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How small businesses can provide excellent customer service

February 20, 2018 in Services


A small-scale business is in which the company employs a small number of workers with a less capital investment and have a marginal profit.These type of small-scale enterprises provide with superb customer service.

Customer service is the badge that every company wants to wear because satisfied customers remain loyal.. New customers require time, effort and a marketing budget to acquire. The customers may recommend you to other companies. It’s not that tough to keep your customers happy, all you have to do is consider what they need and look forward to their expectations with all your mind and heart in it. Here we will discuss how a small scale business can provide excellent customer services.


1. Educate And Train Staff- The motive of every company is to keep their client’s happy. And it is the task of the employees to look to it. Organize training for them to handle unhappy clients and solve their complaints. One bad customer experience can ruin the reputation of the business.


2. Incentives- Keeping your customers happy is very important to run a good and healthy business, for that your employees should also be satisfied. You should give them incentives according to the work they perform. For example, if they are working on the sales basis, the target should be set and paid for the extra work they do. Awards can also be given to encourage them, like ‘Best Performer Of The Month.’


3. Deal With Complaints- Complaints are part of the business, but you need to put in an effort to provide excellent customer service. You will, therefore, need to deal with the customers carefully. Respond to the customer as soon as possible, and do your best to make the customer satisfied. Try to provide an alternative to the customer to make him happy (through discount, offer).


4. Customer Feedback- Be proactive in knowing customer feedback and it always takes you to a better path. Customers can suggest you new ideas that can help you improve your business. Getting insight into what a customer thinks of your business can help improve it. The simplest way of getting feedbacks is communicating with the customer and asking them. You can also create a feedback diary, and ask the customers to fill it.


5. Loyalty- Attaining customer loyalty is beneficial to the small-scale industries. And there is a high possibility that they can choose you over your competitors. Your customer remembers your name, and this is an appreciation for you. ‘What you give is what you get,’ the slogan says it all. If you give your customers superb services, you will get appreciated by your customers.


6. Customer Support- As the business is a small-scale, so keeping many employees is difficult. But hiring one person to talk to the customers can be done. He can solve the problems of the customers. It can help in getting positive feedback about the company. The better the services provided to the customer the name and reputation of the company increases.

What is career umbrella and how it can ease your struggle to find a dream job

February 19, 2018 in Services


We all want to find a job that’s enjoyable and meaningful. Career umbrella consists of education, goals, values, skills, vision, and interests.  It is knowing about your interests and converting it into a career. Having an interest makes the task easy and entertaining to complete. It is like searching a specific fish in the ocean.


Here is how you can use career umbrella to ease your struggle to find a job


  • Know your interests- The first and foremost feature of career umbrella is to know what you love to do. For that, it is necessary to understand your field of interests. As a career changer, what is your dream job that can wake you up excitedly from bed on every Monday morning? Sometimes, you have an interest, but you are not an expert. Try to learn new things that can help you ease into a dream job. Take classes, read books and attend events to enjoy your interests and gain knowledge. Try to be master in your trade. For example, if you love playing guitar, you just know how to play, but you are not an expert. It may be your hobby. Try to take lessons and be an expert in what you love to do.


  • Knowing yourself- Know about your negative and positive, likes and dislikes. You can answer yourself about your past experiences, with what you were happy and unhappy. You need not work the same as in the past. Know yourself genuinely. Do proper research on yourself. Past experiences teach us a lot, try to grab the best ones. For example, if you are a writer it is not necessary that you love writing technology related articles. You may be an expert in writing lifestyle. Know yourself deep and add it to your interest list. So you don’t need to keep doing what you don’t like or have done. You can analyze your past work to exactly find out what is your cup of tea


  • Be an extrovert- Extrovert is a person who loves talking to people and is social. Try to talk to people and know their perspective about you. Any professional meeting can guide you to more knowledge. Try to get connected with people you admire. Be active on social pages and read interviews and articles. Update your resume from time to time, and you never know when the shark hits a ship. Attend seminars or meetings based on your career interest. Before you set yourself on a career make sure you know the job day-to-day.


Had a bad day at work? Feeling lost in your career path? Searching for the dream job for which you have passion? Stop worrying and stressing yourself.

The above guidelines can help you from searching the right job, that best suits you. Stop panicking and focus on your inner talent.

How to write an effective LinkedIn profile Summary and Headline

February 12, 2018 in Services


LinkedIn is an elixir for your professional career. Making your LinkedIn profile effective and worthwhile can make new opportunities materialize at your door every day.

