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How to Implement HR Analytics in Your Organization

June 5, 2018 in Function, Industry Verticals, Leadership

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To manage problematic areas in an organization implementation of HR-analytics is essential. It’s not easy to quickly start analytics in HR. Accurate and useful collection of information is necessary to resolve the internal and external issues in an organization. Gathering valuable data and implementing it poorly, results in the lower percentage of some significant problems like absenteeism, recruiter inefficiency, difficulty in spotting required skill in the market. Analytical data has the power to resolve all these issues.

Successful deployment of HR-analytics in any organization will enhance its performance. But the question arises here is ‘How to successfully launch HR analytics in an organization?’. To get the answer of this question, we need to go through these points and try to implement these in your organization:

  • Research Relevant Data

  Scrutinize the goals of the company and then relevantly research the data. Look at those directions only where you want your business to grow. Make sure you are investing and collecting only those information which is crucial for the progress of your business. When your skills in data mining, machine learning tools, statistics, and survey management improve your ability to find the correct answer to your business question will also grow.

  • Experiment with Different Analytical Tools

More and more means are available in the market that allows users to join successful data transformation techniques, data mining techniques and data visuals with a user-friendly self-service interface. This technology has made the process of exploring data more accessible.

Research by Visier showed that 44% of organizations considered that lack of suitable investment in HR Analytical Systems has made HR analytical more demanding while 54% confess that inaccurate or inconsistent data which needed more manual manipulation is the reason behind this problem. By taking the help of right analytical system and support these two problems can be solved quickly.

  • Make sure Data Gathered is Legally Compliant

It is wise of you to confirm that the legal team approves the data you decide to gather and analyze. The data should be compliant with the law as well before opening any analytical HR project.

Before implementing any result in your organization,  it would be sensible of you to get the finished result approved if you want to avoid any risk to the business.

Data protection and Anonymity involves strict laws, and hence you have to provide an appropriate reason as to why you intend to compare and evaluate such data. Make it a preference to check legal compliance during the whole process from start to finish.

Businesses now have understood the importance of HR-analytics. They are keen to implement it, but it is recommended to start with long-term HR-analytics plan. Hopefully, these steps will help you in achieving analytics in HR and you will soon reach your target of becoming a more fact-based organization.


How HR Can Manage Emotions At Work

June 4, 2018 in Careers, Function, Industry Verticals, Leadership

Untitled designHumanity exists because humans have emotions. Wherever we go we carry our feelings with us. Even in the workplace, we are emotional being. But often emotional and professional behavior is misunderstood. From ages, it is believed that showing emotions at the workplace is a symbol of unprofessional behavior. It is assumed that to succeed in professional life; one should always keep it’s personal and professional domain separate. However, the reality is different from this adage. Isolating the personal from professional is futile because both are the essential part of our daily life.

Emotional Intelligence, the latest buzzword in the corporate world, research on this claims that reality is different from our preconceived notion. Emotions play a significant role in our professional lives. They affect our productivity and everything we do at work- the relationship we share with our colleagues and boss, how efficiently we manage the workload, and how well we receive and share the feedback. In the work environment we need to manage our emotions. Do not misunderstood managing emotions with masking them. Be true to your emotions but do not overly express them.

 Managing emotions at the workplace lead to creative, healthy, and positive work environment. HR professionals work extremely hard to create an emotionally intelligent workforce.

Organisations are not only about job descriptions, processes or performance evaluation, and payroll. It involves people as well. And HR team helps the company in understanding and managing the employees. They deal with them on professional as well as on the personal front.

HR professional skillfully manages the emotions at workplace. They know emotionally satisfied workforce is full of positive energy and contribute their best to the growth of the organization.

By following below-mentioned techniques, HR department manages the emotions at workplace:

Read Emotional Cues

Emotional cues are crucial in understanding the feeling of employees. They can either be overt or covert, such as body language, tone, facial expression, and kind of words used. HR professional leaves no stone unturned to collect and read these emotional cues because they know taking care of these emotions will positively affect the organization.

Allowing the culture of openness at the workplace

HR experts allow the culture of openness to prevail in the organization. Allowing employees to share feedback, concern, and appreciation without any fear or hesitation creates a familiar and trustworthy environment.

Training Managers for Milestone Events

Events like appraisal, development feedback, layoff need to be managed effectively. To efficiently handle breakthrough events like these, they provide training to managers.

Train employees on Self Awareness

Individuals can manage their emotions easily when they can identify them early and accurately. An HR, while keeping in touch with the employees helps them in recognizing their negative emotions. They provide them training on self-awareness which helps them in controlling their emotions at public places.

Employee’s emotions and sufferings not only affects the performance of employees but it also has its impact on the output of the organization. A capable HR helps the employees to keep their emotions under control and motivate them to work with zeal and determination towards achieving the goal of the organization.

