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Couldn’t Get Into IIT/IIM? This Is How You Can Still Make It Big

March 30, 2016 in Services


Every year, millions of students try their luck to enter the hallowed gates of the elite institutes like IITs or IIMs. Not all of them get an admission to these prestigious colleges but is that an end to a shining future ahead? Despite the peer pressure and high stakes, these institutes can’t be made the parameters for a successful career. Here are few ways to make it big regardless of failing to get into an IIT or IIM.

Understand Your Skills:

The primary need to excel in life is to possess an exceptional skill that can explore your capabilities and express your dreams to the world. The way you perceive success will set the magnitude of your accomplishments. Assess your love for your skills and work to improvise them constantly. The success will surely follow.

Head to Other Indian Institutes:

There are many other reputed institutes that nurture the best talent in both these streams. You can seek admission to the likes of BITS-Pilani, NIT, and renowned private colleges. Also, you have success stories rising from the not-so-famous institutes as an impactful inspiration. These include the exceptional success of Satya Nadella, Vinod Dham, and Sabir Bhatia. They have broken the stereotypes for the elitism and corporate achievements with a modest beginning and education at a relatively lesser known institutes.


Try Out The Overseas Colleges:

Can’t pass through the IIM or IIT? You can try your luck at the Ivy League colleges or other known international universities. It may sound sarcastic but that’s the truth. There are instances of students getting entry to these elite colleges despite failing to get into IITs or IIMs. These colleges provide great exposure and resources to their academics. This, in turn, gives an international edge to their students.

Focus And Knowledge Hold The Key:

For a successful career, you must possess these two prerequisites. In the realm of entrepreneurship, IITs and IIMs have been surpassed by many other colleges. In fact, the role of an educational institute is secondary for shaping your future. You have to become your own torch bearer with your personal instincts and interpersonal skills that lead you to the success. Instead of going through the tabloid rankings of an institute, it is better to stay focused on your career objectives.

Lastly, listen to your heart and follow your dreams. It is that and not the college that defines your achievements.



Want To Build Your Career in IT – Know Corporate Hierarchy of Indian IT Companies?

March 28, 2016 in Services


In the contemporary job market, a career in IT sector is path-defining and rewarding at the same time. This industry offers lucrative career prospects along with strong interpersonal development and impeccable growth opportunities. There is a wide array of paths that you can choose to step into this domain. Here is the corporate hierarchy on top three Indian IT companies for a better perspective.

1. Tata Consultancy Services:

This operative subsidiary of Tata Group has a workforce exceeding three lakh employees and a wide range of services for its international clientele. The hierarchy in TCS starts from Assistant systems engineer trainee with an average salary of 3-4 lakh per annum. The same is promoted to the position of assistant systems engineer with an increment of approx. 8-10%. After gaining two years of experience, you can become systems engineer with a hike of 10-12% and 4 years of experience will take you to the position of IT analyst and tech analyst respectively with increment depending upon your last appraisal band. From here, you have to stay for seven years in TCS for the position of assistant consultant, associate consultant, consultant, senior consultant and principal consultant, each with performance-based increments.


2. Infosys:

With a diversified service portfolio and client network, this Bangalore-based IT MNC boasts of being a favoured software company for the professionals. The hierarchy in Infosys begins from fresher joining as system engineer promoted to senior systems engineer, technical analyst, tech lead, tech architect, senior architect, delivery manager, associate VP, senior VP, executive VP and finally, president to CEO. The salary of fresher staffs starts from 3.25 lakh per annum with performance based hikes every year. On an average, you can expect approximately 7% increment based on the company as well as individual performances.


