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The Indispensable Trait of a Leader

August 22, 2016 in Services

Pawn with shadow of the king

Leading someone, whether in personal or professional life, is an extremely sensitive and demanding task. It not only requires the leader to be just and motivating at all times, but also requires them him or her to master the skill needed for the job.

There are many competencies that when put together define a good leader. Among these, one of the most highly rated competency is that of having ‘high ethics and moral standards’ while leading.

‘Ethical Leadership’ is a quality that is derived from a conscientious state of mind that can identify right from wrong when making a decision, while also respecting the rights and dignity of others involved. Fair and honest leadership makes it easy to create a strong bond and generate trust among followers. Once this trust is established, followers automatically feel more important which boosts their self confidence and makes them more committed to the organization and its ethos. It is hence imperative that a leader take the opinions of his or her followers while making any important decision.

Being true to your principles and values is key to being an ethical leader. Nurturing this quality also makes the leader a better role model among the followers who can then adopt this attribute. Followers of ethical leaders identify more with the organization, thus improving its overall structure, functioning and reputation in the market. This also positively impacts the credibility and social standing of the leader as well as the organization and further imparts a sense of security among its stakeholders. Happier the stake holders, better is the growth of the company.

In recent times, many organizations have started understanding the importance of ethical leadership and adopting it into their work culture. Here are two successful examples of the same:

  • (leading online shopping portal in US)
    Tony Hseih at Zappos is one of those people who has managed to achieve and implement an ethical work culture. One of the way in which he has done this is by using the same cubicles that are used by any other employee. He also went on to reorganize the company’s structure so as to avoid hierarchy

  • Wipro (leading IT services corporation)
    Winner of “World’s Most Ethical Company’ by Ethisphere, a global leader in defining corporate ethical standards in companies all over the globe, for the 5th consecutive year, Wipro has established itself right on top for its ethical business functions. Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro has even drafted an entire manual called COBC – Code of Business Conduct, that is religiously followed by every employee in the organization. Their idea of ultimate transparency at all levels is what puts them on top in this category.

Ethical leadership brings with it a great sense of responsibility and its the accountability of the same that goes on to reveal whether or not it has been successfully achieved.


Professionalism And Work Ethics

August 20, 2016 in Services


Professionalism and Ethics at workplace are those keys to a happy life that seem unattainable and are akin to the ones in Subway Surfer. Carrying on that metaphor, using even one, really is a life saver. Not only does it have the ability to clearly draw the line between the personal and professional domain but also helps maintain certain relationships that come in handy in hours of need. It does, of course, set an example for the colleagues too but most importantly, it enhances your stature at work opening much more avenues, if not more.

Professionalism and work ethics are two important features in the business environment. Ethics usually represent the personal beliefs individuals display when working in an organization. Company’s management and leaders, also, play an important role in establishing its ethical tone. It is vital for managers to play an active role in building workplace ethics and behavior. It’s the guidelines of the managers that the team is likely to follow.

What binds MANCER, as a company together, is our corporate culture and VALUES

Next, at times, we, as employees of a certain organization, are very likely to ask the question “Is it okay if I do it tomorrow, please?” That’s usually because we feel a certain sense of belonging to that particular workplace so much so that, cutting ourselves some slack is a go-to escape route. While in some situations it may work, in others it ends up reflecting badly on ourselves as employees and on the organization too.

Questions like “I gave my 100% but no results?” often tend to lead you in a downward spiral, coming out of which is a task in itself. Patience, then, is virtue. As Samuel Johnson said, “If you don’t have courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of your other virtues.” One of the simplest ways of achieving that is to have courage and patience for the results to show. Of course, they alone cannot make tables turn. There are a couple of other things to keep in mind to build a healthy environment for the achievement of individual as well as organizational goals. These include transparency, honesty and integrity.

Also, being a good listener entails speaking less and listening more-often credited as the mantra of successful businessmen. Another very important trait includes the ability to be intellectually humble. It’s the most experienced human emotion to feel intellectually superior to those around you. And rightly so, it tends to put you in a position where you can freely exercise your opinion and establish certain authority over ideas that others are not very aware of. But believe you me; to be humble in this sphere has the ability to take you places. “Learning never stops” is the quote we’ve grown up with and it does stand true in the corporates. Experience is the best teacher; agreed, but knowing about a different experience is a much bigger teacher than a personal experience. Opening up your mind to ideas by the people and understanding why they think the way they do not only helps you learn but develops your mind to think in a diversified fashion. This, in itself, is the greatest teacher. And with the age of globalization where ideas are rapidly changing, being intellectually humble is a great way to survive in this era.

Human beings, from living around other human beings have a tendency to indulge in gossips at workplace. People often convince themselves that people agree with them. It is best to try and avoid the image that you want to be a part of it by politely declining and separating yourself. Since your primary motive is to come and work, progress everyday with new challenges and assignments, meet new people, develop relationships, so on and so forth. It is not to be forgotten that it’s a workplace at the end of the day and it would be a folly to leave behind professionalism at the door. Keeping a positive attitude, being polite and encouraging at work are traits that go a long way. Maybe unnoticed at first but definitely rewarded at the right time.

