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5 Most Sought-After Employers in India

February 29, 2016 in Services


All employees desire to work with organizations that are esteemed, successful, retain good working environments, and have good career advancement possibilities. A few Indian entities have managed this rare combination to emerge among the most sought-after employers nationwide (as revealed by a leading global consultancy in 2015).

A roundup of five such organizations:

1. Bajaj Finance Limited


Bajaj Finance is an industry leader in providing comprehensive financial services. What has helped Bajaj Finance to be ranked as a top employer are factors like:

  • Superior compensation structure.

  • Excellent employee recognition mechanism.

  • Multifaceted career opportunities including an impressive 402 internal placements in six months.

2. DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd.  


DHL is an internationally renowned brand offering full-range logistics amenities. In India, the company has become a highly coveted employer due to:

  • Strong employee focus evidenced by superlative appraisal methods, online training platforms, and enrichment schemes including the award-winning CIS program.

  • Inclusive benefits and career advancement for the company’s entire workforce comprising over 2100 personnel.

3. Marriott Hotels India Pvt. Ltd.  


Launched worldwide in 1927, Marriot has carved a niche in India following its excellent hotels and accompanying hospitality services. The company has earned a peak employer rating mainly owing to its superb work ethos that supports career progression, values enhancement, and cohesive teamwork.

It is fitting that Marriott India has bagged the ‘best employer’ award for two years in a row.

4. Whirlpool India


Whirlpool India has become one of India’s largest home appliances companies in a short time frame. This achievement, along with being declared as one of India’s most cherished employers, has been accomplished owing to an inventive hiring philosophy, rapid career advancement opportunities, and a potent code of ethics. Consequently, the enterprise has won several other employer awards.

5. Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL)  


Boasting a legacy of over a hundred years, GCPL is now India’s largest indigenous personal consumer products enterprise.  GCPL’s credentials as a top employer are:

  • A widely respected management cadre.

  • A vibrant work setting that treasures honesty, trust, and teamwork.

  • Novel employee schemes like Careers 2.0 that accords working mothers and other women to re-start their corporate careers via convenient work options. It is heartening to note that such initiatives have been commenced by a few other entities too; an example being the ‘Mancer USP’ scheme launched by Mancer Consulting, the firm that also offers the popular ‘ManEdge’ recruitment platform.

The Mothers’ Market in Imphal

February 26, 2016 in Services

The ‘Mother’s Market in Imphal- Option 1

It is five o’clock on a misty weekday morning in Northeast India, a distinct cool breeze wafting through the city. It is early but already there’s a flurry of activity at a truly unique market where several shopkeepers have gathered to sell their merchandise. The unique aspect? Welcome to Khwairamband Bazar or Ima Keithel in Imphal, Manipur – arguably Asia’s largest and oldest market operated solely by women!

Ima Keithel, connoting ‘Mothers’ Market’ in Manipuri, has been popularly named so over the years because Manipuri women, mostly middle-aged, have been selling here since the 16th century. The bazaar commenced with a few ladies operating hand-drawn carts from which they sold basic produce. Now, the market has evolved to comprise nearly four thousand women selling numerous goods in defined spots under a sprawling roofed building.

The variety and number of commodities sold here are mindboggling. The goods include fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, handicrafts, spices, utensils, jewelry, apparel, snacks, and much more. The market today is a bustling, almost all-day affair with the women sellers donning colorful traditional attire like phaneks (sarongs) and innaphis (scarves). The sellers further enhance the shopping experience with their broad smiles and affable nature, notwithstanding a bit of good-natured haggling.

Owing to Ima Keithel’s appeal, many residents of Imphal and nearby towns have made it their regular daily destination. All patrons have their favorite shops that they (and their families before them) have perhaps been visiting for generations.

And it’s not just an array of goods that gets transacted here. Every now and then, when business is sparse or during the day’s later hours, there are animated exchanges of views as well. The women discuss everything – from trade matters to politics and from family concerns to city issues. This interaction suitably complements the regular selling activities and gives the market a distinctive character.

Ima Keithel amply demonstrates the potency of women in multiple ways. Firstly, it proves that women don’t require the support of men or external agencies to prosper on their own. Further, the market manifests the proficiency of women to be successful entrepreneurs and run a thriving enterprise.

In the end, the Mothers’ Market has substantially boosted the cause of Indian women empowerment and provided female entrepreneurs and workers the impetus to counter patriarchal notions and elevate their status.

