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Our Experience with MANCER

January 21, 2013 in Customer Accolades

We have used MANCER several times when our clients have extremely hard positions to fill.

Not only have they delivered every time with quality candidates that meet the technical specs but they took the time to understand our clients’ culture and met those requirements also.

What makes them different than other firms is the great leadership team they have put together. Great organizations start from the top and that is why we think they have such a great track record.

I would highly recommend MANCER for any hiring needs you may have.

Mark Clevenger, CEO Quintegra

Our Experience with MANCER

January 18, 2013 in Customer Accolades

MANCER Consulting

MANCER has the understanding of the market and  also understands the criticality in terms of deliverable.  They  are good in relationship management with both – Clients and Candidates.  MANCER understands the  complexilities of the position and provides time bound solution.  The work of MANCER is highly recommendable and appreciated.

Supratim Ghosh

I have been working with Supratim since a year. He  is  hardworking, sincere and straight forward person. He is a talented team member and has great depth of understanding of innovation. He has a  good understanding of the market  as well the sectors aligned to him. He understands the position and try to deliver within the stipulated period of time along with the customized solutions. He is good in maintaining relationship   A definite asset to the company he is employed into.

My experience with MANCER

January 18, 2013 in Customer Accolades

Having worked in the BFS space for a 4.5 yr period now, I have interacted with Supratim and the company he works for, MANCER Consulting.

Being located in Mumbai, my experience and feedback on MANCER is that they have been quite efficient in tracking attractive Banking/BFSI jobs based out of Mumbai, especially for B School Graduates. They have a tie up with some reputed names in this space and have a capable team of individuals managing the prospective employee – recruiter coordination.

Supratim in my view has been very proactive in his dealings and has managed to keep a steady flow of information – both on the market space in general and a specific company/ job opening in particular- which is a key in the recruitment space.

I am certain that with this consistency in work and a healthy attitude towards dealing with aspiring candidates, MANCER would feature as one of the more known faces of recruitment consultants in the BFSI space. I wish them luck.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet

December 20, 2012 in Customer Accolades

“Have you ever had a bad interview experience? Did you skip a step? Most of the time, when a placement doesn’t happen you can trace it back to something that you, or the Recruiter, missed or skipped.”

Look back and think. Was the presentation by your agency complete or had weak description, What about your interview briefing and debriefing? What could have been better?


This is not a time to get mad – use it to get better, contact MANCER Consulting Services

  • Highly Professional
  • Good initial screening and save your time
  • Vast data base
  • Global presence

I strongly recommend! “

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