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It is Time to Make Policies for Employee Wellness

June 22, 2016 in Services

Employee Wellness Final

It’s 2 in the morning, and unlike the rest of the world or many of his peers, who are busy celebrating the onset of yet another weekend, Varun is toiling in the office, struggling to keep his eyes open, and his mind focussed. It’s been a while since such a busy work schedule set into Varun’s life. These days, he just finds himself being engaged in is work, work, and more work. At this hour, the only thing that he can think of is how he wished his job could be less stressful and more relaxing.

Well, this is not just the story of one Varun, but many of us out there who are trying to keep pace with the mounting work load and job responsibilities increasingly being bestowed upon us, owing to booming corporate sector of the country.

But as the saying goes, everything comes at a cost. The cost that a large number of corporates are paying in return of pushing more work towards their employees is higher level of stress among the employees, resulting in related health problems and growing disengagement towards work, causing lower productivity. To reinforce my argument, here are some facts:

  1. According to WHO, diseases resulting from poor lifestyle are expected to claim 7.6 million lives in India by 2020, as compared to the statistic of 3.78m by 1990

  2. According to a study, the risk of death increases by up to 40 percent for those people who sit for 11 hours or more each day

  3. As reported in 2014, according to the Global Benefits Attitudes survey that studied 22,347 employees across 12 countries including the UK and the US, over 50 percent of those that claimed to had been experiencing high levels of stress, confessed to be disengaged

  4. According to a study conducted by the University of Warwick in 2014, happy employees are 12 percent more productive than the stressed ones

Thus, it’s the need of the hour for companies to turn their thoughts towards actually taking care of their employees and bringing in a culture that ensures their wellbeing, and enhances their ability to remain fit and stress free. This is the only key for ensuring long term profitability, by way of achieving employee retention and greater productivity.

Here are few steps that we believe companies can incorporate for achieving wellbeing of their people as well as their families:

  1. Introduction of Mindfulness Programs – Industry leaders such as Apple, Google, and Nike have brought in programs that enable their employees to keep a healthy and balanced mind by way of facilitating meditation, providing amenities such as relaxation rooms for taking small naps etc. Google’s Search Inside Yourself (SIY) program uses tools of neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to emphasise self-directed growth from inside-out

  2. Standing workstations/Flexi Zones – Companies such as Ernst & Young (EY) and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) have set up standing workstations and adjustable-height desks respectively, to encourage employees to leave their chairs, change their postures, move around more, and thereby become more active

  3. More flexible working conditions – Companies need to revamp their HR policies and bring in the digital nomadism and remote work concepts, which allow employees to work out of their office at remote locations on a long-term basis

  4. Providing health advisory services/health check-ups – Companies such as IBM provide vaccinations and organize health camp for their employees and their families. It also provides elderly care services to the parents of the employees living in a different city, wherein parents are accompanied for tests or doctor appointments

However, all said and done, the above actions will prove fruitful only when the company takes charge of tackling the underlying causes of stress in the company such as improving the work-life balance for employees and bringing in the adequate staff.


Never Do This after an Interview

June 18, 2016 in Services

Never do this after an interview

Even after performing exceptionally well in an interview, you should never overestimate your chances of getting hired. Sometimes, a small mistake made during the interview or immediately after it can ruin your pursuit for a dream job. There are instances where candidates terribly mishandled the post-interview scenario leading to serious repercussions. Mistakes that you should never commit after a promising interview are:

Following up to the Point Of Harassment:

Most of the prospective candidates make this mistake of annoying their single point of contact, or SPOC in the hiring company, with repetitive calls and emails. Let them take some time and consider your candidature in a broader perspective. This pestering may negatively affect your appointment.

Arguing On Rejection:

It is explicable that you feel depressed after being rejected. But, your reaction should still remain positive. Never try to argue with the hiring manager to justify your candidature. It is a professional decision made on several factors. Don’t take it personally. Just move on and improve your credentials for the future.

Increasing the Expected Salary Range:

Sometimes, over-confidence can hamper your job prospects. Often, candidates start with lower salary expectations. However, after successful completion of an interview, they dramatically increase this expected salary range. This attitude never goes down well with the hiring managers. They are miffed by such candidates and cancel the offer immediately.

Being Rude:

If you are not considered worthy of the job after a successful interview, don’t turn into a ruthless person. Instead of getting into a dispute with the company, send them a thank you note for considering you and also ask for some tips to improve your skills. Your positive attitude can always work in your interest. So, maintain a calm demeanour and never give up to the rejections.