The Importance of Interpersonal Skills for Today’s Graduates

February 25, 2016 in Services

The importance of Interpersonal Skills for today’s Graduates (1)

Graduation is the stage from which one usually qualifies to be suitably employed, equipped as one is with specialized knowledge of a chosen field. In the modern world, however, no amount of practical and theoretical expertise can override the cognizance and importance of interpersonal skills. Presenting the prime reasons why interpersonal abilities are vital for today’s graduates, especially in India:

1. Interpersonal Interactions Are Omnipresent

In today’s competitive and bustling setting, graduates cannot afford to live in isolation or rely solely on their technical knowhow. To prosper in their selected careers, they necessarily have to communicate and transact with a variety of persons regularly.

For instance, a graduate employed as an accounts manager will inevitably have to interact with other employees, supervisors, clients, and other parties. Conversely, a graduate establishing a start-up will also need to correspond extensively with assistants, investors, customers, suppliers, and the government to make the venture a success.

2. Significance Irrespective of Desired Career

Interpersonal skills are uniformly critical regardless of the career choice or stream. Whether a graduate wants to commence a business, be employed in an organization, or even freelance as a professional, knowing how to speak and deal with other individuals are essential.

3. Crucial for Higher Studies

Graduates decidedly need to acquire additional credentials and proficiencies to excel in their careers. In India, these typically include Chartered Accountancy, M.B.A., M. Tech, M.Sc., and M.A.

While pursuing higher studies and enrolling in numerous universities, graduates need substantial interpersonal skills to negotiate interviews, group discussions, class assignments, and professor assessments.

4. For Effective Team Work

Today’s environment, especially the corporate sphere, requires people to work as a team to accomplish unified goals. In these situations, comprehensive interpersonal skills are needed to work as a cohesive unit, generate high performance, and fruitfully realize organizational targets.

5. To Communicate with Superiors

The corporate domain consistently requires employed graduates to interact with multiple superiors, including their immediate supervisors. Examples include meetings, presentations, and appraisals. Polished interpersonal skills will greatly aid graduates and enhance their impression as well as their careers.

6. To Manage Conflicts

Nowadays, the working atmosphere witnesses many conflicts intermittently ranging from payment issues to service concerns and from trade union troubles to quality woes. Since graduates may be called upon to handle such concerns, they need extensive interpersonal skills to politely argue with individuals, resist such challenges, and remedy the conflicts.

“The cost of hiring‬ someone bad is so much greater than missing out on someone good”, Joe Kraus. Why?‬

February 23, 2016 in Services

When companies hire, their main aim is to assimilate employees who are in harmony with their brand, philosophy, working culture, and business ethics. Consequently, it follows that faulty hiring can greatly mar the reputation, performance, and finances of employers – far more than overlooking deserving employees. This scenario prompted Joe Kraus, of Google Ventures, to famously make the titular quote.

Cost of a bad hire

A deeper look at the ramifications of hiring someone bad:

1. Possible Termination Costs

A faulty recruitment will inevitably result in the purposeful dismissal of the concerned employees. However, this could entail likely termination costs such as relocation compensation and – in case the employees sue the company –  steep legal expenses.

2. Exorbitant Re-Hiring Expenses

A wide array of high costs is involved in recruiting fresh employees including expenses for:

a. Arranging interviews.
b. Candidate transport.
c. Candidate boarding and lodging.
d. Training and induction.

This expenditure directly affects the profits of companies. Many organizations, especially start-ups, can ill-afford to vitiate their bottom lines in this manner.

3. Reputation Damage

Analysts estimate that almost 80 percent of employee turnover arises due to bad hiring. High personnel renewal degrees negatively impact the company’s brand image and alienate their clients and customers.

4. Decreased Revenues and Buyers

Improper employments saddle companies with ineffective and incompetent personnel. This automatically means depressed sales, dissatisfied buyers, and – eventually – business losses. Studies have shown that bad hiring can easily reduce revenues by more than 10 percent.

5. Impaired Production

Unsuitable hiring in large numbers will also generate manufacturing troubles like low output and compromised product quality.

6. Diminished Morale

Bad hiring adversely affects the morale of employees – a major unquantifiable cost in modern times. Motivation levels of both the concerned employees and of the balance personnel are hit leading to low efficiency, insubordination, and resignations.

7. Time Is Money

This maxim perfectly applies in a bad hiring case. Apart from the tangible costs, a lot of precious time is also expended due to incorrect recruitment. Such time wastage translates into missed deadlines, unwarranted interest and other opportunity costs, and awry budgets.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the cost of hiring someone bad will be substantially higher when the concerned employee occupies a senior position. Nevertheless, to negate instances of bad hiring, companies are advised to engage professional recruitment consultants that have the resources and experience to negate such occurrences.






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