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Why organizations require employer branding

July 10, 2018 in Careers, Leadership, USP

employer brandingAn employer brand with a strong reputation can do wonders for a company. It can help the company recruit better candidates, bring down the hiring and marketing expenses and enhance the overall productivity of the organization. Therefore, if you are still in doubt over its significance, read on to know why it plays such a crucial role.

  1. Helps retain employees and recruit new ones: An organization with a sharp brand image will motivate employees to put in their best efforts for the company. They would not want to quit working with such an organization. A strong employer brand would develop in the employees a sense of pride to be associated with such an organization. Additionally, it helps in recruiting the best talent available because most people go through the social media channels of the employees before applying to get an idea of the brand image. A sharp brand image would attract better talent.
  2. Reduce costs: A strong brand image doesn’t require you to spend much on the recruitment part. Potential candidates will find you themselves an apply for positions. You can instead utilize this money in your company’s promotion or on developing your product, to get ahead of your competitors in the market. Also, this will lead to reduced recruitment efforts. The best part about having an impressive employer brand is that candidates would accept working for lower pay because they feel working with a well-known brand would give a boost to their careers and help them in the long run.
  3. Your employees become your recruitment agencies: A splendid employer image enables your existing employees to talk positively about you. Such positive reviews by your employees drive hiring through referrals and dramatically enhances your chances of recruiting better candidates. Thus, your employees act as your biggest recruitment agencies who bring in the best candidates. Also, when your employees talk positively about your brand, your brand grows without any additional expenditure on marketing. It sets in motion a domino effect. Thus, with an uptick in brand awareness, your sales also get a boost.
  4. Enhances employee engagement: As previously mentioned, employees feel more motivated working for an organization with a sharp brand image. They are a lot more enthusiastic about their jobs and are consequently more productive. Productivity naturally bodes well for the organization because this means more growth and increased revenue. It results in the organization becoming financially stable. A financially stable company would attract potential candidates; thus it is a repetitive process in progress.

A sharp brand image is a win-win situation by all means. It instills in the employees the necessary confidence and makes them an asset to the organization. The contribution that these employees make to the company helps the company move on an upward trajectory.


These Three Things Every Employee Wants

May 2, 2018 in Careers, Industry Verticals, Knowledge Cell, Leadership, Services, USP

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Every person has a different thought pattern and a uniquely prioritized list of  expectations. The proportion of their wants might vary from person to person, but the presence of some wishful expectations have been acknowledged widely into employees.

The human mind is filled with wants and desires, and it’s not possible to list every single of them. There are some basic wants that are found in majority of employees. These wants are common to most of the employees.

So, here is the list of three things that are common in every employee’s wishlist:

Career: The foremost priority of every employee, especially in the starting days, is their career. Every employee wants a sense of security from their job, opportunities to show their talent, chances to learn new skills, and grow professionally. The freshers put career above all the other wishes because that is the necessity. If you’re not earning enough to survive, you won’t be able to think about your other wishes. It’s an intrinsic motivation as it’s necessary to keep moving forward.

Community: As your necessities begin to get served, you start thinking about your other wants too. Community refers to people. Employees want to be respected and acknowledged for their excellent works.

Purpose: As you grow, you start to discover more aspects of yourself. After sensing stability in life, and achieving respect and acknowledgement, an employee intends to move toward the more delicate matters. Employee starts to look at the bigger picture now.  S/he makes effort to make things better. They don’t just work for materialistic things but for a purpose too. They intend to make a positive impact in the society.

These wishes keep employees motivated to work hard. As an employee grows, the proportion of these three wishes tend to shift. Studies show that the priorities change with age, across all age groups.

That is,

  • Freshers(24 years or below) give preference to career and community over purpose. Career mostly dominates their priority list.

  • Between 25 to 34 years, employees start to think a little more about all three wants mentioned-above. Career still dominates all the other wants, but community starts to gain importance too.

  • Between 35 to 44 years, the importance of career starts to shrink as other wishes start emerging out into the picture. For employees of this age group, career and community aren’t very far in terms of importance.

  • Between 45 to 54 years, purpose mixes up tightly with the career and community.

  • 55 years and older, the purpose often overtakes all the other wishes by this time.

