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The Facts of Corporate Recruiters..

December 19, 2012 in Services

There is a lot of confusion about recruitment SEO and it could be easy for an HR Professional to assume that a corporate career website will never be able to beat the job boards and agency recruiters to high page rankings.

The truth is that a well optimised career website can be more attractive to Google than a job board, for the simple reason that a corporate career website publishes original content.

Why Google wants to love your career website, but often can’t

here are 5 facts why Google wants to love your career website

  • FACT – an aggregator job board’s content is made up of adverts and syndicated content from other job boards and recruitment websites
  • FACT – a job board’s content consists of duplicated agency and corporate vacancy adverts – The multi-posting services make it so easy to advertise the same jobs on different websites
  • FACT – a corporate career website consists of original relevant content
  • FACT – vacancies are pages of fresh content (but they are often hidden in the ATS on a different domain)
  • FACT – 13-15 million people are searching for jobs each month: 50% type job titles into Google (again your vacancies are effectively hidden in the ATS)

How Knowledgeable Customers create more value

December 16, 2012 in Services

Knowledgeable customers are considered among the one of the most important intangible asset of the companies. They make informed decisions while purchasing goods. More importantly, they also provide important feedback quickly.

Knowledgeable customers create more value for organizations in following way:

1)      Knowledgeable customer always introspects and questions the clients offering. If your brand can cater to their queries it gives an impression that BRAND understands, recognizes and respects them – something which they can trust.

2)      Knowledgeable customers can offer the maximum value through referral. They spread the right word and act with utmost responsibility while getting new partners for business engagement.

3)      One informed customer can make your job more challenging than it usually is.  You need to be proactive, establish a leading market position, and capture gains smartly.

Creating knowledgeable customers is a complex process. It involves the right blend of strategy, great offering and also smart selling. Hence a lot depends on the sales team .however we need to think that do your salespeople see themselves as sales professional responsible to create as much value for the customer as possible. Also companies should create an environment where customers can easily provide feedback. Working on constructive feedback will help them in long run.

Recruitment and Sales…a difference??

December 13, 2012 in Careers

It’s said that there is thin line between Recruitment and Sales.. also  It’s an often question during the time of interviews:

  • What is the difference you find between Recruitment and Sales?OR
  • What motivated you to be a part of Recruitment function rather than Sales

Though we  know the answer very well , sometimes question goes in a tricky way.

The ideal assumptions for a difference between Recruitment and Sales are:

You should be in sales if you are:

  • A great negotiator
  • Good with handling rejection
  • Self-guided with your time management
  • Motivated by expansion potential (developing sales channels)
  • Good at cold-calling for new business opportunities
  • Enjoy making presentations and entertaining

You should be in recruiting if you are:

  • A great communicator
  • Good at relaying hard facts and picking up inferences
  • Highly organized
  • Great at Internet work and research
  • Motivated by task accomplishment (making placements)
  • Good at building relationships based upon mutual interest
  • Enjoy interviewing and networking

You can see that both sides are quite similar; both recruiting and sales professionals have to be independently driven, competitive, and motivated.

However A well trained salesperson will familiarize himself with the features and benefits of a product, learn its functions, its background and its demand in the marketplace, where Sales and Recruitment is no different.

It pays to take some time to think about the true differences between sales and recruiting and to pay close attention to how your recruitment firm values each. However in a nutshell rather than differentiating from each other  it can be supposed that sales is one of the part of recruitment function.

Personal Branding-Yes I am Talented!!

December 12, 2012 in Careers

The increasing popularity of social media has given new dimension to the process of discovering the best talent. Human resource professionals have become smarter. Reaching out to a candidate’s personal space and discovering the hidden sides to their personality have become much easier.

How you view and project “Yourself” has become very crucial for “Branding yourself as talented”. Anyone who seeks professional success and social recognition not only needs to be very smart to introspect and discover his/her true potential but also optimize it wisely using social media.

The mantra for successful personal  branding is not just having attractive  profile pages on various social media platforms .Being there on social media often makes you an easy target of the bitter game of  ”Comparison”. only when you actually know “how to enjoy the success of others” can you successfully enjoy the process of social media engagement.

Hence ”just don’t be there” for the heck of it.

LIKE“…”SHARE“… “COMMENT”. Be accessible and reach out to as many viewers as you can!!

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