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LGBT Recognition: Moving Towards True Workplace Diversity

January 20, 2016 in Services


A workplace can be termed as truly diverse only when it values and assimilates all society sections irrespective of religion, creed, gender, or orientation. In India, though enterprises have largely adopted fair corporate policies over the years, recognition and acceptance of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community continue to be low and ambiguous.

Low LGBT Recognition: Reasons and Challenges

1. Society – and hence managers and hirers – still hold antiquated, prejudiced, and ultra-conservative views. Consequently, LGBTs are frequently ignored or treated with suspicion and disdain.

2. Indian law is currently not wholly supportive of LGBTs as is evidenced from the retention of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (which basically criminalizes same-gender physical relations).

Case for Hiring LGBTs

In spite of the aforementioned challenges, there is considerable merit in hiring LGBTs:

a. To recognize and to recruit LGBTs is to appreciate human beings and human nature in all varied forms.

b. All employees deserve to be treated equally.  Sexual orientation is a personal matter and should not play a part in corporate functioning.

c. The Supreme Court of India has recently given a fillip to transgender individuals by officially recognizing them as the third gender and directing state and private institutions to duly grant them legal rights.

d. There are several instances of LGBTs having done very well in the public domain and being prominent names. Famous examples are Vikram Seth, award-winning and best-selling author of “A Suitable Boy”; Mr. Seth is openly gay and is actively championing the cause of LGBTs today.

Dr. Manabi Bandopadhyay, India’s first transgender university principal, also stands testament of the power of LGBTs to scale great career heights. Dr. Bandopadhyay overcame all social deterrents to finally become the head of Krishnagar Women’s College, West Bengal.

e. LGBTs decidedly broaden the talent pool of any organization. The more the resources, the more the intelligent inputs and productivity thereby leading to enhanced operations and growth.

There is no real demerit of hiring LGBTs. However, unless the negative mindset towards LGBTs dissipates, they will continue to encounter unwarranted issues like hiring problems, workplace bigotry, and social isolation.

Still, the situation is improving gradually with more Indian organizations adopting conscientious policies. Companies like Mancer Consulting and others intuitively believe in being equal-opportunity employers and welcome LGBTs into their fold. This value recognition translates into true workplace diversity.


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Dear Women, Please Stop Being Tough On Each Other

January 19, 2016 in Services

Dear Women, Please Stop Being Tough On Each Other

In the midst of much deliberation about gender equality and female liberation, the attitude of women towards each other tends to be overlooked. Though there is a general sense of positivity and camaraderie among women, it is not uncommon to find some negative behavior too.

Such extreme conduct is especially conspicuous in the workplace where women are found to exhibit toxic reactions towards each other. This can have adverse effects on organizational solidarity, integrity, and efficiency. A deeper look at some such negative traits and their ramifications:

1. Overt Aggression  

It is observed that some working women are needlessly aggressive with other female personnel. This results in them constantly trying to upstage one another and attempting to silence the others’ views.

To ensure the company’s harmony, women must realize that every employee is special and has a significant role to play.

2. Jealousy

Jealousy usually arises when individual women are praised for day-to-day work or during performance appraisals owhen women are promoted to the detriment of others. Such envy is known to generate arguments, snide comments about personal character, and even resignations.

Women ought to realize that their female counterparts have succeeded primarily owing to hard work and perseverance. Thus working women must shun jealousy and support one another wholeheartedly.

3. Scandalous Gossip

Mutual negative behavior among women sometimes scandalous rumor- mongering. This unwanted gossiping can result in tremendous wastage of time, under performance, and non-meeting of organizational objectives.

Thus, women must jointly strive to foster an environment of peace, affability, and teamwork.

4. Deceit

Deceptive conduct is also an unfortunate outcome of mutual women interactions at the workplace. Such deception is usually characterized by women wrongly taking credit for other women’s work and lying about their or their rivals’ qualifications and accomplishments.

5. Insubordination

On occasions, women who have female bosses are uncomfortable with such a dispensation and do not comply with their superiors’ instructions. This calls for more candidness and interaction between managers and subordinates to ease tensions and build rapport.




ManEdge, a streamlined recruitment process by Mancer Consulting Services provides your organization quick access to qualified and skilled manpower. By studying company skill sets, it reduces your time to recruit staff and reduces the overall recruitment costs. We help you plan, source, screen, select, hire, and provide post hire services.

