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The Best Formula to Fail – Please Everyone

March 29, 2017 in Careers

Stop Pleasing Everyone

One of the main things in life, whether it’s personal or professional, is to make a positive impact on others. As we all are social animals, there’s a natural tendency in every one of us which is to gain an acceptance and get acknowledged by the other members of our society. Living in community has been a natural evolutionary process for humans, which is why we still crave for others’ support and acceptance by pleasing them. However, this could turn disastrous as pleasing everyone is definitely not possible and is a sure shot recipe for disaster. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons as to why trying to please everyone is detrimental to your success.

It can’t be done

This is the first and the most important factor. You just cannot please everyone. People will always find reasons and ways to oppose you or to put you down. What’s normal for one person could even be a taboo for another. Their opinions or beliefs are opposites. So, how can you please both of them? It’s just not possible. Even if you attempt to, you’ll be stuck between contrarian positions, which will severely harm your prospects of success and leads you to failure.

It impacts your focus

Whether you’re working on a project or pursuing a life goal, focusing on matters, the most are essential. Focusing means you keep all distractions at bay. A desire to please everyone is arguably the biggest distraction you’d face. This tendency will make you explain what you’re doing to almost everyone who’d cast doubt on your work. Ultimately, instead of channelizing your energy in the right direction, you’ll waste it in justifying your work to everyone.

It increases self-doubt

No one is spared from criticism. People will always find a way to criticize you for what you are or what you are doing. When you stop and listen to them, not only it impedes your work but also creates self-doubts in your mind. The very fact that you’re trying to please everyone proves you’re listening to all of them rather than the select few. This makes you vulnerable and also impacts the way you think, leading to an ever increasing self-doubt.

Don’t waste your time pleasing everyone. It’s the worst thing you can do to hurt your chances of success. Instead, believe in yourself and do what you feel right. That’s the only way to answer your critics.

How to Give Better Feedback to Creative People

March 28, 2017 in Careers, Knowledge Cell

Feedback to creative people

Feedbacks are crucial for the success of a project. However, often it is used as a tool to criticize people. It’s something that should always be avoided as the role of feedback is to help improve the work by guiding the person working on it rather than putting them off. This becomes even more critical when the recipient of the feedback is a creative person. Creative people put a lot of effort in work and use all their energy. It’s therefore, necessary to give them an appropriate feedback. Some of the key methods are discussed here.

Be clear and precise

Never say to a creative person that I don’t know what’s missing, but this is not what I was looking for. If you’re not sure what’s missing or what exactly you wanted, how would the creative person know it? Instead, be very specific and clear that these were the guidelines of the project and these are the things which are still to be included. This would present a strong case in front of the creative person you’re dealing with and help them understand what they missed so that they can improve.

Give a detailed information

Providing complete details in feedback is critical. Write down the points you’d want to share and then give as much detail as possible. A creative person is also a bit sensitive, so it’s necessary that they are explained in detail why you feel something is missing. It’ll be a useful guide to them to fix the issues by seeing them clearly.

Be empathetic

Since creative persons are also pretty sensitive and feel they’ve given their best, it’s necessary to understand their perspective while giving them feedback so that you can explain your view. Understand their emotions and display empathy. This would help them understand your viewpoint so that they can implement your suggestions.

Give credit where it’s due

If you feel a work or a part of it is good, then give positive feedback to the person who has worked on it. This will help create a strong bond between you and that person so that even if you highlight their mistake, it won’t feel like a criticism of their efforts. Even when asking them to change something, always appreciate the efforts they have put into the original work.

By implementing the above steps, you’d be able to give better feedback to creative people and also derive the best out of them.

How to Become a Trusted Leader?

March 27, 2017 in Careers

Trusted Leader

Leadership in a workplace isn’t about just management. It’s way more than that. Employees need to trust their leaders to deliver their best results and stick with the organization for long. That is why it is imperative that managers become trusted leaders. You too can become a highly trusted leader among your subordinates by adopting the following methods.

Stop micromanaging and start trusting

One thing that employees hate the most if they feel you’re always observing or monitoring them. It gets worse when they start believing that you’re nit-picking their mistakes. Nothing can harm their trust in you more than this. So, stop micromanaging and start trusting them. Your employees are professionals, and you’ve hired them believing they will deliver the results expected from them. Give them the opportunity to work towards these goals in a positive environment by trusting them.


As a leader, you can’t do everything yourself. Delegation is a mark of trusting your employees as they feel you have faith in them. However, you need to identify the right people to delegate things. Delegating responsibilities also enables you to find the next line of managers who can replace you once you go to the next level. This will benefit everyone, you, your subordinates, and your organization. Delegating responsibilities empowers them to succeed you, which means your company won’t think twice before promoting you. It’ll also create a strong sense of trust among your employees.

Own your mistakes

We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. As a leader you are likely to make several mistakes, so own up to them. One of the things your subordinates would utterly dislike is if you try to hide your mistakes or find someone else to blame. This is not just professionally incorrect but also ethically wrong. Accepting your mistake will increase the respect and trust for you among your employees.

Create a conducive environment for feedbacks

Feedback is necessary to improve the work performance. However, feedback needs to be genuine, and not just a means to criticize people. Create a work environment which is conducive to giving and receiving feedbacks. Not only should you be able to provide timely and appropriate feedback to your subordinates but also allow them to share their ideas and comments with you.

Implement the above four factors in your workplace and ensure you follow them impartially and every time. It will help you become a trusted leader.

Highest paying jobs for women in 2017

March 23, 2017 in Careers

Jobs for Women

Women no longer play second fiddle to men whether it’s at home or office. With an increase in education and awareness, more and more women are breaking the glass ceiling these days and India has witnessed several of them succeed in professional lives. So let’s take a look at some of the jobs which will be the highest paying for women in India.


The Banking, Financial services, and Insurance industry is one of the largest employers of the women workforce. Rather, most of the CEOs in the banking industry are women, as discussed above. At every level, women consist a large part of the workforce. Right from the top level to the new entrants, women form a major part of the workforce and this number is only increasing with each passing year. This industry is also one of the highest paying in the country. This sector also accords additional facilities to women such as work from home by ICICI Bank and SBI to new mothers. Therefore, women can look forward to a high paying career in this sector.

Information Technology

IT industry is another industry with a large women workforce. Both, core information technology and information technology-enabled services (ITES) provide not only excellent payscales but also decent working conditions and facilities for women. The companies in this industry are among the best paymasters and despite the slowdown, they are likely to continue to offer high salaries. The high salaries along with other benefits as well as opportunities to work overseas offer significant benefits to the professionals in this segment. Several companies even allow employees to work from home and take significant care of the safety of their female employees.


Media industry to a great extent is managed by women working in several roles such as news channel editors, anchors, and even financial reporters. Most of the top media houses have women working in senior position. Although this industry has certain stringent requirements and could be tough on a person, the opportunity to learn and grow is tremendous. The media industry is a high salary industry and due to the large scale participation of women in this industry, they can look forward to a rewarding career in 2017.

The participation of women in the workforce in these jobs is only increasing and the uptrend is likely to continue in future. 2017 will witness more women entering the workforce and occupying important positions across the above three industries.

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