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This Is How HRs Teams Can Be Innovative

May 30, 2016 in Services

This Is How HRs Teams Can Be Innovative

In the recent times, HR teams have become a strategic value addition to the core of any business. However, to leverage upon its significance in a company, innovation has become customary for HR teams. They can foster innovative approach and outcome in the overall performance of an organization.

What Is Innovation In HR Teams?

From HR’s perspective, innovation is a new idea that culminates value creation in a company through its largest asset, its employees. HR managers can strengthen core abilities of its workforce with a perfect balance of ideas, resources, and procedures that are intriguingly new.

3 Ideas Helping HRs Teams to Be Innovative:

Building up a creative team of managers from ground level can be intimidating for any HR head. But the same process can be simplified by these effective techniques:

1. Pay For Innovation:

It is aptly said that creative minds are never driven by money. But the truth is that money is a driving force to induce innovation. You can use well-defined innovation based incentive systems of rewarding your HR team. If you think monetary rewards aren’t enough, you can also focus on awarding the ideas that augmented yearly growth and profit margins. Recognition pampers your creative HR team to be proactive and working to its best possible.

2. Use Technology To Your Advantage:

There are many technological ways to bring innovation to your HR team. It may include HR based software to lessen the burden from managers. You can give them a technical edge with automated software for routine tedious jobs like legal paperwork, payroll, worksheets, etc. You can also count upon the benefits of online communication. Use social media groups, forums, and intranets to share and develop novel ideas. It can enhance productivity and diversity of ideas flowing into human resources management.

3. Break The Stereotypes And Understand Your People:

Take inspiration from companies like Google and its 20% time initiative that allows every employee to dedicate their 20% time to work on projects that interest them and force them to take calculated risks. It starts from creating conducive environment to promote innovation in every employee. It implies more participation of top level for face-time with employees, in-house training for innovative practices, timely review of new ideas, setting aside a budget for innovation, and cultural assessment of company based on inputs from employees, staffers, and even, outsiders.

These are some of the best ways to bring innovation to the working of an HR team.

How to Handle Criticism with a Smile?

May 27, 2016 in Services

How to Handle Criticism with a Smile

Being a professional, criticism is a necessary evil for personal and career growth. If you get negative comments for your hard work from your boss, there’s nothing unusual about it. The key to success lies in your ability to absorb this negativity with a broad smile on your face. Handle this stress with care and you can excel in your professional performance with flying colors. Here are 4 Essential Tips to Handle Criticism with Smile and Grace.

1. Never Take Criticism Personally:

Most of the people are prone to take criticism as an attack on their personality. But, this is never the right thing to do. You should understand that a person isn’t disapproving your entire self but only a small aspect of it. Take it as a reminder that this particular section of your persona needs perfection. But if it comes from an insistent critic, shove it off and move on.

2. Listen Carefully To Criticism and Respond Gently:

If you will listen carefully what your critic is talking about, you’ll be in a better position to understand whether their view is rational or rude. Also, try to evaluate the subject matter of criticism instead of focusing on its tone. Even if you aren’t really impressed with the style of criticism, find out the suggestion that may be hidden in its core. Once you ascertain these factors, respond calmly with kindness and a big smile.

3. Remain Focused Always:

Often, criticism is a tool to distract you. Your critics send you insults to deviate your focus from the target. In such situations, staying calm is your best tool. Don’t turn into a victim for insignificant critiques coming from people who hardly matter in your life. Stay attentive without responding to indiscreet comments. However, if a criticism is detrimental to your career or personal life, deal with conviction and your abilities to dodge it down.

4. Thank Your Critic And Avoid Stress:

If someone is pointlessly rude to you, avoid taking stress for such people. They may be distressed or having a bad day. Thank them for their valued criticism and move on. This small gesture on your part can win you a lot of appreciation and make friends out of foes. At the same time, if criticism is valuable, imbibe it into your behavior. In any case, stay away from unwanted stress building up in your mind.

If you fail to take it in your stride, criticism can tear down your career into pieces. So, learn to embrace it with grace.