How This Woman, A Padma Shri Winner, Has Made India Proud

May 22, 2018 in Services

mithali raj

From a Bharatanatyam classical dance academy to highest run scorer in woman one-day international cricket, this journey of Indian Women’s international cricket team captain Mithali Raj is a true inspirational story for young kids especially, for girls who dream to pursue their future in cricket. The criticism and struggle faced by Mithali Raj motivate many to overcome their social fear and make them to follow their dreams.

“There are few things in life you can achieve when you have to take decisions. I have taken a decision to pursue my career and struggled a lot, faced a lot of challenges. I don’t consider societal norms,” Raj says. Her tips that can lead a woman to success comprises of self-confidence, self-belief and being independent.

Early Life

At the age of 6, Mithali was sent to dance academy to learn Bharatanatyam; As she woke late in the morning, Mithali parents sent her to St. John’s coaching camp with her elder brother for training. From here, she changes her mind towards cricket. Former Hyderabad Ranji Player Jyothi Prasad was her first coach.


Mithali was selected for Indian Women Cricket team at the age of 16. Mithali made her ODI debut against Ireland and scored excellent 114( not out ) and became the youngest female cricketer to score a ton. In 2002, Mithali scored 214 against England in test and held the record for the highest individual score by breaking Karen Roltan’s record of 209 runs. In 2004, at the age of 21, Mithali became the youngest woman cricketer to lead Indian women cricket team.

Achievements in professional life

Mithali Raj is the first Indian women cricket captain to lead the team to an ICC world cup final twice. Currently, she is the only female cricketer to get more than 6000 runs in One Day International cricket. She holds the record for most number of half-centuries(49) in ODI’s and most consecutive half centuries. Mithali was ranked No.1 women cricketer in 2013. She often referred as ‘Sachin Tendulkar of Women cricket team.’


Mithali Raj was awarded, the reputed Arjuna Award by Indian Government for her outstanding achievements in sports in the year 2003. She was also awarded with the Padma Shri, the fourth largest civilian award in India in 2015.

In 2017, Mithali was awarded Youth sports Icon of Excellence award and Vogue Sportsperson of the year. BBC includes Mithali Raj in the Top 100 Women List of 2017. She is also the first female cricketer to be listed in one of the six Wisden Cricketer of the year in 2015.


In a country where people are crazy about men’s cricket, Mithali Raj shown the way to become a superstar. She has an aura around her, and the new female players see her as an idol. An autobiography of Mithali Raj will release out soon, published by Penguin Random House India. Viacom18 motion pictures acquired the rights for the biopic on Mithali Raj’ s life, and in no time, we are going to witness a movie on the life of a female cricketer for the first time. These steps will definitely influence youth and inspire them to work hard to achieve their goals.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change The Work We Do Everyday

May 21, 2018 in Services


Hi Jarvis, open the doors, make a call to Mr.Taylor.You may have heard these lines in the movie ‘Iron Man’. No wonder, you may have seen humans giving instruction to machines with the help of actual human intelligence to perform their everyday task. All this will going to possible only by the advancement in technology termed as “ Artificial Intelligence”. AI is the domain of science, but you may get surprised to know that you are affected by AI in your day to day life. AI becomes an important part of human life. AI technology reduces human efforts and introduces an idea of error-free work environment. AI is divided into two terms:

  •  Strong AI.
  • Weak AI.

Strong artificial intelligence includes those machines which uses human intelligence in their functions. Weak AI consists of machines that operate on the information provided by the human. For example Card Game on a computer, in this computer uses predefined steps that were already played by other players.

Here are some AI technology which affects our day to day work:

Virtual Assistant

By the commencement of the virtual personal assistant like Google Now and Apple Siri, our life becomes much easier. The speech interpretation and voice recognition function of these assistants make internet exploring effortless and time-saving. AI discipline shows development on the daily basis. Latest introduced virtual assistants can even respond to your mails.

AI at workplace

There is an evident fact that AI is transforming the world drastically. A comprehensive change is already seen in customer services sector. AI Chatbots are now commonly used for providing services. Unlike humans, chatbots do not need any break or get bored with the customers.

According to the study by Gartner, the number of jobs affected by AI varies by industry.

News making

According to wired, the AP, Fox, and Yahoo! All use AI to write simple stories like financial summaries and sports recap. Currently, AI does not include news that needs a deep understanding of the article. Still, AI can write simple articles which do not require complex mechanism.

Security Surveillance

Monitoring a number of video cameras by a single person isn’t reliable. Therefore, trained computers fed with high-security algorithms give better alternative in security surveillance. These computers take input from CCTV cameras, detect the threat and send a warning alarm to human security officers.


Innovation and research in science always bring something exceptional which make us surprised. AI is one of its kind. AI is still not implemented completely but efforts are make to meet the market demand.

Presently, AI technology affects human life on a smaller scale, but radical advancement in AI technology indicates that in future skilled people will get replaced by machines with artificial intelligence. Recently, tech giants like Facebook and Google established their own AI labs to create robots which recognizes human voice and performs simple day to day tasks. This technology is surely a boon for all the industries and influences human life in a positive way by saving human time and efforts.

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