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Tips to become an employer of choice

July 4, 2018 in Careers, Leadership

employer of choiceBeing the employer of choice suggests that you have managed to create and sustain a great working environment for your employees, which means that the best people in your business wish to work for you. Such a positive branding helps any company to both attract as well as retain talent, which is very crucial considering the global hunt for talent. However, becoming an employer of choice might take years of hard work and persistence. In today’s day and age when companies are neck to neck with each other to outperform one another, you would naturally want to emerge as a hub of talent without wasting several years in its pursuit. So, we have laid out five essential steps to help you achieve your goals.

  1. Stimulating work: Nothing disappoints and demotivates the employees more than a tedious job and routine. They wish to perform exciting and challenging roles. A great job will engage the employee, and such engagement is possible if the situation is a demanding one. Invest some time in creating a job design which appeals to your could consider having job rotations to spare your employees from the monotony of any sort.

  1. Reward: Rewards are the best way to motivate your employees. People like their work getting acknowledged. Rewarding them would convey the message that hard work would always get its due and sincerity shall never go unrewarded. The recognition of their contribution can go a long way in securing their loyalty for your organization. The rewards don’t have to be too luxurious but should be something of utility. Salaries benchmarked against the market averages and paying your employees according to the market rate is possibly the best way of rewarding your employees.

  1. Training: The employees come to your organization not only to earn a livelihood but also to learn and develop particular skills which they couldn’t acquire elsewhere. Learning these skills would help them on a day-to-day basis and help them move up the career ladder. Your company must be committed to growth and include a training and development structure along with an assessment program to take stock of your employees’ performance and personal development.

  1. Social responsibility and ethics: Employees want to work for organizations that are ethical and socially responsible. They expect the organization to exhibit a positive work culture where the employees are treated with respect. The corporate ethics displayed by your organization will determine whether you get employees or mere laborers for your company. Build a CSR program which outlays the values and principles that the company must follow while doing business.

  1. Opportunities to progress: Every employee wishes to see himself progressing with time. The primary reason why most employees leave a business is that of career stagnation. They begin to feel that all their toils mean very little, and therefore they move out to other companies in search of better salaries and career opportunities. Make sure that there is no favoritism in your organization and everybody gets equal opportunities based on their merits. It will help create an environment of potential for career progression.

Becoming the employer of choice isn’t easy. It requires you to have a look at your current workforce and juxtapose it with what you want it to become. It involves countering a few harsh truths and taking steps to make internal changes. The benefits involved are however too significant to ignore. Afterall who doesn’t wish to have the best employees, doing their best work, enhanced profits- and not leaving.


Seven reasons why the HR is indispensable to your organization

July 2, 2018 in Services

Seven reasons why the HR is indispensable to your organizationThe HR is an integral part of an organization ranging in multiple departments ranging from strategy formulation to brand development. Especially in small businesses the HR performs various functions and serves the organization as well as its employees in many ways. Given below are a few areas under the HR’s control which directly affect the experiences of other employees within the organization.


  1. Wages and salary: The HR compensation specialists build stable compensation structures which are competitive with other businesses in the same sectors. They keep an eye on companies looking for employees with similar skills. It helps them conduct surveys to set the employee salary which is in line with the market trends, the organization’s financial capacity and its estimated revenue.


  1. Analyzing benefits: Benefits specialists have the necessary expertise to negotiate the employees’ benefits package in accordance with the organization’s budget and the existing economic state. Since they are familiar with the employee benefits which are most likely to attract employees, they help in essential talent retention. This considerably reduces the company’s expenses regarding turnover.


  1. Recruitment: The HRs direct the recruitment process from screening resumes and applications to scheduling interviews. They ensure that the best candidates are given an opportunity to have an interview with the selection panel. Additionally, they determine which applicant recruitment systems are best suited for the organization’s needs.


  1. Hiring: The HRs collaborate with the hiring managers to ensure that the best candidates are selected, according to the organization’s demands. They guide the hiring managers who aren’t familiar with the standard hiring process, through the hiring procedure to ensure that the company brings in the best candidates.


  1. Safety and risk management: The HRs in every organization are bound to provide safe and secure working conditions for the employees of the company. They engage with employees to promote awareness and safe handling of dangerous equipment and harmful chemicals. They develop programs to reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities.


  1. Liabilities: The HRs engage with employees to resolve workplace issues, which if left unattended could spiral out of control. These issues could range from small tiffs and misunderstandings between two or more employees and managers or to significant workplace harassment issues. Sexual harassment in the workplace especially vitriols the working environment and creates a very wrong impact on the employees. Worse, it could embroil the organization into an ugly legal battle.

  1. Employee satisfaction: The HR acts as a bridge between the employee and the employer and performs the role of the intermediary between these two parties. The HR conducts surveys, administers focus groups and seeks employee input regarding the employees’ job satisfaction and ways to enhance the employees’ working relationships.


  1. Performance appraisal: Employees might often end up doing work not suited to their job role. Therefore, it is the job of the HR to communicate to the management any such occurrence. Also, the staff of the organization is intimated on a regular basis of their roles in the company. If taken on a regular basis, such appraisals motivate the employees immensely.