This Is How You Can Hire Tirelessly

May 25, 2016 in Services

This Is How You Can Hire Tirelessly

Every business, despite its scale of operations, wants to build a competitive team. It turns out to be a daunting task because employers are nowadays losing their upper hand in recruiting decisions. At the same time, talented professionals are hard to find due to expanding job market. In this scenario, if you are looking forward to hiring tirelessly, you have to think creatively. Here are five effective ways to hire great workforce without spending too much of time and efforts.

1. Outsourcing:

It is the best way to hire without worrying about every minute detail. You simply have to find a professional recruitment consultancy having sufficient expertise and experience in hiring. Consultancies provide a wide gamut of services to offer you the best candidates within stipulated time. Right from preparing job descriptions to the scheduling of interviews, they perform every task in a proficient manner. It may increase your hiring costs substantially. But if you can afford it, you must opt for outsourcing.

2. Referral Incentives:

Referrals are known to be the most time-tested and foolproof method of hiring. You can make it more effective by offering incentives for the same. Spread the word and let everyone know that you have a vacant position. If you are referring resources within the company, you can offer non-monetary incentives like extra vacations, new cabin, etc. to the referrer.

3. Social Media Hiring:

With its expanding user base, social media is turning out to be the best meeting ground for employers and potential employees. Remain active on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and AngelList. Search the candidates suitable for your business at these platforms and invite them to collaborate with you. You can also advertise on Facebook by using its targeted demographics feature.

4. Internal Hiring:

It saves you from wasting time and money spent on other hiring methods. You may have an employee, with the desired set of skills, already working in your company. Check the profiles and resumes of your current employees and see if you can hire amongst them. It may require a small-term training to hone the skills of such employee to make them suitable for the vacant position. But it is worth a try!

5. Hiring Software:

There are advanced techniques of hiring using online recruiting software like Resumator. This applicant tracking and recruiting software enable you to downsize the number of resumes reaching your e-mail. It filters the resumes as per the set criteria with many additional features.

With these simple and creative methods, you can hire the best employees tirelessly.

3 Strategies to Attract Best Talent towards Your Organization

May 23, 2016 in Services

3 Strategies to attract best talent towards your organization

Hiring potential staff is always critical to the success of an enterprise. A business needs achievers to stay in competition in any economic environment. Hence, companies strive to attract the best talent by devising employee-centric policies from the scratch. In the current scenario, employees are driven by high anticipations for their career growth and a positive work culture to foster it. While recruiting for your organization, you may be overwhelmed by the burgeoning competition in the job market.

In order to find the best talent and also retain it, here are the 3 strategies that may help:

1. Define Your Recruitment Goals And Build A Positive Recruitment Brand:

Before starting the process of recruitment, do your homework thoroughly to understand the core objective of this hiring. Try to find out how many employees you require for a particular position, what are the requisites you seek in them? How will you compensate them? By what time you need to complete recruitment process? Once specified on all these points, build your employment brand with a vision statement and job description that can attract top talents from industry.

2. Bring Flexibility To Create A Thriving Work Culture:

You should evaluate the current work culture and find the flaws in it. Take ideas from employees and make your office a magnetic workplace attracting the best candidates. Flexibility in corporate culture gives you a control over the performance of your staff. Set realistic missions and goals for employees, promote interaction at every level, create a culture of confidence, and embrace diversity with a positive attitude. Try to find people who may not be experienced but are ready to innovate.

3. Have A Streamlined Hiring And On-Boarding Process:

Many organizations lose potential talent due to lack of an efficient recruitment process. They take months to decide over the contention of interviewed candidates. It creates ambiguity and people refrain to work with such companies. Hence, avoid these practices. Once you begin hiring procedure, bring timeliness into it. Maintain contact with the selected applicants and bring them on board as soon as possible. Once they are in, you should also help them to adjust in your corporate culture. Elaborate their job responsibilities and keep them engaged in the organization as an important team member.

These three strategies are basic to a well-devised recruitment process. They can attract the most viable talent and also help new employees to start liking your company from the first day itself.


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