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How does the HR add value to your business

July 9, 2018 in Careers, Services

the hr professionalIf you have just started out as an entrepreneur, of the many investments that you will possibly make, the most crucial will the one that you would spend on the human resources. This investment can pay rich dividends. Human resources can affix a value to your organization and enhance your business by recruiting and hiring the best talent available, at fair compensation, retaining such employees and keeping you out of any legal trouble. Here are the various ways that human resources benefit your company.

  1. Recruitment and hiring: Bringing in the best employees is the most significant factor which will help you scale heights in the corporate world. An experienced HR manager knows where to look to find the best people. He will know about the best websites, colleges, and recruitment consultancies from which he can recruit. He will know how to present you and your company in the best light to attract people gifted with maximum dexterity. Hire an HR with a few years of experience behind him and watch your company move on an upward trajectory almost instantly.
  2. Compensation: Merely attracting and hiring the best people is not sufficient. There is no point in employing skilled people with too high salaries, especially if you have just started your business and have other financial issues to look after. The HR plays a very significant role in negotiating the wages and working terms and conditions with the employees so that your company bears the minimum impact. Apart from the salaries, the HR also takes care of the additional perks that are offered to the employees and ensures that they are hired at minimum perks. Therefore, the HR provides that your company faces the least financial burden.
  3. Retention: An excellent HR will ensure that your best employees stick together with your organization. Yours is not the only company which is looking out for skilled and experienced people. There are other organizations which would try their best to attract your employees. However, once you have hired them, retaining them is essential. Employees would always want to explore the options and would prefer working with an organization which they deem fit for their career prospects. The job of the HR is to instill in these employees the belief that their best interests lie with your organization and how fruitful their alliance with your company has proved for both the parties.
  4. Engagement and performance: An effective way of retaining your employees is to create a working environment for them wherein they are the most comfortable. They are required to implement the best practices to keep their employees happy and engaged. Studies show that engaged employees perform twenty percent better and are eighty-seven consequently impact customer satisfaction and sales of your company. Also, the HR can help resolve a situation wherein an employee feels dissatisfaction from the job. Timely intervention by the HR can prevent the case from escalating to the point of no return
  5. Legal intricacies: An HR manager with a genuine understanding of the labor laws will prevent you from getting embroiled in an ugly legal battle. You may try to dock the pay of an employee who is exempted from overtime, but doing so will make that employee non-exempt. Thus you will be liable to pay that employee overtime every time he has worked for more than 40 hours. An experienced HR educated in legal affairs will make you aware and prevent you from committing any such blunders.

The HR can prove to be the most valuable employee of your company. Since the HR is most likely going to be hired by yourself, make sure to hire somebody who has previously worked in that role and has a significant understanding of the market and the organization operates. A seasoned HR has the capacity to turn a mediocre organization into an extraordinary one.


Seven reasons why the HR is indispensable to your organization

July 2, 2018 in Services

Seven reasons why the HR is indispensable to your organizationThe HR is an integral part of an organization ranging in multiple departments ranging from strategy formulation to brand development. Especially in small businesses the HR performs various functions and serves the organization as well as its employees in many ways. Given below are a few areas under the HR’s control which directly affect the experiences of other employees within the organization.


  1. Wages and salary: The HR compensation specialists build stable compensation structures which are competitive with other businesses in the same sectors. They keep an eye on companies looking for employees with similar skills. It helps them conduct surveys to set the employee salary which is in line with the market trends, the organization’s financial capacity and its estimated revenue.


  1. Analyzing benefits: Benefits specialists have the necessary expertise to negotiate the employees’ benefits package in accordance with the organization’s budget and the existing economic state. Since they are familiar with the employee benefits which are most likely to attract employees, they help in essential talent retention. This considerably reduces the company’s expenses regarding turnover.


  1. Recruitment: The HRs direct the recruitment process from screening resumes and applications to scheduling interviews. They ensure that the best candidates are given an opportunity to have an interview with the selection panel. Additionally, they determine which applicant recruitment systems are best suited for the organization’s needs.


  1. Hiring: The HRs collaborate with the hiring managers to ensure that the best candidates are selected, according to the organization’s demands. They guide the hiring managers who aren’t familiar with the standard hiring process, through the hiring procedure to ensure that the company brings in the best candidates.


  1. Safety and risk management: The HRs in every organization are bound to provide safe and secure working conditions for the employees of the company. They engage with employees to promote awareness and safe handling of dangerous equipment and harmful chemicals. They develop programs to reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities.


  1. Liabilities: The HRs engage with employees to resolve workplace issues, which if left unattended could spiral out of control. These issues could range from small tiffs and misunderstandings between two or more employees and managers or to significant workplace harassment issues. Sexual harassment in the workplace especially vitriols the working environment and creates a very wrong impact on the employees. Worse, it could embroil the organization into an ugly legal battle.

  1. Employee satisfaction: The HR acts as a bridge between the employee and the employer and performs the role of the intermediary between these two parties. The HR conducts surveys, administers focus groups and seeks employee input regarding the employees’ job satisfaction and ways to enhance the employees’ working relationships.


  1. Performance appraisal: Employees might often end up doing work not suited to their job role. Therefore, it is the job of the HR to communicate to the management any such occurrence. Also, the staff of the organization is intimated on a regular basis of their roles in the company. If taken on a regular basis, such appraisals motivate the employees immensely.