Here is how to write a compelling LinkedIn profile summary and headline:

Part 1: Writing an effective LinkedIn profile summary

Make it basic

While writing your summary on LinkedIn, stick to a basic format. Include your title, company, your job, how your job helps people, and your specialties. Keep the need for brevity in mind.

Keep it specific

The whole point of having a LinkedIn account is to be discovered by potential recruiters. If you have a profile summary that is vague and unfocused, it will not show up in the recruiter’s search results. It means that even if you have the skills that the recruiter seeks, he will not be able to find your profile. So, make your profile summary organized and focused on specific things that set you apart from others, e.g., your skills and values.

Use keywords

Using relevant keywords in your summary can work wonders for your profile.  You can find the right keywords from job posts in your domain on LinkedIn. There are also tons of tools available that can help you with keywords, e.g., You can know the keywords used by a popular LinkedIn profile by copying and pasting their summary into

Appearance optimization

LinkedIn is accessible on both platforms desktop and mobile. But the view of a profile summary for both interfaces is different. On a desktop, 220 characters of a summary are visible without the need for clicking “Read More.” For mobile, it is 92 characters. Most people use LinkedIn on their phones. So, make sure the first 92 characters best describe you.

Part 2: Writing an effective LinkedIn profile headline  

Customize it to your domain

When writing your headline, be careful to use a job title that is common in your domain. For example, for a sales professional, ideal options will be ‘sales associate/representative,’ ‘sales manager/director,’ etc. It will be suicide to use titles like ‘account growth manager’ if you have a sales background.

Add your value

Use your headline to impart your value. Include how your job has value and helps improve the world.

Look professional

For a better LinkedIn experience, use an industry-specific language in your headline. It gives your headline a professional look and gets you noticed in your domain.

Be authentic

Be careful not to make your headline an overstatement. Avoid terms like motivated or expert. There is no need to exaggerate your values. Professionals can see through that, and it will hurt your credibility. Just stick to authenticity.

There! We just learned how to write a summary and a headline on LinkedIn. We hope the article was helpful to you. Please leave your queries and opinions. Good luck!


Immediately Stop doing these things on LinkedIn

February 6, 2018 in Services

Immediately Stop doing these things on LinkedIn

Nowadays LinkedIn is fast becoming pivotal to professional growth. And if you are a professional and things on Linkedin are not working out well for you, you need to rethink. There is a good chance you have been doing it all wrong this whole time. Here are five things that you should immediately stop doing on LinkedIn to exploit the benefits of the platform.

1. Not Completing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your face on the platform. It is the first thing people see when they discover you on LinkedIn. By not completing your profile you are robbing yourself of the opportunities you might otherwise have. So, invest your time in completing your LinkedIn profile. Make it look professional by continuously updating it and adding additional information about your goals and values.

2. Asking For Others’ Values Without Sharing Yours

You are on LinkedIn to grow, and so are others. And that is the beauty of LinkedIn. It gives people opportunities to grow together. They rely on each other for referrals, recommendations and all. So, it is futile to ask others to give you everything if you have no intention of sharing what you have. Get into the habit of sharing your values with others every time they help you. It is the best strategy to expand your reach on LinkedIn.

3. Sending Requests To Everybody

Connections and growth go side by side. And it is good to make connections on LinkedIn, but don’t overdo it. Don’t send invite requests to anyone and everyone on LinkedIn. It harms your values and tarnishes your reputation. Instead, connect with people you have previously interacted with because you have better chances of building relationships with them.

4. Automating Pitches After Invite Acceptance

Automated messages save us a lot of hassle. They are very useful and, but not in every case. For instance, pitching to clients on LinkedIn. Actually, automated messages are templated. And professionals can distinguish between a templated and a carefully written message. Automated pitches turn potential clients off because they depict lack of effort and interest. So, break the habit of sending automated messages to professionals just after they accept your request.

5. Treating Linkedin as a Dating Platform

Sometimes people fail to distinguish between a dating and a professional platform. When reaching out to professionals, many users on LinkedIn compliment them on their appearance. Remember, LinkedIn is all about practicing professionalism. So, try to keep your messages professional when reaching out to others on LinkedIn. Don’t comment on their looks. It can affect you adversely because many professionals consider such moves amateur.

That’s the end of our list. We hope this article gave you some useful insights into how you can grow professionally by avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes on LinkedIn. Feel free to share your queries and opinions with us. We’d appreciate that. Good luck with your lives!


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