Companies keep facing some or the other problem every day. To overcome these problems, the proper use of the human resource is inevitable. Without a robust HR structure, any organization is destined to suffer while managing its day to day activities. The human resource department enhances not only the quantitative goals but also their organizational culture. Hence, a reliable and effective human resource management has become indispensable for every company.


5 Mental Shifts That Can Transform Your Life.

June 26, 2018 in Knowledge Cell

Untitled design (5)

Most of our experiences bind us into a pattern; pattern that isn’t necessarily adequate or inadequate. However, if you are facing some difficulties in your life, you can take certain approaches that will help you transform your life into something better. Some mental shifts have been recognized by masses to be imperative for your growth.

So, here we’ll trace the story of success and wisdom.

Consider following mental shifts to transform your life:

#1. Power of observation: Observation is the action of consciously monitoring something or someone. It will mutate you into a profound personality. Nowadays, most of the people just look idly without actually seeing anything. The difference is of attentiveness. When you do something with a mindful approach, you find yourself in an awareness mode. When you start observing things, your mind works more actively, and it also enhances your reasoning abilities.

#2. All about perspective: “What you perceive is your reality, what I perceive is my reality, there is no reality as such, there are only perceptions.” In simplest terms perspective is the point of view of a person. Think of perspective as a window through which we look at other people, things, and events. This window also allows us to see our own reflection too. Now suppose the windowpane is of black color, how will you see the world through a black windowpane?

By just respecting others perspective you can change the color of this windowpane. Differences in opinions is a natural thing. Your opinions are based on your experiences. If you follow this approach, people will acknowledge you. Silently, your transformation will start taking a positive shape. So, keep an open mind.

#3. You reap what you sow: The outcome depends on your actions. So, be mindful of your deeds as they will manifest your gains and losses. You must have heard about “the law of attraction,” you attract alike thoughts. In one word, “Karma.”

#4. Thoughtful questions or quietness: When you ask every question that comes to your mind, you are bound to ask stupid questions too, along with some logical ones. This will downgrade the quality of your good questions. So, take your time and try to ask only the rational questions, or just keep quiet and mindfully listen to what’s going on around you.

#5. Think-Action approach: We all are bound to think, and plenty of times we come up with great ideas too. But what thinking alone would do? Think-action approach will push us toward taking actions. Whenever you feel that you’re procrastinating, take an action. The more actions you’ll take, more chances of success will add up.

These practices will help you in finding the equilibrium, as explained by John Forbes Nash Jr in game theory (Nash equilibrium). Nash equilibrium teaches us how to analyze a situation to come up with the best possible answer to it.

After adopting these practices and adding them into your routine, you will not just become a successful person but also a wise one.

How to Find Your Best Partner in The Office

June 25, 2018 in Careers, Function, Industry Verticals

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It’s important to have a positive working relationship at the workplace with all of your colleagues; even you don’t have an intense personal relationship. During office hours, employees spend more time with their colleagues rather than with their friends and family. For the growth of an organization, it’s essential for the staff members to create a relationship of mutual understanding and trust. An organization that works together, grows together. When people care about each other at their work, things get done in a faster and efficient way. Also, individual performance and confidence boosted up.

Here are some qualities that you look in your partner

Creative Thinker

Good employees don’t target to complete their job; they go beyond their goals. These company person develops new ideas and leads to flexibility into the system. A company looks for the candidate who has additional skills in addition to the job profile.

Helpful Nature

At offices, try to be in the companionship of employees who have helping nature. Every job demands flexibility from the employees. Naturally, a single person can not be perfect in everything. We all need help from our colleagues, therefore join the group of employees who always loves to help others.

Honest and Ethical

Employees must show honesty regarding their job. Honest and ethical employees are appreciated everywhere, and everyone loves to stay with their companionship.

Reliable and Punctual

Being on time and showing consistency is the best way to come in the good look of others. The shadow of reliable and punctual co-workers admire others for being like them.

Acceptance of criticism

‘The ability to accept criticism is an essential trait for surviving at workplace’ says author Ryan Kahn. The person who can manage criticism, can easily understand the working environment and bring necessary changes in his/her personality.

Energetic and change maker

At the office, it’s better to be in friend circle of employees who cracks the joke and releases work stress for an instant of time. They bring their energy to the team.


Initiative and autonomy are appreciable qualities and always needed in busy and complex workplaces. They give crucial suggestions and advice to other co-employees.

Passionate and enthusiastic towards work and life

Passionate and enthusiasm are desirable in the work environment. Employees with these qualities enhance team productivity and energy level of work. They are assets for the company.


Nobody likes someone who brags about his/her achievements. The favorable candidate is one who proves their value through hard and commendable work rather than through their words.

Team spirit

At the workplace, working in a team is most important quality to be looked in an employee before hiring. The advantage of the teamwork is that deadlines are achieved faster and efficiently.

Detail Oriented

It is essential to pay attention towards details. Even a small mistake can lead to a major issue. Employees who put extra effort in gathering information, complete their work before the deadline and with accuracy.


Partners or co-employees at offices are the key sources of information for an employee who looks for advice, instruction or help when they are uncertain about their work. Co-employees reduce conflicts and work burden. Hence, it’s crucial to select companionship of the right person at the office.

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