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Hiring The RIGHT Fit & Not the BEST Fit.

December 26, 2012 in Services

Hiring is a tough business. It takes patience, Proper Screening and careful analysis. With so many talented people out there  right now, it’s going to take some time to find the one who really fits the bill.

I have my experience in Hiring Talented Professionals across Industry & Functions  but the basic methodology remains the same. Organizations who wanted to hire the best  actually don’t want the BEST, but the Right candidate for the Job.

With the Today Globalized environment , Organizations across Industry are becoming matured & Looking for individual who can fit in the fast changing Global economic environment. These required the Person to have specified skills which makes him the Right fit for the Job.  Every Job is getting specialized & so is the search for the right Person.  Paralleled to this is the Difficulty to Find Best Talent.



Market is Full of Talented people, but there would be only one who would fit the bill. Who could gel well in Organization’s culture, speak their Business Language, Understand The Client Business, Brings The Thought Leadership & Maturity the the Firm Need & most importantly ,    Can integrate his Past experience with the new challenges of the role.

Organizations are Looking for Hiring the Best Talent, but the Recruiter job is to Offer them ‘Not’ the best in the Market, but the Right Fit from the Best. That would obviously need a better understanding on the  Organization Culture & DNA & understanding on Future Goals of the Group.


Hiring Trends across various Sectors in 2013

December 24, 2012 in Careers

According to a research by MANCER Consulting, FMCG sector will create largest number of job opportunities in 2013 followed by Healthcare and IT-ITeS sectors. Increasing per capita income, rising popularity of organized retail, rise of rural consumers, FDI support and Indian government pro industry policy are the key growth drivers for FMCG industry. According to the MANCER research overall hiring in 2013 will rise by almost 17-18% as compared to 2012. Following is the share of various sectors in new job opportunities space.

Source: MANCER Consulting Services

FMCG will create 16% of total new jobs in 2013 while Healthcare and IT-ITeS sectors will follow closely at 15%.

New Year will bring joy and prosperity to thousands of jobseekers in other sectors as well, as 10 lacs new jobs opportunities are expected across various sectors. According to the MyHiringClub survey, conducted on over 4,450 firms across 12 industry sectors, the expected number of new jobs in 2013 is 10 lacs which is way ahead of 2012 which was 7 lacs.

As Parliament is set give go ahead to new banking legislation, it is expected create new opportunities in Banking sector as the legislation will allow more private players to open new banks.

FDI approval in Retail sector will create large number of jobs in this space as more foreign players would enter the Indian market.

Competitive Advantage of Social Media

December 21, 2012 in Services

Now a days, every company is focusing on Social Media because Social Media has becomes a great Weapon for many things.

It is the place where we get everything online. There are endless possibilities for Social Media companies to source, collect, analyze the data and distribute this data. We call this Social Intelligence.

For collecting this social intelligence companies required experts and new people with new mind set. It’s also required for company to engage with clients and external experts in social media conversations.

In old days, this intelligence used to come from many experts and competitors’ reports. All such reports used to be very expensive because generation this report required many subject matter experts, tools and technique. It’s also a time consuming process. Experts normally spent their 80 – 85 % time in collecting the information.

A new methods  and tools (mapping & rating ) are using for analysis of social media.

There are several ways in which a company’s actions and thinking need to change as it starts drawing on the knowledge embedded in social technologies. Here are some suggestions :

  • Get the social-media intelligence analysts throughout the organization
  • Look for Experts who are perfect in choosing the best material online
  •  Experts will not only show the right information but also link this information with other useful sites.
  • Make simple reports so that everyone can easily collect and understand the information.
  • Competition is every where so hire the best talent and strive to out compete the competition.

Social media has the advantage of real time feedback so you get the feedback instantly. So future belongs to this media. Use it for competitive advantage else your competition will do.

Hiring Through Social Media

December 21, 2012 in Services

As Social Networking has become a part of an individual life these days, Facebook and LinkedIn are some of the most effective channels  for recruiters to tap passive job seekers. As usage continues to skyrocket, more businesses are recognizing the fact that high-quality candidates can be reached faster and at a lower cost by using social networks than by using traditional recruiting methods. While social networks can give recruiters a competitive edge in locating and engaging the best candidates available, adding these new sourcing options also brings potential legal pitfalls.


Because people are any organizations’ greatest asset, one needs to find means to connect with the best candidates within your industry. Social recruiting puts your organization in the mix with candidates that you would otherwise not be able to reach. This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your existing recruiting processes completely with social networking. Rather, you need to leverage these new tools and add them to your other sources to enhance and improve your results.

To find and hire potential employees,  you can make social recruiting a strategic initiative. While doing this, you can:

  • Be the employer of choice: When your company establishes an online presence, you send a positive message out to potential candidates that your company is connected and understands how to communicate with them. Being the employer of choice means candidates want to work for you and spread that message across social networks, magnifying your brand and message.
  • Reach higher-quality candidates: Individuals who frequently use social networks tend to be early adopters of innovation and also tend to be more tech savvy.
  • Increase ROI: You can dramatically reduce sourcing costs and increase ROI through social networks. Posting and sharing job openings for free through Facebook or LinkedIn is more likely to deliver results than a single description on a job board that is charged, so the potential value far exceeds the cost. These are the traits many companies look for in potential candidates. Social networks offer a fast way to connect with these individuals.
  • Find hard-to-reach candidates. When competition for talent is fierce, identifying the best can be challenging. Social networking enables you to reach out to passive or hard-to-find candidates that likely could not be reached using other sources.


Thus we can say that today Social recruiting is not an option rather it is becoming an essential part of employers’ over all recruiting strategy.

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