Make sure that every day gives you one thing to learn if not more making your day productive. Not to forget that your attitude, appearance and communication skills are as important as your work. The way you present or conduct yourself shall determine how others treat you. Try and create your own opinion whether it is people, work, etc. Let people remember you by the great work you do.

What Are Men Giving Back to Our Society?

August 16, 2016 in Services

Equality concept

Women are responsible to take care of the house and the family, while the men go out, work and earn the bread and butter. This statement is now, slowly and steadily, becoming a thing of the past. Not only are the women stepping out and making a mark for themselves, men have also started breaking away from the chauvinistic traditions of female oppression and are coming out in full force to create more and more opportunities for women to excel.

Taking this thought forward, the Tata Group – India’s largest conglomerate – has introduced a first of its kind cross-company mentoring program. Focused entirely on its women employees, the group will be giving an excellent opportunity to about 300 high potential executives to move up the ladder. 180 CXOs and 35 CEOs from 45 group companies will join together to help these executives select from a wider network of leaders instead of limiting them to learn only under the leader of their own company.

With an aim to increase the number of women in its leadership roles, Tata Group has, only further reinforced its commitment towards them. The group is also the biggest employer of women in India with a current count of 1.45 lakh.

Where on one hand many organizations end up giving reasons for women to quit their jobs, owing mostly to the preference given to their male counterparts, Tata Group has gone on to take its ethos of being fair and equal, to the next level. Their primary intent is to encourage its female employees to identify their potential and not drop out while moving up the hierarchy.

Women are an exceptional asset to any organization as they bring in a touch of sensitivity and because of being highly committed. They have an innate sense of handling both family and work life, not just by trying to balance the two but also by integrating the two at times, in an effective manner. Understanding this as well as wanting to improve the female ratio of employees at the upper level, Tata Group intends to make a difference across all its companies. The program will also be put into work in all the other countries where the group operates.

In the world that we live in, it is easier for men to focus on their work as they usually have the desired family support. Sadly, this is not the case with many women. They don’t always get as much support to actually go out and pursue their dreams. This is where, in the process of highlighting their dedication towards its female employees, the group has come forward to lend that support, provide a platform and motivate them to forge ahead and achieve their due worth.


Her Mind That Speaks!

August 9, 2016 in Services

Her Mind that Speaks

It is often said, that a woman exemplifies the essence of being ‘complete’. She is in many ways omnipresent to meet the needs of everyone that surround her life. Having carried the Cultural Heritage for over five thousand years, a woman celebrates life, and sometimes, just one gaze into her eyes can be enough to recite her poem, her story… Herself!

A woman’s heart is as deep as is her mind, both of which carry infinite nuanced thoughts that work together to make her every bit more meaningful. While family remains at the core of her life, her firm stride to carve out her own niche seems to be the thing of the present.

There’s a lot spinning in her mind that should be addressed delicately. For eons, they have been responsible for nourishing and keeping the family together and if need be, also going out to work with her man, working as hard, if not more, to bring the night’s supper on the table.

Today, the opportunities for them to grow professionally are immense. There is a universe out there that is looking for skilled female workers who can bring in that extra bit of sensitivity and mindful commitment to any job. Likewise, there are numerous women who are in the search for the right kind of door to open their way.

Being a female comes with some restrictions, that most often make them guarded against their own personal and professional growth. Limitations imposed can vary from husbands curbing their wives to take up night jobs, parents not agreeing to let their daughters pursue further studies, or even society becoming the harsh judge on what girl’s choose to wear or whom they choose to hang out with. Instances like these can lead to melting of the self confidence, hence putting barriers on any possible scope to achieve, let alone prove themselves as successful individuals.

Clearly, it’s not the opportunities that are less, it’s the women who would chance on them that are. This is where the collective efforts of families, society and professional companies come into play. Right from when a girl is born, her having a solid support system in the face of her family is imperative.

Keeping the girl child restricted from exploring the world can lead to them becoming socially awkward, illiterate and narrow minded thus affecting the society that they will, later in life, be part of.

Families must be open minded in letting their daughters chase behind their dreams, a practice that should not come to a halt once the daughter reaches an apparent ‘marital age’. Once married, the in-laws should further pursue efforts of giving their daughter in law the confidence and freedom to work, on her own terms. A supportive family, both before and after marriage, is a key factor for Indian professional women to succeed. The idea of marriage should be looked upon as one where both, the man and the woman, invest their equal heart and mind, to create a life that is both financially and emotionally stable.

Whether it’s about working late nights, or taking up a performing arts training class in a distant location or even about balancing both work and family life, women need to be encouraged to attain their greatest heights instead of limiting their path to success. Many companies around the world are now offering multiple flexible means in which women can work to their best efficiency and also take care of their family, as and when required. This as an idea has slowly started growing its roots in India and should only steer ahead to give them their due.

So, whether, it’s about letting mothers go pick up their kids from school during office lunch hours, or giving them the freedom to work from home during emergencies, companies can play a massive role in defining the way ahead for women adorning their professional caps.

She has dreams, she has desires. She might not always come out and share them with the world, as being restricted by her boundaries, and that’s where the world needs to converge, hear her, understand her and make way for her to pave her own life path.

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