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Mistakes Job Seekers Make and How to Fix Them?

September 12, 2017 in Careers

Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Knowingly or unknowingly, job seekers make a few mistakes which can cost their dream job. If you are giving a lot of interviews and recruiters are not getting back to you, then you need to do some introspection. Check out the common mistakes made by job seekers and learn tips and tricks to fix them.

Unable to Communicate your Strengths

Many job seekers think of a resume or a LinkedIn profile as a work history and tend to make it standard and boring. Some of them may also use jargons to make it appealing. However, your application documents should bring more of your personality on the page or screen. So, decide what sort of jobs you want, then brand yourself accordingly.

Use your headline to summarize what work you do or will plan to do.

Not knowing your value

Most job seekers start a job search without knowing their value. They are unaware of their skills and expertise. Since every job search includes an element of reinvention, it is important to determine what your skills can command in the talent marketplace. Use PayScale and to find out the market value of your intended role.

Failing to research about an employer before an interview

You cannot walk into the interview without knowing anything about the organization. This also forms one of the questions the employer will ask you while interviewing you. So, check out the employer’s website and learn about their products and services. Read their press releases and look at their reviews on Glassdoor to figure out whether or not to apply to that company.

Taking the first job offer you get

Sometimes the first job offer you get is a great one, but that’s not always the case. You think it is better to have a source of income rather than being jobless. Remember, it is much worse to accept that offer and start hating your job and also yourself for being there where you don’t see yourself.

Not preparing for the interviews

Interview comprises of five elements- articulating your value, conveying your knowledge, asking relevant questions, negotiating compensation and following-through. Many job seekers fail to ace the interview because they end up going impassive while discussing. Therefore, it is better to rehearse in advance and anticipate their questions to address them better during the actual conversation.


You may be making these mistakes unconsciously. Analyze your past interviews and evaluate what went wrong.  By learning to navigate these potential pitfalls from the outset, your job search will be more productive and yield more positive results.

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