Companies keep facing some or the other problem every day. To overcome these problems, the proper use of the human resource is inevitable. Without a robust HR structure, any organization is destined to suffer while managing its day to day activities. The human resource department enhances not only the quantitative goals but also their organizational culture. Hence, a reliable and effective human resource management has become indispensable for every company.


Half of 2018 is already gone: Have you achieved your goals?

June 19, 2018 in Services


12 months, 365 days, some goals, and it’s the end of March 2018. We’ve already spent one quarter of the year. The questions that arise here are: where did we spend that quarter? What goals did we come closer to? What new goals did we add to our list?

Most of us are likely to make plans and set goals, but not all of us take actions to achieve our goals. Deterrent like failure leads to procrastination, which makes us stretch the rational deadlines and push our goals far from us.

Here are some motivations that will help you achieve your pending goals:

#1. Give a “No” to give up: Almost all successful people have gone through the same pattern, they tried, and they failed several times. What made the whole difference was their persistence to keep trying;  they never failed to try again.

One of the most common reasons why people fail to achieve their goals is that they give up on their goals. They don’t try enough times. So, give a “No” to give up and keep trying unless you make it.

#2. Appreciate yourself: The human mind is prone to focus more on the negative aspects of life. You are likely to start questioning your abilities after tasting failure. You will look at the thing that you thought you would do, but didn’t or couldn’t do. You downgrade your self-image and leads to self-doubt. Don’t look for things that you didn’t or couldn’t do. Start to look at the bright side; the things you’ve accomplished and then appreciate yourself for those things. Always look at the bright side and you will acknowledge a boost in your confidence that will push you towards your goals.

#3. It’s not the last day of life: There are two ways to look at it:

  • Three months are gone.

  • Nine months are left.

You still have enough time to complete your to-do list. So, don’t let the frustration hamper your productivity. Be confident and get it done.

#4. Consider another approach: The way you were trying to do it could be wrong as well. So, consider taking another approach to get things done. It might make a life-changing difference.

#5. Amend your goals: Take a look at your goals: “Are they realistic enough to be achieved?”

Sometimes people start following unrealistic goals and perpetually get demotivated by watching their efforts go in the void. So, amend your goals if you feel they’re not realistic or stretch the deadline in case it seems irrational.

It’s never too late to make it, and it’s never too late to try. So, grab a notebook and make a roadmap to future. Don’t waste your whole day thinking about the destination, rather engage with the journey. Enjoy your story of success and watch yourself grow. Praise yourself for the adequate actions that you took. Start making positive conversation with your inner self to set a supportive environment and make the best of the next nine months.

How Blockchain Technology Can Be Used In Recruitment?

June 11, 2018 in Services

Untitled design (1)

Origin of Blockchain can be traced back to the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. It is the first decentralized digital currency that works without a central authority. Blockchain is a virtual ledger that is distributed on a peer-to-peer network. It’s gained popularity because of its transparent, quick, and secure functionality. It also excludes the need for a middle-man, that makes it cost effective too.

Blockchain started as a ledger that held transactions only, but with time it got evolved into something bigger, something more universal. After the arrival of Ethereum platform, making blockchain-based applications became straightforward. So, blockchain started to spread to other fields too. In the near future, blockchain might expand itself beyond the banking system and eventually cover the business world, which includes Human Resources.

Let’s talk about the scope of blockchain technology in recruitment business.

Following are some futuristic aspects of blockchain:

#1. Candidate Verification: Even in this era of rapid speed, the recruitment process is outright slow. The verification of candidate background consumes a lot of recruiters’ time. Often in the background verification process, a third-party is needed. With the help of blockchain technology, the process of recruitment could be smoothened. The exclusion of third-party will be cost-effective and time-effective.

#2. Sleek Management: All the information gathering tasks would become easy on a blockchain network. Blockchain technology has a lot of potentials, once entered into the business world it could handle all the tasks that are assigned with the hiring process. That is, applications from the candidates, interviews, and salary negotiations. However, the most time-consuming task is verification of the information that candidates provide. Well, blockchain technology could quicken this process too, as it’s already renowned for the transparency it provides.

#3. QR code: This will make the information digging process convenient for recruiters. Every profile on the network would have a QR code attached to it that would record and keep track of all the professional progress of the candidate behind the virtual profile.

#4. Less referencing required: This will make the hiring process quicker and hassle-free.

#5. Talent hunting: All of the skills cannot be validated and tested in an interview. The progress track would help in the validation process of the claimed skills.

#6. Tomorrow’s technology: Currently being at the theoretical stage, a lot of studies are being conducted to enable blockchain technology to go beyond its present capabilities.

Once the blockchain technology marks its arrival inside the business world, recruiters and HR departments would get easy access to all the candidate data that is of their interest. The blockchain technology is quite mature in terms of data handling capabilities and it’s just about the time that it’ll bloom wholly like the Internet. While discussing blockchain an honorable mention of “smart contracts” is necessary, as they’d help streamline the onboarding process.

Even with the presence of Internet the hiring process still turn out to be quite a tedious task. The arrival of blockchain technology in the business world will bring easy covering in plenty of management areas.

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