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Three tips to format your resume

July 17, 2018 in Careers, Knowledge Cell

mancer resumeWriting a resume may seem like a daunting task for many people. Most people would copy it from other resumes or would ask someone else to create one for them. Especially if you are a fresher or if you have been on a career sabbatical, writing an impressive resume may seem demanding. Think of your resume as an advertisement which is trying to sell as products your skills, expertise, and experience or the lack of it, to the hiring managers. The problem is that you are not the only person who has an advertisement and products to sell. Hiring managers are much more inclined towards well-formatted resumes which grab attention. But how do you start writing such a resume? How do you format it? Well, your formatting decision would boil down to three choices: reverse chronological, functional and combination. Each of these formats has their own merits. You can decide which one of the following is best for you.

  1. Reverse chronological: This is the most conventional style, and you are most likely to see this in maximum resumes. Due to its flexibility, it can be used by applicants with every level of experience. You should use this if your career has so far moved in a vertical progression, or if you want to apply in a field that you have already been working in previously. Avoid using this format if there is a lack of consistency and stability in your career path.

  2. Functional: Unlike the chronological format which focuses on your career progression, the functional form emphasizes on your skills. Since it focuses highly on your qualifications, it would suit you if you have an expert level of experience. You should consider using this if there have been breaks in your career, or if you wish to change your career industry. Also, if you intend to accentuate a specific skill, this format is for you. However, avoid using this if you are a fresher and have no experience.

  3. Combination: As evident from its name, the combination format is a blend of the two above mentioned formats, i.e., chronological and functional. It helps you focus on specific skills, yet embodies the experience that you have acquired throughout your career. You should use this format if you wish to bring the focus on the skills that you have learned during your work, or if you wish to change your career industry. If you are an entry-level candidate, refrain from using this format.

There is no hard and fast rule for creating the perfect resume, and there is no certified way of writing one. However, if you are eager enough to write a resume yourself, follow these three steps mentioned above, which will guide you through the process.


Five tips to find the right job after a long career sabbatical

July 16, 2018 in Careers

Despite your best efforts, you might find yourself taking an extended break from your work. Coming back from this sabbatical and resuming your corporate career can seem daunting, especially for women who have the added responsibilities of motherhood and family life. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, the following tips can help you rebuild your career.mancer sabbatical

  1. Have a strategy: It is essential that you build a comprehensive approach which would help you land a job of your choice. Keep in mind your educational qualifications, experience, and preferences. Then make a list of companies that you would like to approach. Also, since you are coming back after a long break, choosing a full-time job may not suit you. However, according to your preference, you can select between part-time and full-time employment.

  1. Update your resume: An updated resume reflecting your qualities along with your current status and credentials bodes well for your job prospects after an extended sabbatical. Getting a job after an extended break can take long. Therefore, consider sending your resume to the maximum number of companies which match your job preferences and competencies. Companies can feel hesitant about hiring somebody who hasn’t been working for a long time. So including a summary that highlights your precise objectives and explains why you are the prime candidate for the job, is a good idea.

  1. Use the right reference: Using the correct references can significantly expedite your employment. Former colleagues, bosses, and friends can help you by not only finding reputable companies for you to apply in but by also vouching for your credentials and putting in a good word for you. Many times, getting the right reference is all you might need to land yourself an impressive job.

  1. Use social media effectively: Social media can play a very significant role in getting you an excellent job. Therefore, it is imperative that your particulars updated on popular sites like LinkedIn and, very lucidly specifying your qualifications and experience. The social media pages of the organizations can help you determine which company to apply in, or which company to join once the offer letter comes.

  1. Sagacious HR negotiation: It is imperative for you to have a polite interaction with your HR after the interview. It is suggested that you follow up with the HR regarding your employment status. Also, avoid being too vociferous and aggressive in your approach regarding compensations. Remember, your sabbatical has placed you in a precarious situation. Getting a job is the only possible way of getting out of that situation.

Your work skills and experience apart, you will also have to exhibit a great deal of communicative skills to get the right job. Any employer would like to hire people who are full of energy and are more invested into his company. Naturally, he would go for young people who he believes can contribute to the company. It is exactly where you must prove him wrong.


Why organizations require employer branding

July 10, 2018 in Careers, Leadership, USP

employer brandingAn employer brand with a strong reputation can do wonders for a company. It can help the company recruit better candidates, bring down the hiring and marketing expenses and enhance the overall productivity of the organization. Therefore, if you are still in doubt over its significance, read on to know why it plays such a crucial role.

