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Five Tips to Develop a Great Training Program

September 5, 2017 in Knowledge Cell

Training Program

Training programs not just help your people update their skills but also play a critical role in the survival of any organization. Despite knowing this fact, very few companies spend enough time to develop a sound training program. Here is a quick guideline to help you create a training module that can develop a culture of learning and development at the workplace.

Identify goals

You need to keep in mind the objectives of your organization to accomplish desired outcomes from the program. Also, define the needs of your company by identifying the weak areas where training would prove beneficial. The goals must be specific and measurable.

 Create a schedule

Depending on the desired outcome of the training program, it might take a few days or several weeks to complete. You should, therefore create a plan and indicate how long the program will last, the frequency, the topics to be discussed and the duration of each session. Also, outline the tangible benefits employees will gain by completing the training program.

Choose qualified trainers

To deliver an effective training, you need to select qualified instructors to conduct the training sessions. You can either make use of the in-house expertise or hire professional trainers after examining their qualifications and experience.

Design lessons

Make a list of lessons, group activities, discussions and tests that are to be conducted during the session. After figuring these out, involve your employees while designing lessons. By understanding what they are nervous about and in which areas they feel least competent, you can structure a useful program.

Try to arrange training in the forms employees most want: group discussion and presentation and avoid if they have a distaste for classroom-style lectures. Vary presentation methods to keep the participants focused on their tasks. These include role plays and simulations, quizzes, and problem-solving activities.

Apply knowledge right away

One of the goals of the training program is to help employees adapt to their roles and become more efficient at what they do. The key to achieving this target is action planning that helps in bringing the learning to life and also in bridging insights and intentions to results.


Developing a training program that meets the needs of both employees and the organization, and keeps the business growing for better is challenging. But an effective training program results in higher productivity, cost reduction, and a much better company culture that will far outweigh the efforts.

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