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Can You Succeed in the Corporate World, If You don’t Drink?

April 24, 2017 in Services

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Consuming alcohol with colleagues and clients is as common in professional echelons as reviews and goal setting meetings. It’s something that’s considered to be a default part of a professional’s life, and people are ready to jump the gun when they say you can’t succeed in professional life without drinking.

Those who support drinking will claim several reasons as to how it helps you climb the corporate ladder and build strong bonds with bosses and colleagues. They almost make drinking sound directly proportional to success.

But is it the social “ritual” of drinking that makes you successful, or is your success inherent upon you?

Let’s find out!

Success is NOT inherent upon drinking

If the consumption of alcohol is directly proportional to your success, every drunkard would be a millionaire. It might come as a surprise to you, but several top CEOs and billionaires don’t drink. According to a Forbes report, several wealthy and successful people, don’t consume alcohol. They’re teetotallers! Warren Buffet has invested in several liquor companies in his life, but he doesn’t drink. He says consuming alcohol is a weak link which can bring the downfall of a person.

Steve Jobs, didn’t drink alcoholic beverages even when he was healthy. Chairman of Dole Food Company, David Murdock also abstains from drinking. Tyra Banks, never drank even when she was an actress and even now when she is a Media Mogul. And, the most powerful person in the world today, Donald Trump is also a teetotaller.

Trump is not just a successful entrepreneur; he’s also the President of the United States, something no other entrepreneur or CEO has ever achieved. If he can abstain from drinking, so can anyone else.

What determines success in corporate life?

The above examples of the prominent personalities give a clear indication that there’s no connection between drinking and success in the corporate world. Those who love alcohol will find a reason to drink and will also find a reason to force you to drink. After all, corporate parties are the best places to get a free drink or two. And, a meeting with a client at a bar is a nice way to get something to drink and reimburse the bill under the head of business expenses.

But, drinking is not something that will get you success. It might to a certain extent help you socialize with your colleagues and clients. However, there are other ways too for socializing without drinking.

Success in corporate life depends on several factors. It depends on your skills, knowledge, competencies, work ethics, integrity, creativity, innovativeness, and ability to learn and apply your learnings. You need to be good at what you do, maintain good relations with clients, colleagues, and bosses, and offer exceptional service to your customers. Alcohol is not one of them.

You can succeed and will succeed in the corporate world if you set specific professional goals and give your best to achieve them. Drinking doesn’t have to feature in your professional life if you don’t enjoy it.

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