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The ‘Fresher’ I Was Once

November 18, 2015 in Knowledge Cell, Uncategorized

As we progress on our career graphs we tend to become less enthusiastic and communicative about our jobs. It seems just attending to our daily chores and earning an income to sustain our livelihoods. Well, I just realized that I was one among such passive workers, as I began to draft this post. On my journey to writing on why we should always remain upbeat about our profession regardless of our experience, I opened a treasure trove for myself and extend the same secret formula to unlocking our potential.

When I first began my career, I was enthusiastic and had a “can do attitude” (which I still have), however; with time, I learned the trade, and slowly work seemed to fall into a mundane spree, receiving feedbacks was no more was enjoyable. I questioned my innate existence, “Why was I behaving like a dead rock, I wasn’t born like that, I had feelings and a positive attitude towards work and life, what happened?” I shrugged myself from my dreamy existence and began searching for answers. The journey was not smooth and neither pleasant, because when you are out of your comfort zone; everything falls apart, isn’t it?  But, I was determined to find answers, read plenty of books, spoke to spiritual gurus, and turned to my friends, but nothing helped. What was I missing? Any guesses?  What I was missing was the “fresher I was once!”


“The good old days,” as we popularly refer to our youth, when we were brimming with energy, enthusiasm, willing to listen to our superiors and working-hard to achieve goals. So, do we loose that youthfulness as we age in our life and profession? The hard fact is “Yes” but we can alter ourselves at any crossroad, if we have the guts!

Today, companies not only look for a specific skill set but desire their new or existing employees to be  energetic performers who consistently reflect the passion for their work, have a sunny and enthusiastic disposition, and have a positive attitude. Oh! That’s too much to ask for; especially when you have lost the zest for profession, isn’t it? Well, my friend, you can take a rebound and start fresh, just like when you first stepped in  that first office. There are professional development and training programs to help you get on your feet, provide your game.

The good news is once you are ready to understand the characteristics and skills that your employer seeks, you can showcase your “soft skills” to win that coveted position in a new vertical in the company. A new challenge will revive the hidden zest for achieving goals, once again.

Seasoned professionals who keep their minds agile and approach their job with new ideas and concepts and execute multiple tasks or projects with ease without much supervision indicate high personal integrity and morality quotient. Their adaptability to positively take the feedbacks and apply it to improve their productivity, their dedication and tenacity in successfully completing the project, and their eagerness to take a new responsibility are the desirable traits that puts them in the top-spot for the next promotion. Now isn’t that we all crave for?


Foreign exchange fluctuations and its Impact on the business

December 20, 2012 in Services, Uncategorized

Foreign exchange fluctuation impacts the businesses in medium as well as long run. There are many issues which create fluctuations in foreign exchange rate. The organisation is put to exchange risk. This means that for the same product, if a business contracts with seller for a specific amount due to rate fluctuations, that will be paying more. The customs duty structure, VAT etc are directly linked to such rates which will have further impact. Cash outflow also increases thereby straining the working capital requirements. In short, this directly affects the profitability of a project/business.

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