Talking About It before Confirmation:

It reflects your immaturity and unprofessionalism. You should never talk about the details of the job and company before receiving a confirmation from the hiring manager. Also, you shouldn’t behave as if you have already got the job. You should follow-up but with an inquisitive tone without any assumption.

Sharing Details of Interview on Social Media:

Never try to add the interviewer to your social circle soon after the interview. It is extremely annoying. Also, you should never share the details of the interview on common platforms or talk negatively about the interviewer.

If you can avoid these mistakes after performing well in an interview, your chances of landing for the job will also enhance significantly.


Here’s How You Hire the Finest Teammates!

June 16, 2016 in Services

Programmers, developers, process coding, teamwork. Programming c

In any business, hiring right employees is imperative for smooth functioning of core operations and for the growth of the company. But, finding such pool of talent is a taxing exercise for the enterprises. An appropriate hiring policy can simplify the process of recruitment to a large extent. There are many deciding factors that must be determined in a candidate before hiring. Apart from the qualifications, candidates should possess necessary experience and should be adaptable to your corporate culture. Here are some of the best hiring techniques to find suitable candidates for a particular position.

#1 Simulations

This is a recent breakthrough that most of the organisations are discovering. Simulation-based hiring and onboarding has become common in the large enterprises worldwide. This turns out to be the most effective tool for a right recruitment procedure. Here, candidates are asked to participate in a simulation or a game developed with real life challenges faced by your business. Candidates have to pass through this test successfully using the right approaches and skills. This technique gives a precise evaluation of the skills possessed by a candidate.

#2 Social Media

Hiring for a single position through an HR company may prove expensive for your enterprise. Instead, you can take help from social media. Post your requirement on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other similar platforms. Spread the word in your circle and sooner, you can find an appropriate candidate contacting you via this route.

#3 References

It is one of the most traditional and time-tested techniques of hiring the best candidates. You can always trust your references when it comes to effective recruitment. Use references within your company or outside it. This technique always works in your favour by saving cost of recruitment

#4 Professional Recruitment Consultants

If you have to fill several positions in your organisation, hiring an HR company is the best option. They have expertise and experience to find the best candidates as per your search criteria. From drafting of offer letter to appointment, they take care of every aspect while you can focus on your business. There are several specialised agencies working for specific industries. You can hire any such agency for your recruitment process.

Some of these techniques are ages-old while others are latest and innovative. You should select the technique that serves your interest in the best manner possible.


Didn’t Hear Back After A Fantastic Interview?! Why?

June 15, 2016 in Services

Didn't hear after a fantastic

After landing for your desired job interview and doing well in it, you eagerly look forward to a positive response from the interviewer. And, if you don’t really hear back for a long time, it is heart-breaking but not unusual. Going by the facts, almost 60% candidates face this situation for a potential job.

Here, we have tried to figure out few reasons behind this no follow-up by the employer.

Over Confidence or Over Expectations:

This can be seriously detrimental not only for a particular interview but for your job search as a whole. You might have performed brilliantly at the interview and impressed the interviewers. But, you shouldn’t take it as a guarantee to your employment. The company may be taking its time to complete the process and still finding someone better than you.

Job Requires A Skill You Don’t Possess:

You might have excelled at the interview but it will go futile if you don’t have the set of skills actually required for the opening. Interviewers may get impressed with the knowledge and dexterity of a candidate but they can’t overlook the needed skills for the position. In such a situation, you should accept your failure on a positive note and try to attain such skills to better your chances in the future.

Your Negative Behavior:

If you had made any negative statement in your interview, you shouldn’t expect a call despite performing exceptionally well. It is likely that interviewer repeats a question in different ways to examine the authenticity of your statements. Here, you must stay calm and answer such questions patiently without getting irritated. You can also assume it as a test of your patience to handle pressure situations.

You Become The Second Preference:

It may happen that the company finds a candidate more suitable than you. But this shouldn’t depress you. Take it as an opportunity to perform better next time. Your qualifications and experiences may not be sufficient for that particular position and there may be some scope for improvement in your credentials. Remember that you will get many more opportunities in future.

Apart from these, your candidature may be affected by reasons like vast differences in work cultures of your current and prospective employer, absenteeism of a responsible person from the company, or interviewers still making checklists. In any case, if you still want to work at this company, send them a thank you note and prepare well for the next time.


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