruitment solutions, ManEdge is likely to successfully cruise through the fast-growing recruitment landscape in the foreseeable future.

The next big thing in the Recruitment Industry

October 24, 2015 in Services

the next big thing in the recruitment industry

Hiring the right person for a job can quickly become a complex task if the in-house recruiting team does not have access to information about a candidate’s personality. This information about a candidate is vital to gauge if they have the right attitude to handle a job, and is going to become a game changer in the recruitment industry in the coming years.

Importance of personality analysis

Recent research has shown that this “personality” analysis can be done more accurately with the help of software tools that analyze social media accounts, and it could become increasingly important in the recruitment industry. In a paper, published on the use of a computer model to understand people’s personalities, researchers from the University of Cambridge stated that “automated tools are better at matching candidates with jobs based on their personality”. This could change the process of hiring. As software tools in the future will provide a brief profile of the person’s personality and the recruiting manager only need to consider those who have the best attitude for the job.

Easily sifting through candidate profiles

Finding the perfect candidate currently relies on a recruiter conducting a formal interview, to see whether they have the necessary skills and more importantly the attitude for the job. This is where ManEdge and its services prove to be useful as we have a deep understanding of the current and future trends in the recruitment industry. Also we make use of the latest tools to get recruitment done right and within the shortest possible time frame. These tools are augmented by our skilled recruiters who have the ability to deliver all the recruitment functions needed for a company in an end to end solution.

Recruitment solutions that change with needs

With ManEdge companies also benefit from a recruitment solution tailored for their needs, such as bulk hiring, or hiring highly qualified people with specific skills. At our company we also understand that companies worldwide often shift their hiring practices and policies and that our offerings have to change to keep pace. So we specialize in evaluating the current recruitment process in companies and then create a new one or enhance it to deliver better results.

Customized recruitment solutions

At ManEdge we know that hiring the best employee for a job and doing it efficiently only happens when the correct practices and processes are in place. This is why we place special emphases on customizing our services for each industry type. Importantly, we also offer several recruitment methods for our customers and use the appropriate tools to hire employees with the right attitude for the job.

Ultimately ManEdge is not simply a recruitment solution, as our unique tools and methods are destined to be the next big thing in the industry and will inspire change.

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