If we take it at a deeper level, these three wishes are the reason for most of the employees to join work in the first place. We all start from the fundamental things that are necessary to sustain life, and then we start to look at the bigger picture. As we get bigger in our career, the big picture starts to get bigger.

Re-launch Your Career With USP-Ur Success Partner

November 9, 2015 in USP


You quit your progressing career due to marriage, children, or spouse’s transfer to a new location, or perhaps you had ailing parents and in-laws who needed care and assistance. But now that your shoulders are burdened with lesser family responsibilities, you now seek to re-launch your career?

Welcome to Mancer USP- “Ur Success Partner” in Re-Launching Your Career- Are You Game?

Mancer Consulting Group, India’s leading talent management company, welcomes you to join the bandwagon of experienced women professionals into the corporate fold. The program Mancer USP is a pioneering program that aims to re-introduce women professionals into the workforce by rendering distinguished employment opportunities with flexible work hours and better pay scale. The USP initiative is targeted at women who are seeking to work again after their sabbatical at mid-range and senior positions.

Leading Talent Management Company Launches Scheme for Women Upliftment

USP, represents ‘Ur Success Partner’, and ingeniously allows Mancer Consulting to facilitate a bigger female representation in the upper echelons of corporate India. This revolutionary program offers a chance to women professionals pan India to re-enter the corporate world by joining India’s premium HR Consulting firm. Women seeking to realize their precious career ambitions and their full potential once again, can do so now by associating with Mancer USP program.

Mancer Consulting Group will assiduously identify ambitious women professionals and inspire them to join the organization. The company will offer flexible work hours, better pay scale, and personalized work days to make their transition smooth.

The company has launched its equal-opportunity workforce drive through media and social networking channels to reach out to commendable women professionals and help them resume their corporate journey.

Are You among the 2 Million Talented, Skilled, and Dedicated Women Workforce Eager to Return to the Corporate World?
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Mancer USP: A Groundbreaking Opportunity for Corporate Women to Excel – Again!

November 5, 2015 in USP

New Delhi, India – November 5, 2015 – Mancer Consulting Group, one of India’s leading talent management solutions providers, has launched Mancer USP – a pioneering scheme to help bring eminent women professionals back into the corporate fold.

Corporate opportunities for women professionals on break

USP, which stands for ‘Ur Success Partner’, ingeniously provides for Mancer Consulting to absorb experienced women personnel who have taken a career break into its workforce. Mancer USP’s overall mission is to offer flexible employment opportunities again to distinguished corporate women via a regular, transparent, and just system.

Says an upbeat Mr. Satya Sinha, CEO, Mancer Consulting Services: “We are extremely pleased to announce USP initiative. The scheme provides a revolutionary chance for eminent women professionals across India to re-enter the corporate sphere by joining one of India’s most preeminent manpower consulting firm. With our enterprise, these women can surely realize their cherished career ambitions and, thereby, their full potential.”

Adds Ms. Pooja Sinha, Principal Consultant, Mancer Consulting: “This initiative is in consonance with our staunch commitment to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions. With Mancer USP, we seek to create an equal-opportunity environment in India permitting women professionals to thrive.”

Mancer USP’s launch is timely and directly addresses India’s present female personnel reality. Recent research reveals that nearly two million women professionals have currently taken a work break to attend to their personal duties.  By offering such women ready openings to resume their corporate journeys, Mancer USP will automatically promote female workforce participation, comprehensive talent development, and gender diversity.

Explains Ms. Nimi Srivastava, Manager (Operations) – Mancer Consulting: “Specifically, Mancer will diligently identify aspiring women professionals and encourage them to join the organization. To smoothen assimilation, we plan to offer flexible working hours along with personalized work days and employment format for individual cases.”

USP will target a particular number of women recruitments initially and periodically regulate the same depending on the precise needs of the Group. The focus will be on women employees belonging to mid-range and senior positions. Mancer avers that the USP initiative will compel it and other concerns to facilitate greater female representation in the upper echelons of corporate India.

Concludes Mr. Satya Sinha: “We will actively reach out to deserving women professionals through conventional media, social networking, and internet channels and strive to indeed make Mancer USP our unique selling point.”

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