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Benefits and challenges of friendship in the workplace

March 6, 2018 in Services


We spend a large part of our lives in the office, and the time we do not spend in the premises of office building we spend thinking about office work. More than half our life is consumed by our office work.

Still, we only try to improve ourselves professionally. Out and out ignoring the fact that having a healthy work environment will not only improve our performance but it also makes our workplace environment happy. Having friends at workplace will improve our productivity.

Building a friendly relationship at the office is not a tough job. We only need to put little efforts to make friends at the office. It’s a good idea to share 9 hours of your day with your friend instead of spending those busy 9 hours with an acquaintance. A friend at the office doesn’t necessarily have to be your best friend, but it’s a good idea to share your views and professional life with someone you trust.

If you too are tired of following old age belief ‘no friends at workplace’ then reading below-mentioned points will surely going to change your mindset.


Boosts productivity

Having friends at work will improve your performance. You do not need to have a best friend at work but working with good friends have the positive impact on your personal as well as professional life.


Feeling of Contentment

Humans are the sociable creature. Creating a socially healthy atmosphere for employees make them feel valuable. Emotionally when they feel happy, it will reflect professionally in their work. They feel satisfied with their job role and pay scale.


Team Cohesion

Becoming friends with your coworkers will benefit your team as well. Teams perform their best when they share respect and understanding for each other.

Their output increases which at the end of the day will going to help the organization they are working for.

Though there are plenty of benefits of having friends at the workplace, it also comes with its own set of challenges. In workplace friendship, you may encounter challenges which you may not encounter in your social and personal life. Employees may have to face the following challenges in the workplace friendship.


Know Your Boundaries

Normal chit-chat with coworkers is something understandable but spending too much of your time in hovering around not only creates a problem for you but your colleagues as well. Know your boundaries and never be the source of distraction.


Avoid tittle-tattle

Gossips proliferate like fire. Freely and easy socializing has its drawback as well. It is easy to learn about the personal and intimate details of your employees where employees communicate freely. So you have to be cautious if you do not want to get caught up in workplace gossip.


Hampers Team Performance

Betrayal, promotion adversely affects the performance of the team. Betrayal and promotion emotionally affect the employees that in turns results in poor performance.

So, we saw what can be some of the benefits and challenges of friendship in the workplace. One needs to find the sweet spot between a healthy professional life and social circle. Keep the above points in mind to have a more productive work life!

How to craft a resume in the age of AI?

March 5, 2018 in Services


In the age of digitalization, AI has become a crucial part of our daily lives. And, we are aware of the changes that AI will bring to the world shortly. Today, we include it in every part of our life, professional and personal. One such essential applications where AI is being employed is in the process of recruitment and hiring. Companies get over flooded with the job applications and it becomes difficult for them to find the candidates that best suit the organization. With AI, only a few number of clicks can help the recruiters find the suitable candidates from numerous applications. Even though this application of AI has proven to be useful to the recruiters, it challenges the job seekers differently. The job seekers are now required to build their resumes in such a manner that the non-human interface can also efficiently scan their resumes. Therefore, it is essential that the candidates design their resumes keeping in mind the ‘Artificial intelligence recruiter.’


Remember, copying someone else’s words in your resume will be futile. You need to build such a resume that reflects your professional skills and can be easily spotted by the AI recruiter interface. Hence, you must create your CV carefully in detail. Here are some tips to help you build your resume that can be easily spotted by the AI bots.


Know the automated hiring process


To begin with, we must know everything about the automated hiring process. Understanding the process will help you create a better professional profile that is relevant to you and a particular organization. The AI bots pick the keywords from your resume, and if it matches the criteria of the recruiters, your resume gets shortlisted. That means keywords play a crucial role in this ecosystem. Use the keywords relevant to your profile, experience, industry, and domain only. This will land you at your desired company.


Use relevant info to rank higher


It is essential to rank above others in the AI algorithms. But, to achieve this, you must first know the concept of AI algorithms. The AI scoring system differs from organization to organization. You must understand the idea of ranking the candidates. Look out for skills on which they are hiring the candidates. They may be recruiting the candidates based on skills like experience, relevancy, etc. There are many possibilities. The crux is to present yourself as the suitable fit for the hiring company. See if you fit within their experience, domain & profile requirements, salary, and required skill set.


Take help from the bot recruiters


Just like the human recruiters, there are also robot recruiters that help in the recruitment and job searching process. The best part of these robots is that they analyze the data in just a short span of time. Companies have chatbots that will communicate with you on the chats and answer all your queries. Moreover, if there is something that these bots cannot answer, they will direct that query to the human recruiters who will help you out further. They may also suggest relevant and suitable job profiles according to the information you provided.


With this, you now know some key tips to craft your CV in the AI-driven hiring era. Remember to make use of the above pointers to design your resume to land your next job. Happy working!

5 Apps that can help you stop procrastinating

February 27, 2018 in Services


Procrastination is avoiding a task that needs to be done till it reaches the deadline. We can call it a bad habit, character flaw or disease. It is a human tendency that has been studied since ages. Time flies! Time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is your choice to decide whether you want to waste it or use it in productive work. There are some apps that can help you to stop procrastinating and complete the work before the deadline.


