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Things to do if you Face Sexual Harassment at Work

December 27, 2016 in Services

Stop Sexual Harassment red stop sign held by a female

Working in a global environment indicates working among people with different personalities. Some people may be kind and helpful, while others may be ignorant. And sometimes, unfortunately, you will come across people who patronize you solely based on gender.

Contrary to general opinion, not only unwanted sexual advances, groping and obscene remarks but also discrimination on the basis of gender and the implication that an employment decision depends on submission of the employee to a conduct of sexual nature are considered as sexual harassment.

Here are some steps that can be taken by victims of sexual harassment:

1. Speak up

The first and the foremost step is to speak up. Many times, the responsible party is unaware that their conduct is offensive. Tell them you are not comfortable with their behavior and that they should stop.  Speaking up can resolve the issue at this stage if the actions of the responsible parties were unintentional.

2. Constant vigilance

If the harassment continues even after talking, you know their actions are deliberate. Instead of cowering, you need to prepare yourself to take strong measures against them. Such people often consider silence as weakness and inaction as inability. Gather yourself up!

Prepare for your case by gathering evidence that will testify your statement.

3. Follow the company policies

Most organizations have stringent policies against sexual harassment at workplace. You must abide by the rules and file a complaint with the relevant authorities. In fact, you are required by law of the state to take this route before you take legal action so that the employer gets a chance to resolve the issue internally.

4. Legal action

The last resort when the organization is unable to resolve your problem. You can file a lawsuit and present all the evidence and the actions you have taken to make your case stronger.

How to Handle Office Politics in Your Favor?

December 20, 2016 in Services

How to handle office politics in your favour

1. Value your values

Stepping into office politics does not imply that you leave behind moral fiber. Your character will always be the most respected and revered trait. Avoiding the wrong path, especially during the difficult time will testify your honesty and credibility. Remaining true to your ethics and morals regardless of who you are with will help you gain trust and respect from everyone.

2. Positive alliance

The easiest way to gain the upper hand in office is by forming allies. The best allies are those whose trust is acquired by mutual respect. Strong relationships can be forged in the workplace by providing and asking for support. This support makes up your political capital.

3. Hard work is still the key

Working hard and completing tasks on time is a sound political move. If you see from above, you’ll realize how only a small fraction of the employees put efforts into work. Going that extra mile and making sure your work is commendable, makes you stand out of the crowd.

4. Being kind will win everyone’s heart

Helping out other people will always help you make a strong bond with them. Everybody in this world craves for support and kindness. Not only this is politically astute but also very humane. An unhelpful attitude often leads to isolation, and that makes you an easy target.

5. Give respect to earn respect

As stated before, mutual respect will give you strongest allies. The easiest way to gain respect is to give it. Appreciating and rewarding people when they put in efforts is another way by which you can earn their trust. This will be your support at times when you need some.

One Word That Makes People Successful

December 15, 2016 in Services

8. One word that makes people highly successful.png

No matter how the world sees you. What’s important is how you see yourself.

We all have a vision, a dream of how we would like to be in future. Sometimes that vision becomes a mirage which we chase in vain.

But there exists a magic word that can turn that visions into reality. It will bring our plans to action.

The word is NOW.

Right now. At this precise moment. Without any delay, without any further ado.

This word is the answer to every doubt, every excuse, every question that holds you back from achieving your goals.

NOW is the time to BELIEVE

More often than not, the biggest restrictions on us are those that we set on ourselves. Doubts, low self-esteem, lack of confidence- these are the biggest setbacks we face while pursuing a goal. An optimistic approach, even during the darkest of times can fill you up with energy to get through the problems and emerge victoriously. Have a positive attitude because the best time to have faith in yourself is NOW.

NOW is the time to WAKE UP

We often find ourselves asleep amidst excuses and negativity. Often, we choose occasions like our birthday or New Year’s day to change our ways and overcome the ill habits. There is only one special day to wake up: today. There is a very special time to begin the change: NOW.


NOW is the time to PLAN

A goal without a plan is just a wish. And thus, planning every single step of your journey will ensure you stay on the right path. It’ll make sure you don’t lose your way and stay focussed on the destination. The best time to start preparing is NOW

NOW is the time to FOCUS

The world is full of things that weigh us down and people who pull us down and stop us from going higher. We often find people telling us we can’t achieve our goals before we even try. And if that wasn’t enough, there are so many distractions that repeatedly divide our attention and consume our time. There is no better time to start saying NO to all these distractions than NOW.

NOW is the time to EXECUTE

Often, it is the lack of action that turns a vision into a mirage. The first step towards getting anywhere better is deciding not to stay where you are and get moving. A plan can be considered good only after its successful execution. Leave the procrastination and the excuses behind. NOW is the time to take the first step of a thousand mile journey.


When there is more time to get a work done, it is more likely to get procrastinated. Tell yourself there is no time. Working on deadlines keeps you focussed and maintains your resolve to complete the work in time. Even if there is time left, save it for other productive work by completing the task at hand right NOW.

How To Create An Awesome Remote Team?

December 13, 2016 in Services

business man freelancer on the beach, banking online

Although an organization has to have the best talent to fulfill its objectives, gathering everyone in the same geographical location is difficult. To tackle this hurdle, organizations are now, moving their meeting rooms from a physical location to the internet; i.e., going remote! By doing so, they have access to a wide variety of talented professionals who are looking for promising opportunities.

Here are 4 tips that’ll help you form an excellent remote team:

1. Trust

Trust is important for any relationship. Mutual trust, transparency, and self-motivation are the basis of a remote set-up. Keeping an individual check on team members, with varying work schedules does not serve the purpose of being remote. Therefore, it starts with hiring the right people. Ask questions which reflect work ethics of a prospective candidate. Apart from an oral interview, do test their writing skills. The ability to express your thoughts, ideas, and concerns in a clear, concise written communication is critical for a remote team.

2. Communication

It is the key component to form a remote team. Having a continuous and hassle-free mode of communication is of paramount importance. You can use video conferencing, live chats and emails to communicate efficiently. Platforms like Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp are ready-to-use. Also, consider creating weekly or monthly schedules to discuss tasks, doubts, etc.

3. Synchronization

One of the biggest problems faced by global remote teams is synchronization of language, time zone, social concept, legal system etc. It is the manager’s job to establish the ground rules upon which the team will work. You should be able to sync all the work together at one place in a way that all employees feel involved and appreciated.

4. Ethics

Building ethics is necessary for a remote team even more so than an office based team. Because the complete process is based on an intangible channel, members should realize the importance of punctuality, integrity, and awareness of their role in the team. As a leader, you should maintain a culture full of positivity, dedication, and motivation.

Remote teams are proving to be highly productive as they allow people to work in their comfort zone. This is high time to select and guide your team so that they can help you achieve your goals and reach new heights.


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