3. Wipro:

With a huge workforce and many prestigious awards under its belt, Wipro is a top notch IT giant in India. The hierarchy in Wipro technologies depends upon the bands from A to E. Band A starts with fresher/trainee moving on to band B1 of project engineer and band B2 of senior project engineer with average salary from 3-6 lakhs per annum. Band B3 – tech lead has an average salary of 15-16 lakhs and band C1 – project manager/ consultant/architect with salary up to 17-18 lakhs p.a. Further up the ladder are band C2 with the positions of delivery manager/senior architect/senior consultant/practice head. Next, in line is the band D1 with position of delivery head and finally band E offering top positions. The hikes in salaries and positions are based on performances in this company as well.



4 Skills That Can Change Your Life

March 25, 2016 in Services


It is not always necessary that every test of life will prove to be relevant for you. Often, the course of your life depends upon the simplistic strategies that you formulate and some life-turning skills that you can easily attain. Here we have discussed five such skills that can actually change your life for good.

1. The Art of Speaking:

In today’s competitive world, it is utmost important to learn the proper way of conversing. You must learn how to make small conversations when you need them the most and when you should cut an elongated talk. Both ways, it is necessary to stay composed with courtesy and resolve. And, you’ll bang on the target.

2. Self-awareness:

Unless you are aware of yourself, you can’t expect to change your life. Hence, self-awareness is the key to any other life skill. Explore your inner self and analyze your actions. Mind every word and you will probably win most of the battles without actually sweating it out. Review the effectiveness of your actions and make amends wherever they are failing you.

3. The Art of Listening:

It is as important as the art of speaking. When you are listening to someone, it shows that you care. But most importantly, you can process all that you hear from that person. Once you start listening to others, you will find yourself in a better position to understand not only their words but also their actions. With this ambiguity, you can enjoy the better perception of any situation to your own advantage.

4. Nurturing Lifelong Partnerships:

If you want to live a content life, you must master the skill of making friends and partners. These associations are an immense support for you in the most distressed times. They can cheer you up when you are bogged down by the failures. To make such friends, learn to accept others with a positive approach and respect for their outlook.

These are the best four skills that can change your life forever.


6 Hard Lessons You Learn After Becoming a Recruiter

March 22, 2016 in Services


It is needless to mention how important for an organization its potential employees are. Here, the role of a recruiter is utmost crucial. Being a professional in recruiting is never easy. It teaches you the hardest lessons that will linger with you lifelong. Here are discussed six such hard lessons that you probably learn only after swimming in these rough waters.

1. Avoid Being Too Positive On the Go:

This makes you really vulnerable in the process of hiring. As an overly positive person, you may end up recruiting the wrong candidates. However, you can overcome this situation by making some contract breakers known to the interviewees. Give them some deadlines to showcase the credentials cited in their resume or else they should be fired.

2. Speed Holds The Key:

You are working in a swift industry where no one rests upon a single opportunity in hand. The competition is getting fierce and every opportunity you lose is someone’s ultimate gain. So, the moment you come across the desired candidate profile or hiring needs of an organization, get to the action as soon as possible.

3. Experience Counts But Not Always:

It is a double-edged sword that often confuses the recruiters. You can’t afford to recruit the people at the wrong time of their career. It is necessary to check their skill set and experience in a broader perspective. You have to ascertain when you need experience. It is necessary for an industry that is neither too target driven nor very fast-paced. On the contrary, you need not lay more stress on experience in the industry that moves on targets.

4. Passion Is Good But Not Always The Truth:

This is an irony of the social media driven industry. There are candidates who talk about the passion but then, they sputter sooner than you envisaged. These fizzled sparklers become a burden for the company within six months. To avoid this situation, try to indulge in some deep analysis of their social media profile along with thorough background checks.

5. Keep Your Cool During The Hiring Spikes:

Hiring spikes are hard to handle but you can overcome this situation with experience and strategy. Never giving up is the key along with a re-hiring strategy in place. Massive hiring and onerous rounds of interviews may be intimidating but your perseverance can win the battle for you.

6. Value Your Commitments:

It includes the gestures like calling a candidate within the timeframe you committed in the interview or fulfilling an assurance that you made to the hiring company. Work to the best of your abilities and in the case of failures, dare to accept them.

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