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Half of 2018 is already gone: Have you achieved your goals?

June 19, 2018 in Services


12 months, 365 days, some goals, and it’s the end of March 2018. We’ve already spent one quarter of the year. The questions that arise here are: where did we spend that quarter? What goals did we come closer to? What new goals did we add to our list?

Most of us are likely to make plans and set goals, but not all of us take actions to achieve our goals. Deterrent like failure leads to procrastination, which makes us stretch the rational deadlines and push our goals far from us.

Here are some motivations that will help you achieve your pending goals:

#1. Give a “No” to give up: Almost all successful people have gone through the same pattern, they tried, and they failed several times. What made the whole difference was their persistence to keep trying;  they never failed to try again.

One of the most common reasons why people fail to achieve their goals is that they give up on their goals. They don’t try enough times. So, give a “No” to give up and keep trying unless you make it.

#2. Appreciate yourself: The human mind is prone to focus more on the negative aspects of life. You are likely to start questioning your abilities after tasting failure. You will look at the thing that you thought you would do, but didn’t or couldn’t do. You downgrade your self-image and leads to self-doubt. Don’t look for things that you didn’t or couldn’t do. Start to look at the bright side; the things you’ve accomplished and then appreciate yourself for those things. Always look at the bright side and you will acknowledge a boost in your confidence that will push you towards your goals.

#3. It’s not the last day of life: There are two ways to look at it:

  • Three months are gone.

  • Nine months are left.

You still have enough time to complete your to-do list. So, don’t let the frustration hamper your productivity. Be confident and get it done.

#4. Consider another approach: The way you were trying to do it could be wrong as well. So, consider taking another approach to get things done. It might make a life-changing difference.

#5. Amend your goals: Take a look at your goals: “Are they realistic enough to be achieved?”

Sometimes people start following unrealistic goals and perpetually get demotivated by watching their efforts go in the void. So, amend your goals if you feel they’re not realistic or stretch the deadline in case it seems irrational.

It’s never too late to make it, and it’s never too late to try. So, grab a notebook and make a roadmap to future. Don’t waste your whole day thinking about the destination, rather engage with the journey. Enjoy your story of success and watch yourself grow. Praise yourself for the adequate actions that you took. Start making positive conversation with your inner self to set a supportive environment and make the best of the next nine months.

How Google Improved its Employee’s Productivity by 25% by Just 1 Email

June 18, 2018 in Careers, Knowledge Cell

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There is often a productivity issue with freshers, especially when they are in onboarding period, which refers to the period of job acceptance and assimilation. The new employees need to familiarize themselves with the existing work culture of the organization. They need to match the sharp learning curves of the organizations, while giving a performance that would help validate the reason to hire them.

Numerous organizations invest loads of money for structured onboarding programs to quickly familiarize the new employees with their roles and responsibilities. Everything is done with an aim to enhance the productivity of employees.

The email (sent to managers on Sunday before their noogler’s first day on work) that improved the productivity of the employee by 25% included a checklist:

  • Discussion about roles and responsibilities.

  • Nooglers (Google’s new employees) are to be paired with a peer buddy.

  • Help the new one to build a social network.

  • Onboarding check-ins are to be done once every month for a period of six months.

  • Welcome open dialogues.

Google found that managers who invested their time in this checklist were able to pull out 25% more productivity from their new employee.

Any organization can learn plenty of things, that will help them boost the productivity of their new employees, from this Emailed checklist. This checklist doesn’t give a tough-to-follow schedule.

Following are some tips that one can take from this experiment:

#1. Don’t strangle freshers with work: If you give them a target that is hard to achieve freshers might waste time thinking about failure instead of doing the actual work. This will cause a downfall in their existing productivity scale. Be rational with the checklist by not overdoing any part; especially the discussion or onboarding check-ins.

#2. Give them important guidance: This will avoid the unnecessary complications. The managers will also have the flexibility to show their creative mind.

While focusing on the unnecessary details, most common and important points go unmentioned. So, ensure to mention all the salient and foremost work-related guidance.

#3. Make suggestions: While the unnecessary details are to be avoided, you don’t have to be afraid of making valid suggestions, as suggestions make a plan better. Time to time follow-ups will make them more attentive towards work. Suggestions will always provide the required guidance and will also leave room for managers to make amendments in order to refine certain processes. And, if you have conveyed an openness for dialogues from all the parties (manager and employees), this will motivate the employees to participate in the suggestion sessions as well.

The right onboarding strategies, when executed in a correct manner, can release the stress assigned with the management of freshers, and push your team up on the productivity scale. Freshers are adaptable to change, and right strategies can mould them into suitable candidates. So, make contemplative choices and let the excellence of your choice reflect through the enhanced productivity.

