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How to Begin a Career in Data Science?

June 12, 2017 in Careers

003 Careers in Data Science

Traditional IT domains have matured and offer little opportunity for IT professionals in terms of a sound career path. Data Science offers a lucrative career opportunity. But it also entails numerous challenges that require a sound logic and scientific temperament to solve.

A data scientist is not just an IT professional. The presence of the word scientist in the job title implies that it has actually something to do with science. To embark on a successful carrier in this field, you have to be a scientist. Merely considering it a technology field will not be enough.

Here, we take a look at some of the key qualities that will help you begin your career in data science.

Develop the right mindset

As discussed earlier, a data scientist is a scientist. This profession is not a regular IT job role where you can sit and code. Learning data science tools such as matplotlib, R, pandas, and scikit-learn is good but not enough.

These are just the tools, so do not confuse them with the entire domain of data science. What you need is to have the right mindset that will help you look at things from a scientific perspective. Only then, you will be able to solve complex problems that data scientists have to deal with.

Gain the right knowledge

While it is okay to learn a few data science tools, what is even more important is to gain the right education and knowledge. A large number of enterprises prefer hiring data scientists that have a PhD.

However, not everyone has to get a PhD to become a data scientist. You need to make sure you have the right academic credentials by obtaining the right degree. But, merely obtaining a degree will also not be enough. You need to have a thorough knowledge of what is taught in your academic course.

Focus on solving complex issues

As a data scientist, you will be expected to solve numerous complex issues that do not have a straightforward solution. You might have to deal with several permutations and combinations before you can make a choice.

Using resources such as Kaggle Competitions might not fetch the right results as it would hardly test your skills as a data scientist. All you would rely upon are the permutations and combinations tried by others in this competition. The participants’ sole objective is to score more points rather than solving a complex issue. Trying to resolve a complicated issue will be your job as a data scientist, and you can’t wish it away by trying it get it done through a shortcut method. So, develop the problem-solving skills instead of relying on something like Kaggle Competitions which only make complex issues look easy instead of finding the best solution.

Learn to deal with ambiguity

A key function of a data scientist is to deal with ambiguity. With a large volume of data, there would be several instances when there is no perfect solution. You would have to address conflicting logics.


To launch your career in data science, it is critical that you imbibe the above factors. They will inculcate the qualities in you that enterprises hiring data scientists require.

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