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This is the Most Critical Decision That You Need to Make Today!

April 25, 2017 in Careers

006 Don't Blame Others

The most important decision of your life is not related to your academics or profession. It’s related to your life. It’s a simple choice that has a profound impact. You need to choose whether you’d continue blaming others for all the miseries of your life or will you stand up and take responsibility for everything that has happened to you or is happening to you?

One thing that a large number of people have in common is that they always find someone to blame for their miseries. It may be their parents, siblings, friends, bosses, or colleagues. The list goes on. For them, accepting that only they’re responsible for everything in their life is virtually impossible.

You need to stand up and make a decision that you have the complete ownership of your life, and you won’t blame anyone else.

This is the most critical decision to make. And, if you want to turn around your life, you’ve got to make it right now. Once you’ve decided to take the ownership of your life, you’re in a much better position to take control of it and steer it towards your goals.

So how do you go about it? The below steps will guide you.

Don’t blame others

First thing first! Stop blaming others. It won’t help. They have their lives to live; you have yours. So, take complete responsibility and starting living your life independently without the approvals from others as well as without pointing fingers at them.

Be decisive

Indecisiveness is the biggest productivity killer and time waster. You can’t just avoid taking decisions or depend on others to decide for you. If they fail, you will blame them rather than realizing that it was you who sought their decision rather than weighing the pros and cons yourself and then deciding. Whether right or wrong, you need to take the onus of making decisions for your life. Others can merely guide or suggest. But it’s your life and your prerogative to decide.

Find ways to do things not to avoid them

There are hundreds of ways to do something, and there are thousands for not doing it. Blaming others is one of the most common methods to convince yourself that luck doesn’t favor you or that God is against you. Once, you change this mindset and start looking for ways to do things; there’ll be more positive outcomes from your efforts.

Take action

Instead of waiting for something to happen or someone to help you and then blame them for not being there for you, take action immediately. Don’t be bothered about others. It’s your life, and you need to take affirmative actions to achieve your goals. Blaming others will only be a waste of your efforts and energy.

The above factors will help you in making the most critical decision of your life which is to take complete responsibility for every aspect of your life, whether good or bad. You might succeed or fail, but ultimately you’ll have the satisfaction of trying your best rather than pointing the finger at others for your misery.

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