Time2- Time2 helps you stop from procrastination, become stress-free and complete the work on time. You must be thinking stopwatch can also do that, but you get distracted by things around you and tend to delay your task.

Let us know how Time2 works:

Add a task and the time you want to spend. Now your mission is to complete the work assigned at that time, or else you will be at risk of going overtime.

It’s essential features are:

  1. To motivate the users to beat procrastination

  2. No limitations of the tasks

  3. It is like a to-do list, add reminders and assign tasks

  4. You can schedule work for your future days


Finish- It is easy to get distracted and waste your time, Finish can help you sort your work in short-term (less than two days) mid-term (3-7 days) and long-term (more than eight days) basis. Finish will bother you about the task till it is fully done. Finish also helps to focus on your work.

It’s key features are:

  1. It offers span of time for every task

  2. It gives notifications about the task till it is done

  3. It helps in focusing and motivating.


StudyBreak- Free of cost. Do you get distracted easily? The time when you should be studying, do you look into your phone? Okay, so then stop worrying about your problem of procrastination and download StudyBreak application on your phone. StudyBreak helps you overcome both these problems. It is very simple to use, choose the time, start the timer and put the phone down. In case, you pick up your phone the app starts giving you an alert to get back to work. Also, this app allows you to take a break at certain intervals if you study for a long time. Also if you don’t need the break at that time when StudyBreak is allowing, you can press the timer button and take a more extended break later.

It’s key features are:

  1. You make a start or stop study session from your lock screen.

  2. If you have an apple watch, you can use the apple watch app and phone only during breaks.

  3. The stats page can tell you how efficiently you study and the daily hours.

  4. There are colorful timers that indicate your efficiency. Green if you meet goals and red if you don’t.

  5. Export your data as an excel file so that you can graph it on a daily basis.


Procraster- This is a short-term app and you can complete one task at a time. Procraster also provides with the solutions of the problem you face, like ‘My project is too big,’ ‘I don’t know where to start,’ ‘I’ve made a mistake,’ ‘I have to finish my project,’ and ‘have to be perfect.’ Choose one of them, and Procraster responds to the solution. You can also calculate the productive time and use it as a motivation.

The key features are:

  1. It provides you with the solution to the problem faced while doing a task

  2. It is a short-term app

  3. It can complete one task at a time.


YellingMom- It is a smart and simple app that gives a reminder note to the busy people. This app helps with the daily to-do list and will never make you miss the important things.

The key features are:

  1. Four types of swipe gestures

  2. It reminds you of the important things

  3. It keeps track of all your thoughts

  4. You can create as many lists and items as you want

  5. You can set a different time for every task


Here you learned few apps that are available in market for not to procrastinate. You can increase your speed to do the task. Hope the article was helpful for you.


How a winning mindset can transform your productivity

February 26, 2018 in Services


Winning mindset is an attitude to be happy even if you lose and others succeed. Competition is a part of life and winning and losing happens too. Either you learn, or you lose. These people put themselves in a position to win.

life and winning and losing happens too. Either you learn, or you lose. These people put themselves in a position to win.


Here are a few ways that winning mindset can be productive:

  • Positive thought- Tell yourself ‘You can and you will.’ Success begins when you have a positive attitude towards everything. This means allowing only those thoughts that are in a way helpful for you. Try not to create a negative visualization. Some people may try to create negative thoughts in your mind for their winnings. The wisest thing to do is avoid those voices.

There is growth for happy and winning mindset in every industry. These type of people are focused and energetic. People with winning mentality give motivation and inspire others in the company.


  • Solution- oriented- Most of us get stuck in a problem framework, where we see the problem but don’t have an answer. A successful habit is to shift into using a solution-based perspective. When a question arises, these people do not complain but search for some solution to get things back on track. It makes them valuable in the eyes of others and also capable and confident.


  • Goal-oriented- People having winning mindset are realistic and come up with their goals and ambitions. These people dream big. And are not afraid of being different from others. As you dream big, you may open up to new opportunities and ideas to turn dreams into reality. The more prominent your dream, the more motivated you become in future. While achieving your goal, you may get disheartened sometimes, but people with winning mindset learn from what they do.


  • Learn lessons- It is essential for a being to learn from their life. These lessons can train you to sustain a better life. When you learn something, you gain knowledge, and you think better. You either learn, or you lose.


  • Curiosity- Massive part of success is curiosity. Cultivating a curiosity mindset requires a lot of questions to be asked, learn new skills, research on latest topics, know what is on trend, etc. You love taking challenges and accepting them with the whole heart. You spot the opportunities that others don’t even see and that leads to a happy and prosperous life.


  • Optimistic- These people are hopeful and confident about their future. If you are not optimistic, you bound to give up early. You need to believe that it takes more than just thinking positive. A great mindset is an essential ingredient to a successful life. These successful habits will teach you to maintain an optimal mindset, regardless of the situation you find yourself.


To be more productive, try to inbuilt these key points and sustain your winning mindset. These people make a market value for their positive attitude and happy nature. It also, in turn, helps you to spend a better and healthy life. Train yourself to have a winning mindset and remove a sense of jealousy from your mind.

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