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Stop Over Complicating Things – Just KISS

May 8, 2017 in Knowledge Cell

Make things simple

Too often, we over complicate things in our lives in an attempt to display our intelligence. We micro-analyze every single piece of information that comes our way. We focus on the negative rather than focusing on the more uplifting things. We fail to embrace our shortcomings and instead see ourselves in the negative light.

Straying far from the obvious

Suppose you are a marketer and selling digital cameras. You have optimized the site well. Thus, search engines direct consumers to your company website for common camera terms. There they find extensive information about the features, technical details, and product photos. They wander on your site for a few minutes and leave the page unsatisfied. You lose out on a potential customer. Most of us have at some point of time been subject to excessive information when in reality we intended to simply make an online purchase.

In our bid to race ahead, we focus on explaining details rather than what is really important. There are always schedules, projects, diet plans, workouts that keep us bogged down forcing our minds into an overdrive most of the time.

What most of don’t realize is that we are inundating ourselves with so much information that it becomes difficult to think straight. We over complicate the simplest of things thus wasting our time and energy. We have embraced complications as a habit rather than a conscious drive that implores us to improve.

Making our life more complex only opens a door towards more complexity, the end of which is unnecessary clutter. What we all need to learn is to stop over complicating and micro-managing things.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)

The objective of any process should be to deliver the simplest possible outcome. Keeping the sales pitch for example, focused on the obvious is a better way to make a sale.

Limiting your options to a bare minimum doesn’t mean you have to compromise in any way. It means you can focus on what is the best. Practicing frugality in your business allows you to communicate better with your precious customers, staff, and suppliers about what you’re trying to do.

Overthinking could also mean that you doubt your own performance in reality. Oprah Winfrey simply puts it across as “If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. That’s the lesson. That lesson alone, will save you a lot of grief. Even doubt means don’t.”

A few tips to keep it simple.

  • Focus on one instead of many
  • Communicate clearly
  • Be honest
  • Less is more
  • Embrace the present moment

Stripping back an idea to its core values applies to all facets of what we do. Be it product development, marketing, advertising, copy writing, or how we communicate with each other in our day to day conversations, keeping it simple is just so important. We can all benefit if we realize that there is a tremendous genius in our ability to keep things simple. Think of the shortest and smartest way to get something done, it might not always be easy but it will be worth it. Use this at your workplace and you will things going quite smooth. Almost everything in our life is simpler than they way we think about their complexity.

10 Perfect Business Ideas for Moms

May 2, 2017 in Knowledge Cell

008 business-ideas for moms

If you’re one of those women who had to cut short their career to take care of their children, below are ten excellent business ideas for you.


For those moms who were good at academics, tutoring is an excellent option. You can start with children from lower grades and teach even graduate students in subjects you’re good at. It’ll help you earn a decent amount of money without the need to leave your home. You can also conduct online classes to expand your business.

Content writing

Good writers are hard to find. Writing is a skill that very few possess. You can use your writing skills to become a content writer. You can write for websites, blogs, advertisement campaigns and several other niches. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.


Just like content writing, proofreading offers an excellent scope, especially for stay at home moms. You can provide proofreading services to magazines, newspapers, and even other content writers. The internet has made it possible to work with clients from across the globe, and you can help non-native writers by proofreading their work.

Resume writing

Write or improve resumes of students and professionals. Right from proofreading and improvising an already written resume to writing one from scratch, this business has tremendous potential. And, you can work at your convenience.


While you may write blogs for others as a content writer, you may even start your blog. Identify a niche and write about it. If you’re good at cooking, launch a food blog. If you’ve good knowledge about fashion, start a fashion blog. There are numerous ways to monetize a blog such as paid advertisements, Google Adwords, and affiliate marketing.

Graphic designing

Let the artist in you flourish. As a freelance graphic designer, you can make a significant amount of money while also enjoy the perk of working from the comfort of your home. Just get a decent computer and a fast internet connection. You might also have to buy graphic designing software programs. With these things in place, you’re good to go.

Child care

As a mom, you’re already good at taking care of children. So, if you love kids, use your experience as a mom to start your own, little home based business in the form of a child care center.

Virtual Assistant

Several small and medium enterprises hire online virtual assistants as it helps them save the cost of hiring a full-time employee. As a virtual assistant, you’d be required to perform specific tasks, and you’ll also have the luxury to work from home.

