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How to Know if Your Job is at Risk (and the ways to save it)?

September 11, 2017 in Careers

Job Loss

Many professionals are concerned about their job security. Nobody would like to lose out on the steady stream of income. At some point of time, you would have got a gut feeling that something is really wrong that made you more worried than usual. So it is always better to be able to recognize the signs that your job is at risk. If you can identify the situation accurately, then you may talk to concerned people, resolve the matter and save your job.

Here are eight alarming signs that you should put attention to:

You are no longer invited to important meetings

When the company has decided to lay you off, they may stop inviting you to important meetings and discussions so that the information stays proprietary.

You receive a poor feedback

If your boss sends an out of the blue performance review or you are receiving messages with recurring issues, and don’t hear anything positive; there is a good chance you could be losing your job soon.

You have fewer responsibilities

If you have been demoted or losing a lot of responsibilities and are given less meaningful work, it could mean that you are about to be handed a pink slip.

Your ideas are not valued

Even if your suggestions and ideas will serve the company, they will fall on deaf ears. Also, if you suddenly feel that your boss does not recognize your completed projects, you should start to worry that no one wants to hear from you.

Financial troubles

When the company is in financial crisis and your co-worker who is good at his work gets laid off, it may be a good sign that your job is on the line.

Your relationship with boss suddenly changes

If your boss suddenly starts disappearing every time you need to call or text him, he or she is probably avoiding a conflict. Also, if your boss becomes critical or unfriendly, and doesn’t show any interest in small talk, you should take the hint. it’s high time you started freshening up your resume.

Your colleagues are avoiding you

If you find that your colleagues are increasingly avoiding you, and invitations to professional gatherings are getting fewer, you should know that the company is trimming the fat.

You are kept out of the loop

Are you the last one to know about the latest projects? You are kept off an email list that involved your work but has now been handed over to other colleagues. Hence, they begin to limit the interactions since they know you will soon be gone.

New mergers or acquisitions

If your company has been acquired or merged with another, there will be an air of uncertainty since these situations always bring probable layoffs.


Are you seeing any of the above things happening to you at work? If so, it makes sense to have direct conversations with the management. Work on a strategy to overcome challenges and transform them into opportunities with the help of their suggestions.

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