Simple Ways to Embrace Your Professional Life in 2016

January 18, 2016 in Services

simple ways to embrace your professional life in 2016

As we embark upon the Chinese year of the Monkey, we cannot be sure if the mischievous and witty character will bring joy or challenges. As the global markets turn competitive and employers want to churn the maximum out of their workforce, some amount of professional discontent is bound to creep in. Professionals strive to maintain an active social life while being able to remain fit and healthy, and attain clarity of job responsibility and goals while atone anything that leads to stress.

The following tips may help you attain bliss at your workplace:

  • Revere the Child in You: No, we don’t recommend you talk in a sugar rush with your boss or subordinates, but reward yourself with little breaks once in a while, letting out the hidden and insecure child inside you develop something. Embrace the creative outburst in the form of a doodle, a clay art or solving a puzzle.

  • Airguitar, Jive and Cheat the Calorie Check: At least once, during the day, give your body the liberty to escape the clout of work by shaking a leg to your favorite songs, head-bang without appearing like a maniac and treat yourself with a smoothie or a chocolate. If not dance, just take a walk among the blocks, observe people you don’t know and savor the sunshine.

  • Be an Aide: Altruism – helping others – is known to result in happiness. It enables you to create a channel of self-satisfaction by establishing a mental reward system. Helping a colleague on this 15 minutes endeavor will have satisfactory effects lasting all week long.

  • Skip Your Coffee: Research has continued to point out in the direction that caffeine dependency is known to increase anxiety, gastric uneasiness, fatigue and insomnia. Skipping the nervous stimulant, and retorting by exercising before work, helps increase efficiency and productivity. Also, leaving your cigarettes at home enables you and your co-workers to have healthier lungs.

  • Track Your Efforts Instead of Accomplishments: Don’t let any statistic or figure that affect your morale. They do not make you happy; instead, they do the opposite. Stress over quality rather than quantity. Annex tiny things, let the big accomplishment traverse a longer yet more rewarding path.

  • Ensure Communication: It’s easy to get drowned in reminders and official mails all day long. Take time aside to let the communication follow across your cubicle with your manager about daily anticipated events to help yourself feel less stressed out.



ManEdge, a streamlined recruitment process by Mancer Consulting Services provides your organization quick access to qualified and skilled manpower. By studying company skill sets, it reduces your time to recruit staff and reduces the overall recruitment costs. We help you plan, source, screen, select, hire, and provide post hire services.

Unhappy About Your Career? This Is How You Can Fix It

January 14, 2016 in Services

Unhappy About Your Career This is How You Can Fix It

Everyone strives to possess a perfect career primarily marked by job satisfaction, skill enrichment, vertical progression, and handsome compensation. Career matters are especially compelling for working women in India who have to face unique personal and professional challenges.

If you are a working woman and are unhappy about your career for any reason, the following recommendations can go a long way in reducing your anxiety and enhancing your vocational worth:

1. Persevere for a Favorable Work-Life Balance  

The disproportionate time division between personal and work duties is one of the main causes of career dissatisfaction. It is observed that job and family obligations are invariably in conflict resulting in reduced performance, tardiness, and poor appraisals.

Therefore, you ought to choose a career or career option that gives you ample time to manage both work and life admirably. Negotiating a freelance arrangement is a good example.

2. Do What Comprehensively Suits You   

Many a time, women hurriedly choose a career opposed to their innate abilities and interests. This leads to low motivation, distress, and decreased compensation. Hence, you must always opt for a vocation that you are skilled at and inherently passionate about. A suitable career will result in greater individual growth and, in turn, benefit your employer too in the form of work efficiency and target achievement.

3. Ensure That Your Employers Respect You   

A lack of mutual respect engenders unhappiness, mistrust, and altercations. Thus, regardless of the enterprise you work for, you must ascertain that it respects you as an individual at all stages of your life. As a woman, you may be a spinster, wife, or a widow – ensure that these life phases are given due consideration invariably.

4. Work For An Organization That Favors Mothers   

Working mothers are an inimitable segment of the corporate domain and capable of enviable efficiency owing to their experience, maturity, and multitasking ability. However, some organizations fail to recognize their exceptional traits thereby causing discomfort and inconvenience.

Hence, if you are a working mother, you would do well to work for an enterprise that supports mothers via many convenient related schemes. For example, some progressive firms offer thoughtful work-from-home and flexible-timing options to working mothers, even those returning after long maternity leaves.  Such schemes will permit you to enjoy motherhood and corporate life simultaneously thereby undoubtedly leading to career progression.



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