Event management

Planning events such as weddings, birthday parties, or other events in your neighborhood is a good starting point for an event management business. With a little experience, you can scale it up in the future.


Instead of hiring a full-time accountant, several enterprises outsource the task. You can offer accounting services to various small companies and earn good money without having to leave your house.

These ten are some of the excellent business ideas for moms who can’t pursue a full-time corporate career.

How to Give Better Feedback to Creative People

March 28, 2017 in Careers, Knowledge Cell

Feedback to creative people

Feedbacks are crucial for the success of a project. However, often it is used as a tool to criticize people. It’s something that should always be avoided as the role of feedback is to help improve the work by guiding the person working on it rather than putting them off. This becomes even more critical when the recipient of the feedback is a creative person. Creative people put a lot of effort in work and use all their energy. It’s therefore, necessary to give them an appropriate feedback. Some of the key methods are discussed here.

Be clear and precise

Never say to a creative person that I don’t know what’s missing, but this is not what I was looking for. If you’re not sure what’s missing or what exactly you wanted, how would the creative person know it? Instead, be very specific and clear that these were the guidelines of the project and these are the things which are still to be included. This would present a strong case in front of the creative person you’re dealing with and help them understand what they missed so that they can improve.

Give a detailed information

Providing complete details in feedback is critical. Write down the points you’d want to share and then give as much detail as possible. A creative person is also a bit sensitive, so it’s necessary that they are explained in detail why you feel something is missing. It’ll be a useful guide to them to fix the issues by seeing them clearly.

Be empathetic

Since creative persons are also pretty sensitive and feel they’ve given their best, it’s necessary to understand their perspective while giving them feedback so that you can explain your view. Understand their emotions and display empathy. This would help them understand your viewpoint so that they can implement your suggestions.

Give credit where it’s due

If you feel a work or a part of it is good, then give positive feedback to the person who has worked on it. This will help create a strong bond between you and that person so that even if you highlight their mistake, it won’t feel like a criticism of their efforts. Even when asking them to change something, always appreciate the efforts they have put into the original work.

By implementing the above steps, you’d be able to give better feedback to creative people and also derive the best out of them.

How three 10th standard students got Rs.30 million investments for their start-up?

March 20, 2017 in Knowledge Cell

001 Three Students

Chetanya Golechha, Mrigank Gujjar, and Utsav Jain of Neerja Modi School in Jaipur are just like any other grade 10th student with aspirations to do something big in life. However, there’s a major difference between them and the other students, which is they have already made it big!

The three students have invented flavoured water which doesn’t require any form of preservative. Thus, it doesn’t contain either sugar or soda. The students conducted their research on the internet to convert their idea of healthy flavoured water into reality. Their first step was the conception of the idea followed by the process of making water of different flavours without the need to add preservatives. The preservatives added to the soft drinks are considered to be the most hazardous to health, which is the reason these three focused on developing a unique product which is healthy as well as tasty.

Once they had their product ready, they participated in the Entrepreneurship Fest of their school in April 2016. However, the excellence of their invention went unrecognised as they were disqualified in the very first hour of the competition which was a part of the fest.

Although the judges failed to recognise the uniqueness and advantages of their products, they received an order for 150 bottles. This was the real journey of the three teenagers in the field of entrepreneurship. They launched a start-up and named it Infusion Beverages. However, their journey has been fraught with numerous roadblocks. Running a beverage business requires obtaining for several licences such as those from the food and drugs authority, FSSAI, and several other types of licences. Being minors, the trio found it hard to get through the procedure for which their parents acted on their behalf and applied for the necessary licences.

To further improve their idea and to learn about entrepreneurship, they’ve spent the last year participating in various entrepreneurship competitions such as those held at IIM Indore, IIT Kanpur, and Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT). It is at MNIT that they got the necessary support in the form of incubation by the institute. MNIT has also helped them apply for the patents.

Concurrently, they’ve continued selling bottles through a B2B model and have till January 2017 sold over 8000 bottles. And finally in January, they were invited by an investor to Indore who agreed to invest Rs.30 million in their product in the very first hour of the meeting!

From getting eliminated in the first hour of competition in April 2016 to securing a funding of Rs.30 crore in the first hour of meeting in January 2017, these teenagers have come a long way.

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