  1. Helps retain employees and recruit new ones: An organization with a sharp brand image will motivate employees to put in their best efforts for the company. They would not want to quit working with such an organization. A strong employer brand would develop in the employees a sense of pride to be associated with such an organization. Additionally, it helps in recruiting the best talent available because most people go through the social media channels of the employees before applying to get an idea of the brand image. A sharp brand image would attract better talent.
  2. Reduce costs: A strong brand image doesn’t require you to spend much on the recruitment part. Potential candidates will find you themselves an apply for positions. You can instead utilize this money in your company’s promotion or on developing your product, to get ahead of your competitors in the market. Also, this will lead to reduced recruitment efforts. The best part about having an impressive employer brand is that candidates would accept working for lower pay because they feel working with a well-known brand would give a boost to their careers and help them in the long run.
  3. Your employees become your recruitment agencies: A splendid employer image enables your existing employees to talk positively about you. Such positive reviews by your employees drive hiring through referrals and dramatically enhances your chances of recruiting better candidates. Thus, your employees act as your biggest recruitment agencies who bring in the best candidates. Also, when your employees talk positively about your brand, your brand grows without any additional expenditure on marketing. It sets in motion a domino effect. Thus, with an uptick in brand awareness, your sales also get a boost.
  4. Enhances employee engagement: As previously mentioned, employees feel more motivated working for an organization with a sharp brand image. They are a lot more enthusiastic about their jobs and are consequently more productive. Productivity naturally bodes well for the organization because this means more growth and increased revenue. It results in the organization becoming financially stable. A financially stable company would attract potential candidates; thus it is a repetitive process in progress.

A sharp brand image is a win-win situation by all means. It instills in the employees the necessary confidence and makes them an asset to the organization. The contribution that these employees make to the company helps the company move on an upward trajectory.


How does the HR add value to your business

July 9, 2018 in Careers, Services

the hr professionalIf you have just started out as an entrepreneur, of the many investments that you will possibly make, the most crucial will the one that you would spend on the human resources. This investment can pay rich dividends. Human resources can affix a value to your organization and enhance your business by recruiting and hiring the best talent available, at fair compensation, retaining such employees and keeping you out of any legal trouble. Here are the various ways that human resources benefit your company.

  1. Recruitment and hiring: Bringing in the best employees is the most significant factor which will help you scale heights in the corporate world. An experienced HR manager knows where to look to find the best people. He will know about the best websites, colleges, and recruitment consultancies from which he can recruit. He will know how to present you and your company in the best light to attract people gifted with maximum dexterity. Hire an HR with a few years of experience behind him and watch your company move on an upward trajectory almost instantly.
  2. Compensation: Merely attracting and hiring the best people is not sufficient. There is no point in employing skilled people with too high salaries, especially if you have just started your business and have other financial issues to look after. The HR plays a very significant role in negotiating the wages and working terms and conditions with the employees so that your company bears the minimum impact. Apart from the salaries, the HR also takes care of the additional perks that are offered to the employees and ensures that they are hired at minimum perks. Therefore, the HR provides that your company faces the least financial burden.
  3. Retention: An excellent HR will ensure that your best employees stick together with your organization. Yours is not the only company which is looking out for skilled and experienced people. There are other organizations which would try their best to attract your employees. However, once you have hired them, retaining them is essential. Employees would always want to explore the options and would prefer working with an organization which they deem fit for their career prospects. The job of the HR is to instill in these employees the belief that their best interests lie with your organization and how fruitful their alliance with your company has proved for both the parties.
  4. Engagement and performance: An effective way of retaining your employees is to create a working environment for them wherein they are the most comfortable. They are required to implement the best practices to keep their employees happy and engaged. Studies show that engaged employees perform twenty percent better and are eighty-seven consequently impact customer satisfaction and sales of your company. Also, the HR can help resolve a situation wherein an employee feels dissatisfaction from the job. Timely intervention by the HR can prevent the case from escalating to the point of no return
  5. Legal intricacies: An HR manager with a genuine understanding of the labor laws will prevent you from getting embroiled in an ugly legal battle. You may try to dock the pay of an employee who is exempted from overtime, but doing so will make that employee non-exempt. Thus you will be liable to pay that employee overtime every time he has worked for more than 40 hours. An experienced HR educated in legal affairs will make you aware and prevent you from committing any such blunders.

The HR can prove to be the most valuable employee of your company. Since the HR is most likely going to be hired by yourself, make sure to hire somebody who has previously worked in that role and has a significant understanding of the market and the organization operates. A seasoned HR has the capacity to turn a mediocre organization into an extraordinary one.


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