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These 5 Productivity Killers are Making you Dumb

November 25, 2015 in Services

Businesswoman takes a leap of faith on Clifftop.

It is not the amount of work that affects our productivity; it is the number of distractions that keeps us from focusing on the job at hand. If you are used to frequently checking personal e-mails on your cell phone, or checking Facebook status of your friends, you are being distracted from your work.

Following are the top 5 productivity killers you need to be aware of along with suggested solutions.

1. Internet

Internet is a necessity and all of us own at least one device that can connect to the Internet. Constantly checking emails or surfing the web does not increase productivity.

Try and limit private web surfing to one hour a day. Constant monitoring of Internet usage of employees can help increase productivity.

2. Social Media

Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are reportedly the biggest distractions at work. If you have a Facebook account, chances are that you will be checking it daily to check updates.

Limit your social activity during working hours. If possible, block the social networking apps on your smart phones and tablets.

3. Cell Phone

At work, if you are constantly checking your cell phone to respond to text messages or checking who has called, you are spending too much time on you cell phone. Too much cellphone usage keeps us away from our desks for a long time.

Therefore, use assigned breaks to respond to personal messages and calls.

4. Text Messaging

Messaging on mobile devices is distracting. Although a quick response might not take too much time, we tend to get drawn into conversation even before we know it.

Utilize the assigned break times at office to respond to text messages. While at work, only respond to emergency text messages from family and friends.

5. Gossip

At work, communication is important. It helps in building relations at work. However, too much talking or gossiping can impact work productivity. Negative gossip kills productivity.

Try and avoid people who indulge in gossiping. It will help you keep focused and avoid messy situations.

By managing your time and space and limiting virtual distractions, you will be able to focus on you work and reduce stress.



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How Women Entrepreneurs Differ From Men?

November 25, 2015 in Services

Businesswoman and businessman with arms folded

A large market share of Entrepreneurship is dominated by young men, however, women entrepreneurs are not behind. Recently, Forbes announced the ‘Year of the Female Entrepreneur’, and introduced a new league of women magnates who are successfully steering the corporate ship. The top factors that encourage women to become an entrepreneur are:

Both women and men share these top factors that help them build a successful empire. However, they share different traits in terms of setting a business. Let us try to find out more.

Difference#1:  Age

Popular social networking platform FaceBook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg, a college dropout in his 20s. However, if you analyze Martha Stewart, her product empire did not develop until her mid-30s; previously she was a model, a stock broker, and a caterer. In a nutshell, male entrepreneurs tend to be young, while the women tend to be older, in their 40s and 60s, and midst of their second career (usually). The age and experience allow women to develop a smarter business sense and a strong professional network as compared to men.

Difference#2: Raising Capital

Men are proactive in raising capital for their startup, they may seek financial assistance from an Angel investor or borrow the initial investment from a bank or a lending institution. Women, on the contrary, invest their savings into their business. Women embrace a do-it-yourself attitude as compared to men, because they arrange the seed capital themselves. Some argue, that women risk more; however, they are more passionate about their business and stay invested for several years. For instance, the popular women nylon brand SPANX was launched by Sara Blakely with a seed capital of $5000 which she saved from working at the Disney World and door-to-door fax machine saleswoman.

Difference#3: Focus on Greater Good

Women entrepreneurs desire to benefit others and thus are more focused on the greater good of the community, employee, and self. Studies reveal that when women entrepreneurs receive a micro-loan, a fat chunk of the loan is served for the family and the community, contrary to men.  For instance, Sara Blakely launched SPANX to develop slim, smart, and stylish nylon products for women; while being highly functional. Her products have made an immense difference to women’s lives in terms of boosting their confidence, style quotient and greater productivity and profitability.

Difference #4: Self-criticism

Women tend to blame themselves for failure in their business, while men tend to base their failures on market factors,  employee issues, or the tough economy.  The antidote for self-criticism is that women should cultivate ‘Growth Mindset’ and learn to be compassionate towards themselves; especially when they make a mistake. Remember, to err is human!

These are the four differences that differentiate women from men entrepreneurs. So, use these factors to your advantage and reach the new heights of professional success.



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Employees Will Leave for a 10% Raise!

November 25, 2015 in Services

Manedge PNG

According to a new survey, almost a quarter of the workforce surveyed, said that they are ready to switch their jobs for as little as a 10% raise. The reasons given by the employees ranged from lack of appreciation at work to lack of competitive salaries. The other factors listed were lack of growth opportunities, no open discussion for career opportunities, and underutilization of skills.

Post the survey results it has become clear that if companies want to have happy and productive employees, and wish to retain the talent pool within the organizations, then they need organizational level changes to build a world-class workplace.

Why hire the right talent?

Even though recession has finally come to an end, there is an entire, unskilled workforce looking for employment opportunities. The fact remains that there will never be enough people who are skilled enough to match the exact market requirements.

With new types of jobs being created every week, hiring and nurturing the best talent has become all the more important. As technology evolves, old skills become obsolete and new skills get added to the job database.

With changing times, the only way to stay ahead is to stay educated and never stop learning. As technology continues to outpace education, true talent will be the people who are curious to learn, hungry for more, and who never stop learning.

How to retain them?

People or workforce continues to be the most important asset a company owns. The people who are hired and the kind who gets promoted ultimately determine the fate of an organization.

With changing times, it is not about acquiring new skills, but being able to determine which skills will win, and to find out people who are motivated and willing to learn those skills on their own. To have a competitive advantage, it is becoming increasingly important across organizations to identify and retain top talent.

In order to retain top talent an organization needs to market its job postings, encourage work/life balance, provide ongoing training and educational opportunities, recognize, and reward its employees. Attracting the right talent and retaining it would not only help an organization save money in the long run, but also be a key to its growth.



ManEdge, a streamlined recruitment process by Mancer Consulting Services provides your organization quick access to qualified and skilled manpower. By studying your company’s skill set, it reduces your time to recruit staff and reduces the overall recruitment costs. We help you plan, source, screen, select, hire, and provide post hire services.

Smart Internal Communication: Must-Have for an Organisation!

November 24, 2015 in Services

BS_Mancer_Nov 23,2015

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