Top 10 Traits of A Successful Leader

June 12, 2018 in Careers, Industry Verticals, Leadership

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A leader is someone who guides the team. No business can succeed without a leader. Every organization wants a qualified leader for its employees who can act as their troubleshooter. But to be a leader, one must possess the following qualities:

  • Inspire and Motivate Others

Leaders have a clear vision for their organization. They want their organization to perform best in the market. They set a compelling target for the benefit of the company and motivate the employees to achieve them. Good leaders with their knowledge, experience, and skills inspire the employees and encourage them to put their best effort in achieving their target.

  • Honest and Transparent

Great leaders do not mince their words. They do what they say. They are honest, loyal, transparent, and have high integrity. They share their views with complete honesty and want others to be honest with them. Flattering is not their desire, but true words of appreciation are what they want.

  • Solve Problems

Leaders are hired to solve organizational issues. A good leader should be capable enough of addressing organizational matters and also possess the quality to catch advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

  • Must Communicate Powerfully

For an individual to be a leader communication skills are essential. A good leader knows the technique of conveying his/her goals and thoughts to the employees.

  • Builds Relationship

No business can survive without a healthy relationship. To succeed businesses need a strong foundation of the relationship. In Spite of its busy schedule, a good leader always takes out time to build the relationship with employees, customers, boss, and with others in the industry.

  • Competitive Spirit

Leaders are competitive. They have a desire to be the best in the industry. No leader ignores the effort of their competitor. To keep a check on the competitors is also the job of the leader. And a leader knows a business can’t grow if it is not aware of the walk of its competitors.

  • Result-Oriented

Many works for money but leaders work because they want things to happen in their organization. They contribute their best in their work and crave for perfection in it. Their aim is to drive out best out of their work .

  • Innovative

The critical skill of any leader is the ability to innovate. Leaders always have a creative solution to every problem. With their innovative ideas, they may help the organization to create an identity for themselves.

  • Develop Others

Good leaders works continuously to improve themselves, but it also set aside a time to look for prominent employees and provide them the training they need to be an expert in their field.

  • Reliable Nature

A leader is stable and reliable. An organization can depend on them to get the job done. They always make a positive contribution to achieve any task.

Leaders are not born with these skills, but they develop these traits in them. They love what they do and strive for perfection in their field. Without any aggression, they guide others and lead the pack.

If you want to be a leader in your field, then practice above-mentioned tips daily to be the best in your domain.

How Blockchain Technology Can Be Used In Recruitment?

June 11, 2018 in Services

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Origin of Blockchain can be traced back to the invention of Bitcoin in 2009. It is the first decentralized digital currency that works without a central authority. Blockchain is a virtual ledger that is distributed on a peer-to-peer network. It’s gained popularity because of its transparent, quick, and secure functionality. It also excludes the need for a middle-man, that makes it cost effective too.

Blockchain started as a ledger that held transactions only, but with time it got evolved into something bigger, something more universal. After the arrival of Ethereum platform, making blockchain-based applications became straightforward. So, blockchain started to spread to other fields too. In the near future, blockchain might expand itself beyond the banking system and eventually cover the business world, which includes Human Resources.

Let’s talk about the scope of blockchain technology in recruitment business.

Following are some futuristic aspects of blockchain:

#1. Candidate Verification: Even in this era of rapid speed, the recruitment process is outright slow. The verification of candidate background consumes a lot of recruiters’ time. Often in the background verification process, a third-party is needed. With the help of blockchain technology, the process of recruitment could be smoothened. The exclusion of third-party will be cost-effective and time-effective.

#2. Sleek Management: All the information gathering tasks would become easy on a blockchain network. Blockchain technology has a lot of potentials, once entered into the business world it could handle all the tasks that are assigned with the hiring process. That is, applications from the candidates, interviews, and salary negotiations. However, the most time-consuming task is verification of the information that candidates provide. Well, blockchain technology could quicken this process too, as it’s already renowned for the transparency it provides.

#3. QR code: This will make the information digging process convenient for recruiters. Every profile on the network would have a QR code attached to it that would record and keep track of all the professional progress of the candidate behind the virtual profile.

#4. Less referencing required: This will make the hiring process quicker and hassle-free.

#5. Talent hunting: All of the skills cannot be validated and tested in an interview. The progress track would help in the validation process of the claimed skills.

#6. Tomorrow’s technology: Currently being at the theoretical stage, a lot of studies are being conducted to enable blockchain technology to go beyond its present capabilities.

Once the blockchain technology marks its arrival inside the business world, recruiters and HR departments would get easy access to all the candidate data that is of their interest. The blockchain technology is quite mature in terms of data handling capabilities and it’s just about the time that it’ll bloom wholly like the Internet. While discussing blockchain an honorable mention of “smart contracts” is necessary, as they’d help streamline the onboarding process.

Even with the presence of Internet the hiring process still turn out to be quite a tedious task. The arrival of blockchain technology in the business world will bring easy covering in plenty of management areas.

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