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How to Raise your Kids as Leaders?

May 16, 2017 in Leadership

child leader

Leaders and followers step into their roles at a very young age. While every child is a natural born leader, certain children have an unmistakable charisma that makes them stand out among their peers.

Being a leader has less to do with bossing around and telling others what to do. It is about knowing what to expect, act responsibly, and relate positively to others. Leadership is crafting an authentic voice that guides the way others think and act.

Raising tomorrow’s leader means encouraging certain traits, skills, and values. Here are the skills every future leader needs, and how you as a parent can help them achieve them.

Begin Early

All learning begins at home. The way you interact with your kids teaches them a great deal of how to interact with others. In their formative years, children look to you for security, face time, and plenty of love. The more children receive love, comfort, support, and soothing – the more secure, healthy, and effective they become in their lives. Over a long-term, those tight bonds will make your kid’s independent and leadership ready, too.

Encourage Group Activities

Encourage your child to take part in group activities to learn the importance of teamwork. Extracurricular activities like sports, scouts, and drama club will help develop their self-confidence. On the home front, divide responsibilities among the members of the family. Working as a team will teach them how to lead and to value one another. Encourage their participation in important decisions of the family.

Encourage Decision-making ability

Urge your kids to take risks. Involve them in decision-making activities around the house. Start out with small decisions, like letting your child choose their clothing. Teach your kids the importance of weighing the pros and cons of every action. Make it a point to reinforce positive behavior with rewards or constructive feedback. This will help them to take good decisions in life.

Accept failure and Never Give Up

Don’t rush to help your child every single time they fall. Allow them to taste failure and to rise and meet challenges instead of shying away from them. Allow them to learn from their failures and to challenge themselves to be the best. Teach them to make commitments and live up to them.

Practice prudent communication

Good leaders can effectively communicate their thoughts and ideas to others. The next time you visit a restaurant allow your child to place the order. Allow them to speak directly to the captain to enhance their communication skills.

Manage Money Wisely

Good leaders are neither stingy nor thrifty in their monetary matters. The best way to teach kids to make wise monetary decisions is by giving them a monthly/weekly allowance. Teach them the importance of saving and spending money wisely.

Raising kids to be leaders isn’t science. It is about finding what is best for your child and working towards it. The right actions and the right words at the right time can make all the difference for your young leader.

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